Chapter 47
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Takuya gasped in pure shock.

“Big-big brother…. If I'm not mistaken here, then... Are you saying big brother and I, just the two of us, will clear the C-, B-, and A-rated gates? Just the two of us?

"You weren't wrong, then."

Takuya's face was drained of color right now.

Of course, Ajin was able to defeat the beast boss on his own, so he could also do something similar to the other bosses.

But, imagining only the two of them against the horde of monsters, just like entering that dungeon with those insects, Takuya suddenly found himself unable to breathe.


Takuya went completely speechless, while Ajin formed an expression that said, "I knew that."

"However, it is the best way."

….The best, to catch both birds.

It would be very difficult to get into freelancer-run raid teams as an F-rated Hunter. From the first day he decided to start making money in this profession, he was constantly reminded of this Hard reality.

Either he had to give up entering dungeons with his qualifications, or he had to create his own raid team. However, this kid volunteered to form one for him. Wasn't it a great opportunity, in other words?

“B-b-but, big brother! You need at least ten people if you want to enter a C-ra…..”

“I'm pretty sure you'd find a lot of people willing to do that when you say you'd pay them just for showing up to fill in the number of employees. »

So it was time to put what he had learned from Koner to good use.

If there were any Hunters who didn't want to fight with their lives on the line, but were in dire need of money, they would surely jump at this golden opportunity with both feet.

However, Takuya's expression became that of a frightened cat.

"Wait…. Surely you're not suggesting that the two of us will kill every monster inside a dungeon, right down to the boss, are you?"

….In truth, it would be one person doing that, though.

"You got it."

With this arrangement, Ajin would be able to avoid the worst case of someone stealing his experience points, and the only person next to him would be Takuya, so he wouldn't even need to worry about the others. people also watch it all the time.

"If that's how it is, then I'm going to get some serious power leveling, right?" »

On top of that, once all the raids were done and dusted off, he would get a nice little bonus of a beautiful building rolling right into his lap. He just had to persuade Takuya.

And as expected, Takuya was very, very scared right now.

"Isn't that too dangerous, big brother?!"

"You only look at it one way and not the other."

Ajin motioned for the child to come closer, so Ajin leaned forward.

“If no one but us participates in the hunt, doesn't that also mean that no one will be harmed, as long as we are well? »


"For the first raid, you were like a dragged third wheel, so there was nothing you could do about the incident that happened, but think for now about the ramifications of your own raid team that completed the 18 raids without a single casualty.

Takuya's eyes opened immediately.

If that is the case….!!

If that was the case, persuading his father would become an easier level.

Not only would he be a D-rank hunter, but the record of being the leader of a team that successfully completed 18 raids without a single incident would also be added to the top.

This would be the definitive proof that he is qualified to become the guild master. Nothing would advertise itself better than that, would it?

Ajin studied Takuya's expression and smiled in satisfaction.

‘This child…. He is convinced now.

Right off the bat, the person in need was Takuya.

As for Ajin, he didn't really need to raid with Takuya, but could still enter dungeons via the Association by calling him, or via the random boxes.

Takuya was thinking now.

Even though it was a little scary, if he managed to pull it off, then as Ajin hinted, he would get so much in return.

Remembering the sight of Ajin displaying his absolutely overwhelming power in battles last time around, Takuya realized that there might not be much to fear.

Takuya finally made up his mind, albeit after a serious internal struggle.

“We'll do it your way, big brother. In this case, I will look for suitable teammates.

"Very well."

Ajin nodded.

They had agreed.

As he was still in front of Ajin, Takuya stopped feeling nervous and tight in his chest and flashed a bright smile.

"I finally got big brother on my side."

For some reason, he wasn't too afraid of the upcoming raids.

A trustworthy comrade named Ajin had joined him, and it would be a bit easier to form a raid party now too. As Ajin had said, with the conditions offered, many would line up just for a chance to participate.

“With this, I am one step closer to becoming the master. »

Ajin also smiled brightly.

“Clear as many C, B and A rated dungeons by myself and level up as quickly as possible. »


The two men came out of the cafe with satisfied expressions.



A man got up from his seat and walked to the balcony where there was a man calling Tenpeny. When he finally got to the balcony, he finally saw the Tenpeny and starts to

talk to him while watching a young man walking down the street. At that moment, many emotions flashed through his eyes, first it was intent to kill, then happiness, and finally greed. The man he was looking at was none other than Ajin himself.


Meanwhile, as he continued walking, Ajin had already sensed someone's killing intent behind him so he waited for the person to come to him. After making sure the guy was following him, he started to continue down the road again.

Ajin wondered who it was, maybe it was one of the “Scorpion” members, he thought he would interrogate the guy before killing him. He can't let someone live with an intent to kill him.

