Chapter 7 : Travelling Thousand million of miles in the blink of an Eye
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"Okay, we are here." Shen Tian said with a calm voice.

"Eh? What?"

Feng Yue was confused.

All Young Master Tian did is pick her up, and she felt a cold breeze, so what did he mean by "We are here"? Feng Yue looked up and became dumbfounded.

She could not believe what she was seeing.

A 25-meter high grand-looking gate with dragon engravings on the right and phoenixes on the left and three domineering words on the top that reads, "Holy Jade City."

There were also thousands of people lining up in front of the gate waiting for their turn to go in.

"Holy Jade City? Are we already here? Did he just travel a thousand million miles in the blink of an eye? How? And here I thought it would take at least a day …."

Feng Yue felt like she will never understand this Young Master Tian of hers.

"Why do you always have that weird looking face whenever I do something? I know, I am cool."

Shen Tian knew that the things he did weren't at all normal, but he secretly liked to see the dumbfounded look of  Feng Yue’s.

(Let's keep that a secret)



Feng Yue was speechless, "I'm Weird? You're just nowhere near the common sense of this world!"

"Let us go line up before it gets any longer." Shen Tian started walking towards the back of the line.

"Eh? We are going to have to line up?" Feng Yue was confused once again.

Isn't Young Master Tian some super VIP? Why does he have to wait in line where these low ranking families and loose cultivators go?

Shen Tian looked at her with a frown, "Of course we are lining up, how else are we going to get in? That sign says flying above is prohibited."Shen Tian pointed at the big sign next to the gate.

But then Shen Tian looked like he realized something and said, "Ah! Don't tell me you are thinking about skipping everybody here? That won't do, we need to be fair even if they are mortals."

Shen Tian's mother taught him to be fair no matter what he is dealing with, even if they are Mortals and servants.




Feng Yue felt like smacking his face thinking to herself, "Are you a law-abiding citizen?! Can they even stop you with your cultivation? As a matter of fact, if they find out that someone with your cultivation is waiting in line meant for these with no backgrounds, they will probably hang themselves as an apology for not noticing you!"

But of course, neither of them know the fact that as long as they are a Golden Immortal, they can bypass the queue and receive special treatment. Golden Immortal is a title for these with a Cultivation at Golden Immortal Realm, a Stage in the Immortal Realm. Although this Realm was called Immortal Realm and has no shortage of Immortals, they are usually below the Golden Immortal Realm, with most of them being at the Bronze and Silver Immortal Realm. And those at Ancient Immortal Realm who are above Golden Immortal Realm, are usually the old ancestors of high ranking sect and families. They often will not show up unless their family is facing a deadly crisis.



Shen Tian was now standing all the way in the back of the line, right behind a family of three. All three were females. The one that stood out the most was the 20-year-old girl. She had a beautiful face, long black hair, slim body and a pair of big breasts. Some people in line were even sneaking glances at her once in a while.

The second lady was around 40 years old, but she had a healthy body and no wrinkles on her face.

And last but not least, a very cute young girl around the age of 10, she had two black buns on her head, fluffy looking cheeks that make people want to pinch them and a pair of big black eyes.

"Mom, how long do we have to wait?" The little girl asked the 40-year-old lady, who was the mother.

"Li'er, this will only take a few days. Be patient." The mother responded.

"Eeeeeeh?! A few days? That's too long!" The little girl stared at her mother with her two big eyes and complained.

"Ming Li, it's just a few days, bare with it. Nobody likes an inpatient girl. At this rate, no boys will like you, and you'll be alone forever." The lovely girl teased the little girl, who was named Ming Li.

"Big sis, you are already so old, another few days means nothing to you, but I am different! I am still this young, so a few days mean everything to me!" Ming Li said while lifting both hands up like holding a plate, shook her head with a helpless look.

A few giggles could be heard from the surroundings, and Shen Tian was no different.

The sister's face turned red and said while pinching her soft cheeks, "You stinky little girl, who are you calling old?! I am only 20 this year!"

"Owh, ah o-ch!" Ming Li shouted in pain with watery eyes and rubbed her red cheeks.

"Hmph, I am ignoring you from now on!" said the sister and turned around.

"Bleh, I am not talking to big sis anymore too!" Ming Li puffed her cheeks and turned around to face Shen Tian who was giggling.


She gasped once she saw Shen Tian and the cub sized Feng Yue. But she was not shocked at seeing a Golden goose since tamed beasts could be seen almost everywhere. Instead, she was shocked at the young boy in front of her.

She accidentally shouted, "Sooo HANDSOME!". She had never seen such a handsome boy in her life. Even though her family was only a low ranked family in a small city, she has seen plenty of handsome men proposing marriage to her sister. She had even seen some paintings of the most handsome men in the Immortal Realm. But this young boy will make these so-called handsome men die from envy!

Although she was just a kid, she couldn't help but feel her heart rate beat faster.

"Hm?" Shen Tian stopped giggling and looked at this amusing little girl called Ming Li and smiled.

Ming Li blushed upon seeing that dazzling smile.

Shen Tian was surprised to see that someone can actually see his real face. As his mother instructed, He hid his face to make it look ordinary, like someone you see on the streets regularly. But if they were to have a pure soul, without even the slightest bit of evil thought in the depths of their heart and mind, can they see his real face.

But in this kind of world, where slaughter can happen in restaurants and bloodstains being common on the sidewalks, it is harder to have a pure soul than to ascend the heavens.

Although kids should have the purest souls, as they are all innocent. The truth is that the moment a child can think for themselves, they will always have a bad thought or two in their mind even if it is not evil.

If not, it is hidden deep within their hearts.

"With this kid's attitude, I doubt she has no bad thoughts… So is her soul unique?" Shen Tian used a Mysterious Technique to look at Ming Li's Soul.

"Eh? There is nothing special? Then this kid is really that innocent despite her attitude? Interesting!" Shen Tian's smile became even more bright and dazzling which made Ming Li, who was staring at him nonstop to blush even more and look down quietly.

"Handsome?" Ming Li's sister who was ignoring her turned around after hearing her shout.

But when she looked at the ordinary-looking boy behind her, she felt confused and looked past Shen Tian to the people behind him. But there were no handsome men what so ever which made her even more confused.

"Ming Li, what nonsense are you shouting about now? Keep quiet and stop bothering the people around you!"

The sister turned around and started ignoring her once again.


Ming Li looked at her sister with a weird face and thought, "Big sis, oh big sis, have you gotten so old to the point of being blind? If he is not handsome, then who in this world is? What a pity, it would be nice to have a brother-in-law like him…" She looked back at the handsome boy and couldn't help but gasp again. Too handsome!

Beautiful black hair flowing down his back, skin like jade, a perfectly oval-shaped face and sharp straight eyebrows like swords. But the most mesmerizing part is that pair of shining red eyes as if an entire universe is within it.

Ming Li used up all of the courage in her tiny body to ask shyly, "Big Brother, what is your name and where are you from?"

"I am called Shen Tian and For now I from the southern part of the Immortal Realm." Shen Tian replied to the little girl with a smile.

Ming Li was a bright girl and understood it and asked, "For now? Then what about later?"

"If we are destined for each other, you will know at that time where I am from." Shen Tian still had a smile on his face.

"When will that be?" Ming Li persisted.

"I do not know. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, perhaps a thousand years from now. Only time can tell. But you can call me big brother Tian from now." Said Shen Tian.

"Okay, big brother Tian!" Ming Li smiled happily.