Chapter 3: Haozaki Kagami – And So, He Made A New Friend?
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Just like that weird and cheerful senpai said, Kagami finally found his classroom and entered it with a dark aura surrounding his body. Like a grim reaper ready to take the life of the mortal, Kagami looked at the black board to find out where he is going to be sitting in this war zone.

Calling a classroom as war zone is not wrong at all, it is a place where he will battle against test and exam from the teacher.

'So I'll be sitting in the corner near the windows… I guess it's perfect for me. As long as I can study in peace, then I guess it's all good.' Thought Kagami as he turned his body and started to walk with a slow and calm step toward his desk.

Although, he was feeling a bit disturbed because there are some student that was looking at him with interest. Of course, Kagami ignored them and walked without a care whatsoever.

Nonetheless, he still could hear a whisper about him here and there about how gloomy and creepy he is.

'…. Whatever, I destroyed my first impression by standing at the gate a while ago… all I have to do is just act casually and blend with them like nothing happened at all, yep.' He thought while placing his bag near his desk and pulled the chair gently as he sat on it.

When he was lost in his own world, Kagami then heard a voice of a girl calling out to him with a cheerful yet annoyed tone. "Hey, Gloomy boy! You are the one my Onee-chan talked about!"

Hearing her words, Kagami then turned his head to the girl slowly. When he saw the girl's face however, he was really surprised that it resemble that weird senpai from a while ago. No doubt that this girl is her little sister that she mentioned before. Although, this girl is far more fierce looking than Yuna-senpai…

Her hair was longer than her sister and not to mention it was styled into a cute and elegant curl. All in all, she was looking more cute and beautiful than her sister, one thing that is different from her sister is that, she is looking a little bit fierce.

"You must be Yuna-senpai Imoutou… Who are you again?" Said Kagami with a cold tone as he looked at her straight in the eyes.

"Huh!? Gloomy boy, can you be more friendlier? You look like you are bout to kill someone!" The girl said with a little bit of venom in her words. Her eyes narrowed into a dangerous frown as she glared at Kagami.

At that, Kagami was feeling a bit hurt, he flinched at her words and then turned his head forward facing the black board again.

"It can't be helped, this is how I am. Changing oneself is really hard with a lot of bad influence that keep coming to my lives." The gloomy looking Kagami said with a low tone while trying to get his phone from his pocket. "Not that you will understand… Anyway, if you're bothered with it, just don't talk to me and keep yourself busy with something."

The girl then glared at him as she stand up and moved her chair closer to him and smacked his back over and over again. "Idiot! I don't know how bad your middle school live is but, isn't this your chance to start over?! C'mon gloomy boy! You should try harder!" She said with a snarl.

Perhaps, if it were an ordinary guy, they would be enjoying this situation. However, this is not something that Kagami enjoyed, what kind of madman wanted to get involved with this kind of troublesome creature.

But what is he supposed to do? He already got involved with the trouble, so he might as well play along… for now.

"Actually, I was trying to do that, but I give it up not too long ago…" Confessed Kagami as he scratched the back of his head. If one where to observe closely, there is a slight blush on his cheeks. He tried to hide it by playing with his smart phone, surfing the net for his favorite novel.

That was the truth however, he really done a good job changing himself! So damn good that he looked like a gloomy shithead. It was good for him that he looked like this but it was a bit of a regret that he can't socialize well with his peer.

Nevertheless, he can't do anything about it, at least with this appearance he was able to converse with some girl, unlike back then…

"Seriously!? Man, you must've done something idiotic hahahaha~" The girl laughed really hard which gathered attention to their direction, much to Kagami's discomfort. "You're really funny! I'm Arasaki Shina, what's yours?"

When he heard that she introduced herself, Kagami then moved his head to look at the girl again. This time however, he was a bit surprised at the girl's bold attitude, he was aware that her sister is a busybody, but even her little sister is something else…

"I'm Haozaki Kagami… So, Arasaki huh? Yuna-senpai didn't give me her last name back then." Said Kagami with a small smile on his lips.

Shina shrugged her shoulder with a grin plastered on her pretty face. "Onee-chan Is just that playful, you don't know what she is going to do next, just ignore her when you see her next time."

Kagami raised his eyebrow when he heard that he should ignore her big sister. "Won't it be rude to her? Might as well give her a nod or something." He smirked and then raised his glasses with his right index finger.

