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"I don't understand. Isn't this cool?" I looked at the recorded video after sharing it with all of them.

"Putting Aya and Eve aside, I never expect  Hina to do pose like this" Chisato who just arrived with Maya gave her comment.

They looked at the video feeling amused at the difference between the music and the one doing the pose.

"Ahh... I almost forgot, Elliot. the manager told me to call you" Chisato told me in a businesslike tone. I asked for the direction to the room from her.

After that I left the studio after saying goodbye to all of them.

"Ugh, Everytime I looked at it, the pose didn't look cute at all" Aya thought that this pose was more suited to be done by macho man.

"Ayaya" Hina was singing the opening of the music while chuckling at Aya.

"ugh... stop laughing Hina" Aya felt weird hearing the music shouting her name.

"At least no one else is seeing it" Aya sighed in relief. While using a statement that trigger a flag, Aya dig her own grave.

"*sound of finger tapping on smartphone* a bit of caption there and Boppin'"

After this, the video of those three doing the pose become a trending hit on the internet which made Aya having a complicated feeling.

-Manager Office-

I looked at the door and entered the Manager office. I could see Kogyoshu and a woman in the room. Kogyoshu was standing like a bodyguard beside the woman and the woman was sitting behind the only table in the room. I guessed she was the manager and the owner of this agency. I thought the manager was a man, it seemed it wasn't.

She had a medium long black hair which was shoulder long. The thing to note was her clothes. she  wore a black traditional Japanese Kimono with a few flower pattern decorating it. Her purple eyes and well shaped face made her looked charming.

She introduced herself as  Rui Urushibara, the manager of  Craft Egg Talent Agency. her action in introducing herself was very graceful making me had positive feeling toward her.

We exchanged a few pleasantries while Kogyoshu just standing there silently. then  I continued to the main topic of my visit. Asking for permission for Pastel*Palettes to participate in Circle Events.

Thankfully she gave her permission easily.

"Thank you for your generosity" Even though I already knew the answer, it still made me sighed in relief hearing it from the manager mouth.

"No,no. We are also grateful for a chance of our girl to mingle with other who had similar profession." she smiled

We also discuss about the possibilities of selling Idol goods on the day of the event like picture and other merchandise and how the profit will be shared.  It was beneficial hearing her explanation and I also considering  to sell some other bands merchandise at the day of the events after asking them of course.

She also briefed me about the things that the girls of Pastel*palettes forbidden to do because they need to keep their image as an Idol.

After some time, We reached conclusion that satisfied both parties while wondering why was I doing this where this was Marina's Job in the first place.

(Tehee, sorry) I can imagine her trying to be cute apologizing to me. With that already ending, I prepared to excuse myself from the room. Of course before stopped by Rui's voice.

"With that concluded, I actually have some business with you Mr. Artel" Her soft voice called my name.

I tilted my head hearing her statement. She has some business with me?

"Yeah, I need some help from Elliot Artel as the Magician from England" I narrowed my eyes from Rui's statement.

"Its more like a request actually..." This sounds like trouble but I signaled her to continue. The least I could do was to listen to her problem first before deciding what to do.

I listened  to her explanation quietly.

"a threatening letter?" Rui nodded toward my remark.

The agency had received a few threatening letter these past few weeks. The letter told them to disband Pastel*Palettes and stopped doing useless things like Idol band or face the consequences. It was such a weird message and most of the letter had similar content.

"Are you sure its not just a prank?" I said toward her. Being and Idol agency, I was sure that they received dozen kind of letter like this. It will be such a pain too took it all seriously.

"You underestimate Idol Fans Mr Artel. Do you know there exist someone who get their Idol address from looking at the reflection of the idol eyes in a picture?" Rui said

That sound both amazing and pathetic.

"It's not like we don't have protection for our Idol. Normally maybe I won't be as worried, until a few days ago that is" She shake her head feeling dejected.

What happened few days ago? I tilted my head wondering about it.

