Chapter Thirty-One
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Like a crocodile I try to do as much damage to his throat as I can, sinking my new found fangs deep and swinging my head to the side, back and forth, managing to take a chunk of meat out before he frees himself from my grip.

I spit it out, blood flowing deep down my throat making me want to spit on the floor as the Lycan throws himself back, holding unto his neck with a ferocious look in his eyes.

I growl back, showing my rows of sharp teeth and wrinkling my snout, eyes shining with a deep golden light.

And let me tell you, we had nothing in sorts of little in this newfound body.

I had no time to ponder why, but our wolf form wasn’t like the other’s I had seen, and yet not like the Lycans either, making me question for a moment if we were truly blessed by the Moon Godness, Luna and I.

Because we shined just like her, a pawed figure of the bright moon’s image.

Our fur was completely white, spotless, thick and fluffy around the neck. Our paws were long, big, strong, black claws appearing amongst the fur, a long tail stretching behind us and sharp golden eyes shining on our face.

Beyond all that, we had the size of a lion, thick muscles under the fur.

Funny how the change had been painless, for a moment I dread that, like many movies and books, I would have to turn inside out, that it would be a pain without measuring, if not in all at least in my first change to this new form.

But no, it was natural, like breathing, so part of me as my human form, and yet more wild, stronger, more… trilling.

I look at the Lycan in front of me, my eyes glinting, my fur swiftly moving with the wind, a majestic view indeed.

Even though I was thrilled with this newfound body I had to concentrate; the fight was far from over.

And as the going says… The most dangerous animal is a wounded one, and the most dangerous part of a hunt is when you give the last strike.

And how about adding that it is a livid-raged filled Lycan to the mixture?

While holding his throat he attacks, his eyes red with rage as his other hand throws slashes with his claws stretched out, blindly attacking in a succession of rage-filled claw attacks.

 So persistent! Just die already!

I growl as I dodge back, eyes attentive to all his moves as he thrashed about, at some point prom to tiring himself out.

Only that I underestimated the fury of this rogue wolf, because the one getting tired was myself with having to move this strange body around and out of his stream of attacks that didn’t seem to come to an end.

An idea passes my mind, and Luna’s voice resonates quickly: ‘You can do that, go!’

Some of the differences in having a wolf soul were not only being stronger by default… but by having a painless natural fast transformation.

So I dodge down like I had done many times before but this time, instead of dashing back and away from his attacks I lean forward and close the distance between us.

His eye glints bright as he sees an opportunity to cut me, but instead his claws hit only air as I quickly change into my human form and lock his stretched out arm undermine, and the second it took for him to overcome his surprise is enough for me to punch him on his still wounded throat and back away.

He gasps, but still trashed with his other hand, making me change back and trot away, satisfied with the hit.

But only the good die young.

‘I’ll fucking kill you!’ Before I could realize that his mind and demeanor had changed and he no longer seemed to want me alive his pawed hand was around my furry throat.

He takes me off the ground and I can do little against his attacks in my current form, my paws trashing midair and barely managing to scratch his strong arm only for the wounds to be completely ignored by this mad Lycan.

I feel a pressure grow at the back of my head and the suffocation force on my neck threatening to break me in half as my vision starts to blur and darkness creeps at the corner of my sight, suffocating gasps escaping my snout.

And suddenly… I’m on the floor, panting, unable to hold my own weight until I had a few choked gasps for breath, but somehow free.

At that Luna growls in my mind, saying: ‘We have one more thing he doesn’t have.’ She continues, referring to the wolf souls and blessing from the Moon goodness. ‘A true pack.’


Is his back I see when my vision stabilizes standing in front of me, his furry black form looking stronger and beautiful than ever.

The other Lycan growls furiously at him, spreading his arms wide and staring Nolan down with a crazy ravish look in his eye, the eye of a mere ferocious beast, wild and insane.

‘You’… You still dare to stay in my way! I will kill you! I will kill all of you!’

The two Lycans try a few steps around each other, testing some slashes, and even in that hysterical state the other Lycan knows that his situation is not looking good; he is outnumbered, wounded, and fighting against a rested stronger Lycan.

Odds were against his favor.

Before I could enjoy that fact, however, I hear the brushing of claws against the floor, and the pitter-patter of paws coming from the end of the hall.