"Hahahaha~ yeah you might as well do that! But it was strange actually, why would she talk to a gloomy boy like you, she's not the type to talk to an unknown guy. Not that I care though, it's just strange for that woman to do something so bothersome…" Exclaimed Shina as she gave Kagami a pat in the head.

'This girl really is bold! An ordinary guy would be falling head over heels for her already if she do that kind of thing.' Thought Kagami secretly.

He was looking at her eyes that looked like a mischievous cat like her sister. Although it was hurt when she keep calling a gloomy boy, but it was the truth anyway, so he ignored it and just shrugged his shoulder.

But it didn't feel right if he didn't scold her a little, so he turned his head to his phone again and gave her a side glance that seemed like a glare.

"Maa… she did help me out back there, I guess I owe her for that." While looking at Shina with a side glance, Kagami said with a cold tone.

Hearing his cold voice, Shina looked at him with a frown. "Are you always like this? Man, no wonder you don't have a friend."

"That's right! You should cut your hair and remove that glasses of yours, honestly it looked really awful. And don't forget to remove that stick up your butt too, you look so uncomfortable with it."

Another voice of a female came from his front, when he looked up and see who it is, he saw a brown haired girl with a short pony tail looking at him with a smirk on her lips. She then pulled the chair in front of his desk and then put her bag down and then slowly sat on it.

This newcomer looked really beautiful too, not to mention her dark brown eyes that seems to be glittering with light and vibrant energy.

With a twist of her body, she then looked toward Kagami and Shina with a big smile on her cherry colored lips.

"My name is Hanabi Mia, nice to meet you two." She said with a bright expression.

He was surrounded by two beautiful girls that will make any guy die to just get his seat. He could be considered as a lucky bastard for getting himself in that situation, but Kagami's think otherwise.

'What the hell… What kind of situation is this?! To my left is a beautiful and clear window, to my right is a beautiful and fierce looking girl that seems to be annoying, and finally, my front is another beautiful looking girl that looked… well, annoying…' Kagami thought while hiding his annoyed expression with his trademark cold and expressionless face.

"Heeyy~~ I'm Arasaki Shina, and this gloomy boy is Haozaki Kagami!" Shina said with a grin as she pat Kagami's head. "Look at his face! He looked like a dead fish! God, this guy is really funny! Hahahaha~"

Ignoring the laughing Shina, Kagami then looked at the newcomer and then nodded at her and then he continued with a cold tone."Nice to meet you too Hanabi-san, one more thing, if you want to stay sane, then it is best that you ignore this loud mouth girl called Arasaki."

Shina's bright and happy expression fell into a dark scowl "What was that gloomy boy!" She screamed with a snarl.

Her face looked she was about to devour him alive and leave no bone behind as she snarled at Kagami.

"Look at her face. So troublesome…" Mentioned Kagami as he looked at Shina's face with a frown.

"HUH! You wanna fight gloomy boy!? Bring it on!" Shina then jumped on him to grab his head and locked it in an arm lock, which made Kagami's cold face to blush into a deep red.

Of course he would be embarrassed! His current situation was one to be envied by countless men all around the world. Except the abnormal one, but nonetheless he was feeling really awkward at the moment.

Being squeezed into a soft mound of a beautiful girl is nothing but a blessing from the god!

However, his happiness was short lived. Hanabi Mia was laughing really loudly at her new friends, she laughed really hard that it drew another attention to their little group. But, it was all ignored by the three of them, it was as if they were doing whatever they wanted without a care in the world.

"You two are really funny~ but Haozaki-kun, it was not good to be saying 'troublesome' to a girl, it is not nice you know. Be careful that we are going to get revenge!" With a cheerful and yet stern expression, Mia scolded Kagami with a happy tone.

However, before Kagami could retort to Mia's words, their homeroom teacher entered the class and told them to get to their chairs and be silent. It seems that the teacher's going to wait as the other students come to the classroom, there's still quite a lot of empty seat after all. Much to Kagami's delight however, their homeroom teacher is a woman in her mid-thirty, she looked to be a kind and gentle teacher from what he observed.

No matter, first impression is always important, so he will not believe what he see right now. He know well what the so called façade is, so he choose to just ignore it and go along with whatever comes afterward.