8 – Pepper spray!
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It was supposed to be a fun date with her favorite redhead and the others. But instead, a smelly old guy in suspicious-looking armor was holding both of them by their necks.

Jessica hated when that happened.

“Nooo! Please don’t hurt me!” she screamed out in a high-pitched voice, acting scared for her life. Obviously, she knew demons weren’t supposed to ever kill anyone, otherwise, they would instantly get fired.

A pretty odd rule all things considered.

Shut up, little girl! You are mine now!” the demon general roared back.

“Oh, uh… sorry, I… I don’t swing that way,” Jessica stuttered, pretending to be embarrassed.

Wha- no, that’s not what I meant!

“It’s ok! I’m sure you can find the right girl one day! But it would never work between us!”

No! Listen here!” he briefly loosened his grip on her and turned her around to make her face him.

Naturally, Jessica didn’t let that chance slide, she swiftly reached out into her bag, grabbed the pepper spray, and shoved it right into his helmet’s eyeholes before pressing down on it as hard as she could.


He let go of his hostages and reached up to scratch away at his face. An impossible task because of his helmet. And Jessica knew he wasn’t allowed to remove it during a raid if he didn’t want to be fired. So in other words, he was screwed either way.

Very convenient rules.

She didn’t let up on the pepper spray and kept pushing forward even as Forneus stumbled backward.

“Eat this, assface!” she yelled at him, the previous embarrassment nowhere to be seen. “You think you can just take me hostage?! I’ll fucking show you!”

The general kept screaming and clawing at his helmet, somehow forgetting to use his magic or arms to push Jessica away.

Erika, the three magical girls, as well as all the civilians nearby could only stare at the spectacle in front of them.

Forneus eventually toppled onto his back, still screaming his lungs out. Of course, Jessica still didn’t let up her peppery assault. But luckily for the demon general, the pepper spray eventually ran out of juice, prompting Jessica to stop spraying and chuck it into his face. It clunked off his helmet, barely doing anything to him at that point except for adding to the spectacle.

“This is for ruining my date! Jackass!” Jessica yelled one last time before turning around and striding back to Erika, who was still staring at the thrashing demon general who had just gotten defeated by pepper spray.

“... C-cryo sanctuary!” Frost finally recovered and flew over to the still screaming Forneus, holding up her shield.

The other magical girls snapped out of it as well, before flying over to Frost and putting their hands on each of her shoulders. Jessica could feel them pouring magical power into her.

Forneus’ thrashing slowed down and then froze completely before a magical barrier appeared and covered him. Then another layer appeared, then another, and another. They came faster and faster and about thirty layers later, the whole thing solidified into a small iceberg-like shape and the symbol of a snowflake etched itself into the surface.

Jessica stared with her eyes wide open, mesmerized. So this was what top-tier sealing magic looked like. It was so complex that Jessica couldn’t follow the entire process, but even she could see glimpses of techniques she hadn’t seen described in any magic books. Oh, it gave her so many ideas.

“Jessica!” a voice snapped her out of the momentary daze. “Are you okay?!” Erika sprinted up to her and looked her over.

“What? Yeah, I’m fine! Worry not, my fair maiden! The molester has been neutralized!” Jessica puffed up her chest.

Erika’s reply was an open mouth and a slight blush on her face.

For some reason, some of the surrounding people began to laugh. 

“Are… you two fine?” this time the magical girls asked.

“Yeah, I’m good!” Jessica said with a smile.

“... I’m fine,” Erika confirmed as well.

“Well… Thanks for the help, miss. But please don’t do that again. That could have gotten very dangerous for you,” Pretty Frost cautioned Jessica.

She, on the other hand, didn’t care and continued her performance.

“I shall crawl into the demon realm and back for my beloved!” She took Erika’s hand in hers and lifted it up. “Danger means nothing to me!”

Everyone stared at them with varying expressions. Erika looked like she wanted to crawl into a hole.

“I… I see. Nevertheless, please be careful next time,” Frost said, holding back a giggle whilst glancing at her embarrassed teammate.

The magical girls floated up, glanced over the sealed demon general one more time, and turned around. Before they all took off though, Spark floated closer to Jessica and said, “Hey, and thanks for the assist!” She raised her hand, palm facing Jessica.

Jessica grinned and high-fived it.

“That damn demon had it coming for him!” Spark said before she floated away after the other two.

Jessica stared at her back for a second before shouting, “Yeah! Screw demons!”

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