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“She was right. We are classmates.” I muttered in disbelief.

Right after we escaped the commotion, Raynevere and I went to our classroom. Back then at the bus, I thought that Raynevere was just teasing me for being her classmate. I never would have thought that it was true.

I looked at the room assignments posted right on the door and saw her name on them.

“Hey, Mister Elzane! Is this seat okay?” Raynevere asked as she waved her hand at me. Then she pointed to the seat on the second row.

I do not have a problem sitting on the second row as it is optimal for studying. I’d hurt my head if I’m sitting on the first row, and I might not focus on the lectures if I go to the back rows. I’m quite hesitant about her choice of the seat because she wanted us two to sit beside each other.

“I-Is it okay to sit right there?” I asked then approached her.

“Of course! These two seats are vacant!” Raynevere happily said.

I sighed. It’s not what I meant, but I’ll take it. Raynevere will be beside me in school, in Battle Fiestas, and soon, in my family. She will take up 99% of my life starting now, which will make sure that I will fall deeply in love with her, much deeper than I’m feeling right now.

I sat on the chair next to my crush and looked out the left window. There’s still a vacant seat on the leftmost part, so I think I might occupy it. It won’t be a big deal for Raynevere if we’re one seat apart, right?

I pointed at the vacant seat and nervously asked my betrothed. “I think I’ll occupy that seat over there.”

“Okay then. If you need a space away from me, I’m fine with that as long as that’s more comfortable for you.” Raynevere said.

Raynevere’s thoughtful remark stunned me. I was about to transfer my butt to another seat but I changed my mind. I need to see Raynevere’s face up close for every second of my life! So I decided to stay!

“Nope, this seat is fine!” I said with a blushing face.

“Ehe~” Raynevere chuckled like a princess. She also matched my reddish face.

Goddammit, I love her!

Suddenly, I was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Oh, so you lovebirds are our classmates too!”

When I looked back, I saw the red-haired Cyber Knight Firius approaching the seat beside the window. He immediately occupied it and leaned to my side.

“So, you two are okay now?” Firius asked.

“I-I guess,” I mumbled.

“Good, because we can’t have you two squabbling like that again, not in the Battle Fiesta.” Another familiar voice said.

This time, the blonde-haired girl Esthesia sat right behind Firius. Esthesia flicked her short golden hair and then leaned on her hand.

“I’m pretty sure Auntie reconciled you two,” Firius said. “The Gladiatrix Champion is master of everything. She’s smart, beautiful, and strong. Her only weakness is her age.”

“Hey! If Auntie hears that, she’ll slice and stab you like kebab!” Esthesia cried.

“R-Right!” Firius prayed to me while talking in a trembling voice. “Please don’t tell those words to Auntie! My life is in your hands!”

“Wait, what’s with Miss Siferas?” Raynevere tilted her head in curiosity. “Why do you call her Auntie anyway? Is she your real aunt?”

“No! She’s just an old hag who happened to train us on various things!” Firius answered.

“Firius! You know we’re both dead if she hears the word ‘old hag’!”


“How old is she anyway?” Raynevere asked.

“Sixty-mph!” Before Firius could complete the figures, his mouth was shut immediately by Esthesia’s hands!

“Stop, Firius!”

“Mkay! Mkay!” Firius cried as he struggled to breathe. Esthesia’s hand is covering his mouth and nose, so he’s suffocating!


“Can you trash idiots settle down? You are too unruly to be here in the classroom.”

It was another familiar voice.

When I turned to the right side, I saw a petite girl with crimson eyes and long purple hair tied in twintails. She has a cybernetic set of ears, and her elegant movements fazed the comedy atmosphere in this room.

“It’s the purple cat!” Firius, Esthesia, and I exclaimed.

“M-Miss Himeno!?” Raynevere was also astounded. At least she’s still respecting that annoying bitch.

“Oh, so you’re my classmate too, monster.” Himeno glared at Raynevere with disgust. Then she sat right in front of Raynevere, on the front rows.

Himeno Yuusha flicked her hair and smirked at her rival.

“I’m sitting right in front of you because you will always be behind me.”