Chapter Thirty
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Nolan was still on the upper floors, and as he planned beforehand he was to stay behind and deal with the remaining wolves as I keep the Lycan occupied.

I had to buy time until he deals with the wolves, so of course I turned around and run like my tail was on fire.

I hear a grow loud enough to raise the hair on my arms, such a hoarse rage-filled scream was followed by the Lycan’s voice in my mind: ‘Luna! Get back here!”

Yes, of course I will, clearly, only if I had a death wish you prick! Get lost! Scram!

I have no time to take in the interior of the building as I push my way inside, rushing pass the large tall ceiling halls, the windows with iron bars and the cabinets on the walls.

I only have time to hear his claws rasping the floor when, out of nowhere, the air leaves my lungs with the impact of something hitting me in the back at full speed, making me roll on the floor and gasp for the lack of air, losing my grip of the ax as it rolled on the floor to the side.

One look up told me how buying time by running away is a feeble dream because right behind me was a very angry one-eyed fast Lycan, only half changed and looking like a rabies filthy dog.

Soon enough, however, the patches of skin lacking fur were cover-up by a thick pelt, and the half-made snout sprouts out fully as his paw brushed aside the remaining human skin.

It was enough time for me to recover myself and stand, but any wishful thinking of running away was gone when he finishes fully changing.

How could these two legs of mine run quicker than his four long paws?

I had no high hopes about this for sure, but I didn’t think he would catch up so quickly.

 ‘You will regret going against, little Luna! But don’t worry, I’ll teach to be obedient like a good little female even if I have to hammer it in your brain!’ He says in my mind while growling with his lips, his face contorting into a mask of fury and ferocity.

But I wasn’t impressed. We weren’t.

‘He is weak.’ Luna thinks with me. ‘His wolf spirit is dead, only a mindless beast remains, weak, alone, ‘prey’. A threat to the pack.’

I grow back at him: “Don’t be a fool Lycan… your pity words mean nothing to us, but if it’s a lesson that you wish for, then let us teach you one! Let's finish everything tonight while the moon shines bright!”

He looks up right at the moment where the clouds part and the bright silver goodness comes from hiding, her beautiful silver light glinting over the horizon reaching us from the windows and fallen rooftops, making the shadows darker and glinting the ferocious eyes of her sons and daughters.

At that Luna says: ‘You may have forsaken our Goodness, rouge Lycan, but she is there, watching you, and for all our wrong deeds, for all the suffering you caused to your own kind, to her children, you were punished. And yet, even after losing your wolf, you went deeper into the rabbit hole. She does not forgive you, not anymore, it is time to end it all, rogue. From one of her daughters has come to bring punishment upon you!’ She growls, her words holding mystery and strength, making my blood boil as my body was merged in the silver glint of the moon as I part my legs and focus my eyes on the Lycan, my heart racing and my body tingling with tension, all distractions and sounds greying upon the image of the ferocious ravish Lycan in front of me.

The grip on my hammer hardens.

Thump thump, thump thump.

I can only see his black lip flick before he jumps at me like a beast, his clawed arms stretching out as I sidestep his attack, bringing the hammer down with the intention of hitting his arm, but he too dodges to the side and falls back, the little attack managing to increase the tension between us as we measure each other’s strength.

Thump thump, thump thump.

With my eyes shining gold for the first time I growl, surprising him into a sickening smirk.

‘We will make great pups skittish Luna…’

I growl, angry at his words as I attack while he chuckles at me and dodges sideways, as if dealing with a jumpy pup.

That only makes my annoyance grow.

But is factual that, no matter how strong I was, nor how mad we were, me and Luna had zero experience in fighting, and even the apocalypse did not change much of that since I had always avoided zombies like the plague.

So, even though I had chosen the weapon well and could manage it quite easily, it was all pointless when I could not freaking hit this annoying smirking wolf.

I try to corner him on the walls, but he wasn’t that dumb and always dashed to the side until, the unavoidable happened and he manages to block my attack with his hand.

Literally holding the hammer with his pawed hand.

I try to pull it back but he only grips it harder, not stopping until he disintegrates the hard part of the hammer into powder, making me truly shocked at his inhuman strength.

And, of course, he takes advantage of that instant where I’m surprised by it and reaches out towards my face, passing the back of his furry hand on my cheek and making a disgusting shiver run down my spine as I slap his hand away.

‘Ah…. Such smooth skin… I will love leaving marks all over you…’

“Oh yeah, you think so?” I say, tilting my head sideways and showing off my neck, making him visibly stunned and hornier as he licks his black lips and narrows his one eye.

And of course I take the opportunity to sink in the wooded remaining part of the hammer into his belly.

‘You fucker!’

“Suck it.” I say, showing my middle finger at him while stepping back to reach out for the hidden missed ax.

But, well, things didn’t go as planned, they never do, do they?

 Because he proves that he was just playing with me until now and with my taunting he seemly decided to take it more seriously, dashing forward in all four, too quickly for me to realize in time, only managing to grip the handle of the ax before he grabs my neck and arm, hurting my limb so badly that with a scream I’m forced to drop the weapon.

‘You little female… I’ll teach what you are good for over and over again until you are only a gaping hole for me to stick in!’ He screams up close to my face but the pain makes it harder to focus on his words as I considerate that he may have broken my arm. 

But he manages to worsen my situation when he pushes me against the lockers, head first, blurring my vision and making me dizzy for a moment with the strong impact, only coming back to my senses to feel him rubbing against my back like a mad dog and nibbling at my neck.

No, no, this won’t do, I think. I clench my teeth, avoiding the growing disgust from having that thing rub against my ass as I can barely feel my arms being squished tight in his hold, the broken one throbbing with pain, only the adrenaline making it somewhat tolerable for me to act out.

I could not move or escape, but that doesn’t stop me from trying as I step on his foot and throw my head back with strength, hitting him right at the snout and earning a satisfactory whimper, but it was hardly enough to make him let go.

But that wasn’t my intention.

I use the surprise attack to have some space between me and the locker, only enough so I could boost ourselves to the floor, with me falling on top of him and losing his grip slightly, enough for me to fight back until he grabs my injured arm and makes me scream in pain.

‘You little slut!’ He says while twisting my arm to the side, making tears stream down my face as I caught a glimpse of my limb; and I’m sure it was not supposed to bend up like that.


I fight back, of course, but he only hardens his grip.

‘Stay still you little slut, I’m gonna fuck your insides.’ He says that while opening my shirt with his teeth, his hands too occupied with my shoulders now as he tries to hold me down. ‘I said stop!’ For good measure he hits me on the face, slapping me and leaving crisscrossing marks on my skin.

That makes me dizzy once more, making my body limp as he works his way until my pants, unable to take them off with his teeth and having to reach out with his hands.

‘NOW!’ Screams Luna in my mind, somehow taking me out of my dizzy state as my eyes shine like two blazing suns when I finally get what I wanted, the moment that I have been waiting for, when he truly lets his guard down.

At that my body stretches so quickly that it seems like it is exploding into my wolf form, and in the blinking of an eye a white furry figure is laying where second ago I was.

And the rogue Lycan has no time to react when I boost forward and sink my teeth deep in his throat.