Ajin was in no hurry to go home so he continued walking down the road.

After he finished, he saw the group following him increase in number. He wasn't worried, he was just wondering who these people were. He waited a little longer to check if there were more people.


"Boss, we're back. D-level guys and C-level guys with me. What's the level of this Ajin? Should I bring other guys just in case?" asked Tenpeny.

"No need, from the 13th King's words, he's just a Rookie. It seems that this Ajin has been a problem with the 'Scorpions' so we have been ordered to assassinate him." Said Bob.

After some waiting when no bodies joined the group, Ajin started moving.

After finding a hallway, he entered the area. He was still walking there.

After a while, when the shadow guys didn't show up, he stopped and turned around.

“Are you coming or what? Ajin asked pulling out his daggers.

"Cocky, right? Hahahahaha" Bob said as he walked towards Ajin.

Ajin didn't care what he said. He suddenly disappears from the location. It was a dark alley, the view wasn't clear, so they thought Ajin had disappeared.



"AAAAKKKKKK" someone shouted from the back.


After the scream, a sound of something falling to the ground came. Bob turned; he was amazed at what he saw. He saw the lifeless body of a member of his team fall to the ground after his head was cleanly severed. He finally saw Ajin in front of the dead.

Bob gulped seeing his men die like this.

"You motherfucker, I'm going to kill you." shouted Bob.

Bob grabbed his battle sword, which he carried on his back. he ran towards Ajin to attack him. He wanted to cut off Ajin's arm.

"Ahhhhh…." shouted Bob soo as he tried to attack Ajin.

But unfortunately his attack didn't land on his target, Ajin dodged the attack and ran towards his other targets.

"You fucking rat come here and face me." Bob shouted, he didn't want to see another of his teammates die before his eyes.

Ajin didn't stop at Bob's provocation, he continued what he was doing. Ajin wanted to take care of the little rats first so they wouldn't run away when he was fighting with Bob. It would be a nuisance if someone ran away.





Sounds of horror invaded the alley.

Ajin continued to attack low level ones. Then after a few seconds, only Tenpeny and Bob remained. After killing all the little fries, he turned his head towards Bob who was attacking him. This time, he didn't dodge, he faced her attack head-on.


Tenpeny's sword and Ajin's dagger met.


But Ajin easily pushed Bob back, Bob couldn't land properly with his heavy fighting sword, he tripped a bit.

"How..." Bob was surprised; he couldn't imagine that he could be pushed back by Ajin.

Bob was worried now, you could clearly see sweat dripping from his forehead. He thought this job would be easy, but he was wrong, he had completely underestimated his target. But the 13th King told him his target was weak so how could that be? Unless the 13th King was wrong. However Bob regretted his decision to follow and try to kill this monster hidden in a human body.

"Wait, we could talk about it. There's no need for violence. I hate violence." Said Bob.

Well danm, this guy just tried to assassinate him and now he said he hates violence.?

But, Ajin didn't stop, he continued his attack, he swung his dagger. He would never spare an enemy even if he begged.

Ajin didn't put much pressure on his dagger as he swung at Bob, even though he couldn't dodge the attack, there was now a cut on his chest. The cut wasn't that deep, but it was enough to make Bob scream.

"Ahhhhhhh.... FUCK!, I'm going to kill you." shouted Bob in pain.

While all of this was going on, Tenpeny decided to run away from the location. He didn't want to die.

Just as Tenpeny tried to run away, Ajin swung a dagger at him.

The dagger penetrated one of his knees, so he fell to the ground screaming.


Ajin turned his attention to Bob who was still screaming.

"Please don't kill me" begged Bob.



Ajin didn't take pleasure in the misery of others so he killed Bob quickly by chopping off his head.

He now walked towards Tenpeny. He was still screaming while crying.

" Who is behind all this ? Why did you want to kill me? Ajin asked with a fierce voice.

"I….It's the 13th King. You killed the 13th King's minions so then he ordered us to go kill you."

Ajin was surprised, "13th King?" Ajin remembered Professor Leon saying that there were 13 kings in the "Scorpions" and they were considered beings equaling the strength of an S-level Hunter or even stronger.

To be honest, Ajin was a bit surprised. He never thought either of them would react so quickly after Allen's death.

“Where is this 13th King? Ajin asked.

Even though this 13th King might be stronger than him, Ajin wanted to have this 13th King's territory to attack him when he gets the necessary level.

Tenpeny told him where it was. Tenpeny had no choice, he thought, if he answered Ajin honestly, he wouldn't kill him.

After hearing Tenpeny, Ajin concluded that he had to get rid of this King. But before that, he needed to level up. After hearing everything, Ajin glared at Tenpeny then killed him with a single stab.

And all of a sudden Tenpeny's eyes turn white.