Chapter 4 – Only Enhanced Thirty times…
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"Now can you tell me about this realm? " said Shen Tian.


“Ye-Yes Young master , this is the All Heavens Beasts forest in All Heavens Realm”


“Ah! It that forest … sure it brings back memories”, Shen Tian seemed to reminiscent about his past.


When Shen Tian was younger he used to come to visit this forest with his mother…



"Okay, Feng Yue its a farewell then ", said Shen Tian and started walking past her.

"Youn-young master please wait ", when Shen Tian was quite a distance away from Feng Yue , she called out in a hesitant way .


"What is it? ", Shen Tian inquired

“Do you have a partner ?”


“Ah! no, it just me alone, why do you ask? “


"If you don’t have a partner t-then I want to make a blood contract with you, and become your partner!" exclaimed Feng Yue out of nowhere in a determined voice!


“”””””””………””””””Shen Tian became speechless, never in his life, he thought that a God beast would suddenly want to become his partner moreover form a blood contract!


Now there were many types of contract but the blood-contract was special because in a blood contract the partner remains bound to the master all his/her life and when the master dies the contractual-beast would also die with them.

Shen Tian knew the heaviness of forming a blood-contract. Why A Phoenix who is worshipped as the Ancestor of all the phoenixes in the world would suddenly want to establish a master-servant relationship? He couldn’t figure out the head or tail of The Ancestor Phoenix’s thoughts…


Actually, as prideful bird Feng Yue would never even in her dreams propose for such a thing to anyone, she even declined to become the pet of the Yu Yu, the daughter of All Heavens Family! But this time it was different she thought with such a powerful young man as her partner she would be able to experience Dao like never…even if it takes her to form a blood-contract to make Shen Tian believe in her.


Now coming back, Shen Tian was surprised due to the fact she was willing to forge blood-pact with him as it was permanent and she would have to remain with him through all eternity.


"Blood contract? I know about that; it means that we will be connected with life and death. And you will become my partner." He said calmly. Hearing him Feng Yue glued unsure if he will even agree... After all, he was so strong, will he even be interested in her? 


Feng Yue was looking at Shen Tian with deep anxiety, hoping that he will be willing to make that contract with her. Deep inside she knew very well that Shen Tian's power is unfathomable, considering he easily crushed her to the ground completely! In front of his overwhelming power, she was nothing! She was indeed like a bird trying to fly together with an Overlord! Such a thought was utterly ridiculous! But she still wanted to try! She hoped he would agree!

“Well its no harm if someone follows me and I would also get to talk to someone!”,Shen Tian thought the process is simple.


"Okay, Feng Yue let's make form the contract." Said, Shen Tian. Seeing that Shen Tian agreed, she couldn't describe the happiness!

She found a perfect partner for a partnership after so much time! Who knows how strong that young man in front of hers!

"Hm! Yes! let's do it!" She answered very fast! Hoping to complete the contract as fast as possible!


"So I should give a drop of my blood to you, right? " He asked her.

"Yeah, that how it's working!" She said very hurry!


Seeing her in such a hurry Shen Tian couldn't help but ask himself "It seems she is too eager to become my partner? well, whatever!"


 When his blood came out, it was dark than the eternal night, there was a heavenly phenomenon like some Divine treasure was born! Around his drop of blood, there was a gold aura surrounding it making it look scared!


Seeing his blood Feng Yue couldn't help but gulp, she couldn't believe that someone’s blood could be so heavenly, she wanted nothing more than devoured it!

Shen Tian slowly sends that drop of blood to Feng Yue. The moment the drop of blood came close to her, she immediately swallows it, like she was afraid she might lose it!

When Shen Tian and the Phoenix were forming their contract, she by virtue she got a glimpse of the real appearance of Shen Tian!


It was at that moment as if the time itself was frozen, she went limp, her legs wobbling, she couldn't believe what she saw! Hearts appeared in her eyes, which were like a serene lake, she felt some part of her body getting wet !! she just wanted him all for herself.


But as the Ancestor Phoenix, she was able to control her lusts and maintain her demeanor. But she was shocked to her core, "how can there be such a perfect male ?" she thought, his eyes were red sucking away her soul, his face so perfect that it could bring shame to the All Heavens Emperor who was famed for his Handsomeness, who said to have made  many young masters to  cry because of him!

 Had made many yearning goddesses and the princess to break their marriages and engagements.


She slowly said, "This lowly one is greeting, Young master.", and slowly bowed her head.


Seeing this action, Shen Tian raised his brow, not understanding why she is acting like that.


 "You know, you can call me Shen Tian, and raise your head. There is no need for all of that formalities." Said Shen Tian while he waved his hand.


Feng Yue  shook her head "Young master, this lowly servant wouldn't dare to speak in a more casual way toward the Young master."


Listening to her Shen Tian waved his hand and let out a sigh "Do as you wish." Feng Yue just slowly nodded her head.



"Hmm, Good, so how you feel?",   "This servant feeling great, thanks to Young master's divine blood" She stated with deep resolution.


"Hmmm, is that so? Here, eat this." Shen Tian threw a little bottle to Feng Yue and explained, "This is an Appearance Changing Pill. Except it has only been enhanced  30 times, so it should be enough to turn you into a little phoenix. And about your cultivation, I'll seal it for now."

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeh?" Feng Yue was shocked to her core again.

An enhanced pill is a pill that has been enhanced by a Pill God, and the pill's effect will be stronger than normal. But what shocked Feng Yue was not the pill itself, but the fact that this pill has been enhanced 30 times. What did 30 times mean? The more enhancement it has, the harder it will be to refine again. To his knowledge, a pill can only be enhanced 25 times and can only be done by a Pill Celestial God, the highest rank a Pill Master can achieve throughout the Cosmos. However, an almighty Pill God actually wasted his time and effort to enhance this low ranked Appearance Changing Pill 30 times?

"What a waste! What a goddamn waste! And he also said 'only been enhanced 30 times?' My father! You can enhance it more than 30 times?" Feng Yue cries in her heart.