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I know I have to react fast if I have to counter Siferas’ extraordinary speed. That is why I swiped one of the Counter Cards as quickly as I could and then I activated it out loud!

“Activate Counter Card-”

However, Siferas’ sprinting speed tripled, and the white-haired Gladiatrix managed to close in the distance to Raynevere!

“Haaaa!” Raynevere unleashed a kick to seemingly time it on Siferas' arrival!

“Huf!” In the nick of time, Siferas arched her body to evade the kick. Then, she used her hands to push the ground and retreated.

“-Reflect Shield!” I continued to cast my Command Card! There is no way I could stop the casting of the card that I already revealed out loud!

A giant bubble covered Raynevere. However, this bubble served no purpose as the exchange of attacks is already over. There’s a safe distance between them now. After three seconds, the Reflect Shielf wore off.

“Damn it!” I mumbled to myself. My timing was off, and Raynevere was already able to fend off Siferas’ assault. I should have focused on offense!

Raynevere pointed her bladed bow at the Gladiatrix Champion and unleashed energy arrows toward her! Siferas was not afraid at all as she lunged forward with her two black swords crossing to protect her face!

Siferas evaded the first arrow, then she sliced the second and the third! Afraid that she might get closer, Raynevere unleashed three more arrows which were almost immediately parried!

That is good because as long as Siferas is attacking head-on, the distance we have to cover to hit her shrinks. If I unleashed an attack with a wide area of effect, then we’ll be sure to cause damage!

“Activate Skill Card! Garuda Buster!”

However, the moment I activated the Command Card, Raynevere was already shifting to the closed range!

“E-Eh!?” Raynevere was awestruck when she saw her bow flaming with energy! She wanted to shift back to long range, but then the opponent is already close enough!

“Too slow!” Siferas kicked the burning bow out of Raynevere’s hand and then slashed through!



At that moment, Raynevere fell to the ground. I was about to shout her name but I stopped myself. Why should I care about the woman who used me?

“You’re next!” Siferas’ silver eyes glowed, and it pierced my soul with fear.

With a kick on the ground, Siferas bolted forward with the same X-sword position. I have to set up my Counter Card fast if I don’t want to get hurt!

However, because of the intensity of the situation, I became nervous and rattled! I failed to swipe a Counter Card to protect myself! I’m dead meat!

“I will not let you touch Mister Elzane!” Raynevere shouted out loud as she bolted forward at full speed! Just after three fast long steps, she flew with a flying kick!

Siferas noticed Raynevere, and she started to slow down. She didn’t bother to turn around and look at my Gladiatrix, she just stepped on her brakes and tilted her head to evade Raynevere’s kick!

And that is a bigger problem for Raynevere and more for me because since Siferas evaded the attack, I will be the one hit by her kick!

“A-Aaaah!” I cried.

“W-Watch out!”

Raynevere immediately anchored her other foot on the ground which reduced the speed and power of her flying kick! She also put her leg away to avoid hitting my face. But the momentum of her reckless attack can no longer be stopped!

Raynevere turned back so that the impact will not hurt me! Just before she crashed to my face, the last thing I saw was her child-bearing hips!

“Gwack!” I cried out loud as my face got hit by two soft buns.

“Owie!” Raynevere cried.

Raynevere rubbed her aching buttocks and then looked upwards to see the angry silver-haired Gladiatrix Champion holding her hips.

“M-Miss Siferas-”

Siferas immediately hit Raynevere’s forehead with the flat part of her blade!

“Owie!” Raynevere cried again. This time, she’s rubbing her bumped forehead.

“You two are way out of sync! That’s not how you fought the Battle Fiesta Qualifiers!”

“Owie! I-I’m sowwy!” Raynevere cried as her head was hit again by another sword, the flat part of the weapon that is.

“You two are idiots, you know that!” Siferas continued to sermon.

The rest are inaudible because I’m dizzy and suffocating. Raynevere hasn’t noticed that she’s sitting on my face yet.

I passed out. I think I can already hear the angels sing.