1. You never know what it is until it happens to you
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I was coming home from a long day of college classes, and I happened to stray from my usual path and go to the bakery to buy my dinner.

I walk home calmly with dinner to avoid leaving the house again later, but I never thought that something as casual as avoiding walking anymore would end with a hit from the famous truck Kun.

The worst thing about it wasn't the hit itself, the worst thing was that it didn't end my misery immediately, but sent me flying down the sidewalk until I hit the asphalt.

After ending up on the ground, I can say that at that moment I would have wanted it all to end instead of being photographed by a lot of people who look at me as if I were an exotic animal instead of calling an ambulance.

At that moment I could only think of 2 things.

My mother won't be able to eat dinner together with my aunt...

and that my aunt came after 4 years of her stay in California, my aunt had bought me a new console and today I would try it.

really sad (*~*).

The second thing would be that I don't even know where I would be sent and I don't know if I will enter paradise or not, I hope so since although I was lazy in my life, obviously not to the point of not studying or working since it is one of the things more necessary in these times, in addition to supporting charity whenever I could and on many occasions I helped my neighborhood when help was required to carry heavy boxes... well, my mother sent me, but it's the same.

What I have to admit even if I don't want to is that in my university life, I didn't like going out, to be more specific, going out to karaoke after school or things like that in which you must have social skills.

My social skills suck so I tend to spend my time on more interesting things.

At night or in my spare time I read web novels, and fanfics and played video games of all kinds from adventures and action to romance and otome games, it should be said that my sister made me play the last ones years ago and I later got a taste for those games.

Now you're wondering how can I have a monologue if I should be in agony.

so I must say that until a moment ago it was like that but now I no longer feel pain.

while I was having my monologue, out of nowhere I appeared in this space darker than the galaxy and I lost that painful sensation that I don't want to describe much since it was like someone was holding a giant mallet and then hitting you with it like golf, and finally falling and feeling gravity become your enemy, finally being on the ground and having your limbs flip in a way that you could tell your toes could scratch your head with room to spare and your hands...

(shut up man, we don't need you to be so specific).

- don't be a killjoy author.

(and you don't break the fourth wall (°-°))

- okay, don't be bitter.

After the author repaired the spatial break in the fourth wall being a newbie, the boy's astral form could be seen in some kind of space...

as he was saying here I am in this place and as if my crap day couldn't get any worse this place is dark with no perception of time or any kind of guidance and I really must say I didn't expect this in the slightest.

It amazes me how these protagonists start in these places and accepts it as if it were something normal, imagine being in this place for eternity with nothing but darkness.

Although over the years I have learned to adapt to situations, in this case, it seems that it will be difficult to be in this space for eternity.

In the meantime, I guess I should tell something about my life while avoiding going crazy with this deathly silence.

Today I was starting to get back on track in my life.

One of the most precious memories in my young life, or what would be the trigger of the great change in my life, began on the last day of high school, the day when everyone usually signs shirts with their friends and then makes promises to see each other every once in a while. time to later be forgotten and reunited after 10 years.

Since September I began to prepare for the end of the year, meditating, practicing, and thinking of an idea to be able to declare myself to the girl I liked.

After a long time, I came up with the most well-known and subtle idea to propose to a girl, the well-known letter in the backpack.

It was easy to put a letter created with a lot of effort in the girl's backpack, the hard part was creating it.

I had to practice calligraphy for months to be able to put the sentence in the prettiest handwriting, using the most expensive paper I could get, just so I could declare myself to that girl.

Although it sounds like making a safe bet, I really didn't think it would be reciprocated, I just wanted to get rid of the mental load and launch the bet.

but at least I thought she would give me an answer.

That afternoon when I waited for her at the back of the school, my fingers itched, mentally practicing any kind of response I might receive, but for better or worse, she never came.

The girl knew me well, I gave her hints that she ignored at the time, and I, as an excited idiot, believed that she didn't understand without thinking that girls are masters of hints.

After she ignored me like that, I didn't go crying like a schoolgirl with personality problems, I went home and told my grandmother.

I remember well that she only told me.

"nothing is free in this world son, if you want it you must fight for it"

So I decided on it, I thought of one of the few things that she might like and I decided on something expensive, something to impress her with the famous phrase "wallet kills hunk".

right after my decision, the men's neighbor called me telling me that when she came back from school she told the whole block that I would not go back there and that if someone saw me they should notify her immediately and ask me to go home.

That decision seemed quite strange to me and I felt sorry for everyone on that block who knew me because I used to go a lot in the past, and only one of all of them told me of that decision.

but that did not discourage me, I must admit that I was quite ignorant, so I ignored that clear red flag and continued on my way to work and buy her that expensive gift.

I took several extra jobs and after 6 months of savings, I was able to buy it.

I went home with the packaged gift that was the console that I wanted but I decided that I would give it to her because she also really liked video game consoles.

Since I was forbidden to go there, I sent her a love letter with the console, obviously, I thought she would call me to her house to play or give me a chance, but no.

She just sent me a very long message with the conclusion that she wanted some time to sort out her feelings.

I concluded that she meant that she would give me a chance if I did more, so I bought more games and sent them to her by mail, her mother told me that late at night she listened to the television and she used to lock herself in her room more often, I took it as proof that she used the console.

After three months I decided that I would give her a surprise, so I did not say anything to my informant and neighbor adviser about her and I secretly left with the best clothes I had, the best perfume, and a bouquet of roses, her mother had said that her daughter was at home playing and that she was at the mall with the rest of her family.

When I walk through the front door with a trick I learned in my time as a locksmith, I heard the sound of one of the games.

but it was clearly the main menu due to the background sound and the sound was loud, with doubts I went to the door of her room and cautiously opened the door and there I learned a couple of interesting things.

The first and most important thing is that all people lie, no matter who they have ever lied to or will.

And the most important thing is that love is like gambling.

You can either walk away with the winning prize or you can go broke.

That afternoon I saw the console turned on there with the main menu on the television in front of his bed and on the console with 2 undergarments and one of them was clearly not a woman's together with the sound of applause and the voice of the neighbor who told me before. recounted her supposed situation.

I clearly walked out of that house broke.

As I returned home, I felt sadness and anger for them, not for what they did.

she and I were not a couple and everyone is free to make her decisions.

It hurt me that the two of them lied like that and that they made me lose all that money and time.

It was clearly my fault for thinking like a novel protagonist.

life does not revolve around you, you are just a small leaf in a whole big tree called life.

After that I decided to focus on myself and no one else with that idea, finally, after a long time I was able to enter the university.

While I was thinking about the conversation with them that I had after not seeing them for more than 10 years, a light covered all my vision and I felt the members of my body again and I got up on a bed.