Chapter 5: Upgrade
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"I'm a robot?!"

"Well, what I've made you into is way beyond what we know as robots."

Carlo told Lemma what she can and cannot do with her new body. 

"Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Movement, Balance, Awareness. These are the seven senses. I have recreated all of them except for taste, which is too complicated even for me." Carlo thinks while he sips a cup of instant coffee. "Well... just recreated. You might notice you can't read that over there." He pointed at a word on a monitor some feet away from them.

"You're right, I can't read it. By the way, how did you make me, dad?"

"WHA?! You're too young for-"

"Are you actually scientist?"

"Ahh... you meant THAT." Carlo laughingly facepalmed.

"It's pretty simple actually. You see, I found out that neurons are like transistors which has the binary 1's and 0s which enables much more complicated logic gates such as AND, OR, XOR-" The scientist rambled to Lemma, basically what would contain his entire thesis paper from his introductions to conclusions. "-so the neural network would produce these hidden layers that simulated what actual neurons would do, but of course brains have trillions of cells, so what I did was-" Lemma fell asleep.

"-And with the possibilities of this technology, we could even create ACTUAL CATGI- Lemma?"

She was sleeping peacefully. Carlo looked at her and remembered his entire journey on why he ended in the slums. 

"It's been 3 years, Renna. Did you know that you were named after that character in that one game? I miss playing that game. It was convenient there, in my hometown in Japan. I had the best parents, best friends, and I was even working for the space agency at one point! Then some... things... happened. All of those fun times... I gave them up for you. Because I love you."

These words were forever etched on Lemma's heart. And she would frequently hear it growing up. Whenever she feels sad for her dad looking tired from working, he would always utter those three words. He proved those words by being actually closer to Lemma as she is compared to when she was Renna.

"At this day in March 14, 2016, I have finally finished the optical upgrade! Look, Lemma! I finally finished it! An upgrade for you!" 

"What? What?!" Lemma hurriedly ran to his dad in excitement.

"This upgrade would increase your vision! Finally, I perfected it! You should be able to see like regular people."

"How can you even make these things, dad? Are we... actually rich?" She said as several pails around her caught the leaks from the ceiling.

"...don't worry about that. Come, try these on." Lemma sits on what they call the Upgrade Chair and closes her eyes.

"Uuuuuuuu... it still scares me every time." 

"Don't worry! I'm here." He gives a peck on her cheek to reassure her. Then, as he turns around, he enters the code.




"Now that I think about it, does this technically mean I am killing her every time I do this? Nah."

He grabs her eerily realistic eyes and carefully dismantles it.

"Man, Yuuto really makes them so freaky."

He, then, installs the optical upgrade chip just on the back of her retina.

"...aaaaaand, we're done."




"The Initial diagnosis seem fine. It's safe, then."




Lemma opens her eyes.


"...maybe I overdid it."