"Do you know that some times ago large number of devil disappeared near this town" She looked at me gauging my reaction

"I heard about it (Putting the most innocent face possible). What's the relation with this?" I was sure all of the devil that I ...uh.. erase was in my Bingo books kill list. They got kill on sight on their head.

"I heard that the one who died was criminal but all of the devil who work normally in the city felt scared of that accident. I have a staff who is a devil and responsible for our Idol protection. But after hearing the incident, She resigned saying she want to go back to his hometown and inherit her parents farm."

I didn't know what to say. I knew there were some Devil who worked in human society normally. From what she said, She had a staff responsible to monitor and protect the Idol in case of emergency but when the staff heard the news of large number of middle class devil disappearing(dead), she was scared speechless.

Maybe she thought it was the church responsible and she will be the next target. I can only pray that she did well in his hometown. uh now that I thought about praying for devil sounds wrong.

"Of course, I need to find a replacement, but its hard to find someone trustworthy*glance*" She said helplessly.

I didn't hide my involvement on this accident. I was sure someone who got connection to the city council knew I was the one who did it.

That's why when she heard my name, she wanted to request my help to protect the idol of her agency especially Pastel*Palettes who got this kind of letter when there was no one who can protect them.

She didn't even knew whether the one who sent this one was human. I heard anime and Idol was also popular in Underworld. Putting aside from who she got information about me, I didn't actually mind helping her.

I already befriended the girls of Pastel*Palettes and giving protection to some people was not that hard with my current power. But I felt that she was not telling everything. Well, I guess I will cross that bridge when it came to it.

"*Sigh* Sure" She smiled from my answer even Kogyoshu sighed in relief.

They approached me and we did a handshake to establish the contract.

"But to think a beautiful woman like you is the manager, I was quite surprised" I gave some light comment toward her.

"*chuckle* I am sorry to disappoint... but I am actually a man"She said something which I can't ignore

"huh" Feeling surprised I looked at Kogyoshu for confirmation. He just nodded in confirmation.

"But isn't that Kimono for woman?" I knew there was a big difference how the Man and Woman wore their Kimono.

"Is there something wrong with that?" She replied with a face asking is there something wrong.

"uh...uh... I think not... I guess" Speechless, I can only gave vague respond.

Silence descended in the room.

"Should I call you Mista Rui from now?"  That was the last statement I gave in that room.

-Studio inside the talent agency-

"Nice work everyone, lets wrap it up for today" Chisato said to all of the member of Pastel*Palettes.

"Its good that Aya didn't make anymore mistake" Hina smirked toward Aya.

"uhhh... its not like I do it intentionally"

They cleaned the room and went back together to the front of the talent agency building.

"Hey, hey lets  eat something on the way back" Hina suggested to her friends

Suddenly something fell atop Aya's head. Maya who was behind saw what it was and told Aya about it. Aya took it from her head and everyone looked at it curiously.

"A white feather?" Aya tilted her head seeing the feather on her hand.

"What is it doing here?" Chisato wonder while looking around for the source of the feather.

The feather was around fifteen centimetre around the size of goose feather. The only difference was the feather was pure white without blemish and it looked like the feather was glowing rainbow. They felt refreshed just looking at it.

They tilted their head in confusion about the source of the feather

"It's really beautiful" Eve was mesmerized looking at it.

The feather washed away all their fatigue. Aya decided to keep the feather with her.

-Evening Elliot's home-

After casting some protection to the girls. I went home immediately. I can hear the sound of Television from the Living room. Abby was watching some drama from the tv show.

I tried to call Kazuki but it seemed she was busy. I guess I need to investigate this alone. I looked at the letters that I got from Rui.

I looked at the date for the gathering of the bands. I already messaged it to all of them. There's still few days left. I decided to spend my day tomorrow to find the person who wrote the letter.

Author  : If you notice any mist-
Captain : You fool go back to farm! the meat can't gather itself!
Author  : A-at least let me rest for a-