Only to see three wolves standing there, unwounded, showing teeth with the ears turned back, approaching us with slow deliberate steps.

‘Ha, seems like things have changed doesn’t it little Luna?’ I swear if the calls me little one more time I’m going to shove his tail down his throat!

The three new wolves go stay on his side, giving snarls and growls from time to time, seemly eager to get some action for themselves.

With the number of wolves on his side the rogue Lycan starts to act smug again, holding his throat and standing up.

‘So, Luna, how is it going to be? Still wishing for death?!’ He asks, making Nolan growl and snap his teeth in the air, making the other respond in the same wild gesture, both seemly acting like two animals in disagreement.

Only that, this time, I do not fall for his talk, nor at his clear provocations…

And smile instead, my back teeth showing.

At that he stops, looks at me… but once he realizes it’s too late.

The three wolves, already close to him, turn around and attack him, quickly bringing him to the ground as his legs were viciously attacked by their fangs and strong jaws.

He tries to stand but Nolan was quick and stepped on his back, forcing him on the ground as the other wolves had their way, finding the wound opened by me and exposing the flesh once more.

And they filled the night with the rogue last screams.

It was not a beautiful image, to see them opening his throat, filling his snout with blood as he choked on it, starting to convulse with the loss of blood as his eye rolled up, only showing the white part, seemly staring at me as the light vanishes from his eye, leaving only an empty vessel behind.

But I force myself to watch until the end, to make sure it was over, that we would be finally free of this creature, that he finally was killed for good.

When it was all done his body lay, limp, there on the floor, and we all raise our heads into a victorious howl.

It sounded mystical in this full moon night, all voices mixing, together, more powerful than ever.

Because you see… the three wolves that had joined us were not the ones who were always following the rogue Lycan, instead they were the females that always accompanied them on the back.

Wolves that, by mere chance, Nolan found out, and it all made sense to me, that such despicable creature would have numerous victims on his tab.

That’s when we found it, his hidden harem of victims.

They did not need a lot of convincing to join our side and fight back, only that it took Nolan a while to bring them back here, even if they stayed close by.

But in the end everything seemed to work out somehow…

The three wolves keep howling in joy, sometimes mournful, sometimes overtaken by emotion, looking down on his body, silent tears falling as they raise their snouts in joy.

I can only phantom what they have been though under his forceful command…

But looking at them, confused and embedded in such a river of emotions, stirs something inside me as my paws move on their own and I approach them.

They look at me, then at Lycan behind me, and their tail immediately tugs under them as they do not meet my eyes.

I take a deep breath and nudge the neck of the closest one, brushing my side on her neck and showing my good intentions, surprising the other two as they watched me approach and do the same to them.

After a few minutes they seemed to realize that I mean them no harm, but they still did not move. ‘Hurt beyond the skin, trust in the alpha broken. But we are no Lycan, we are no alpha of theirs, we are Luna. We must reunite them with their wolves.’

‘I understand.’ I think back at her, and pass simple words to the females: ‘Pack. Safe. Do not fear us.’ I poke her neck once more with my snout, the bravest of them standing her ground and looking at me, than at Nolan.

‘Sorry but… we don’t know, I don’t know… Last pack…Last Lycan…’

‘That wasn’t a pack.’ Luna says, growling. ‘ It was just a crazy rogue forcing others under his command. We would never do that. You have a Luna to protect and care for you now, you are safe.’ She says with such confidence that even I’m convinced.

‘We understand Luna, is just…’ One says, while the other continues:

‘We don’t trust Lycan’s, not anymore.’

‘Oh, is that what is bothering you?’ They nod, making me smirk and go forward, talking only for them in our little conspiracy. ‘But ladies, is very simple, if he steps out of the line we just need to beat the crap out of him to put him back on his place, or even better, let ‘me’ do the honors. No alpha will command us, but let’s not tell him that, alphas egos are too fragile.’ I wink at them, making a smirk appear on their snout-faces.

They look at me, then at Nolan who is at lost, being left out of our little circle, and, for the first time, they, too, start to laugh mischievously, tails wiggling, looking once more at Nolan, who takes a step back and frowns at us.

‘… Do I want to know what you girls are up to?’

At that we only giggle in response.