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*Chisato POV*

Chisato felt  warm. The last thing that she remembered was being attacked and saved by someone then passing out.

She remembered how scared she was when she can't move her body. But right now she felt safe. She didn't know why but her body felt so relaxed.

It was a warm feeling and she was feeling light. Her mind was free from worries.

Even so she tried to open her eye. Chisato wanted to know what happened. After some time, she succeed.

"uhm..." she groaned

Strength came back to her body. She was laying on her back  and there was something that act as pillow below her head

"oh... you're finally awake" A familiar voice was heard, Chisato looked at the  face of the boy in front of her face.


Then she noticed her condition. Chisato was sleeping on Elliot lap. She wondered  how did she get in this embarrassing position. Her face started to get red noticing the situation.

Then she felt a warm hand on her head. The same warm that she felt when she was sleeping once again fill her body.

"Are you okay, your face is really red?" The action made her body temperature rose again. she panicked and almost fell from her position.

It took her a while to escape from the embarrassing position. Elliot looked at her like looking at something funny which made her slightly mad at him.

She got some time to gather her though while Elliot just sat silently watching her.

Now that she remembered, she was just attacked by someone before she passed out. Curious, She asked what happened to that man.

"Don't worry, he won't bother you anymore"

It was a short answer but Elliot looked so confident with that answer. But Chisato still felt worried. He reassured her again that the man was already dealt with and won't make any more trouble.

But look like Elliot didn't want to explain further about it.

She also recalled there was a girl with blonde hair helping her with Elliot but when she looked around,she was nowhere in sight.

When she started to remember more about the accident, Her head started to get hurt, shiver ran through her body. she could still remember the feeling of her body losing strength and the man tried attacking her with a knife.

Before her fear could get any worse, a warm hand once again put on top of her head.

Chisato looked at the owner of the hand.

"It seemed you are still in shock from the attack... Why don't you rest a bit. Don't think too much about it."  Elliot said toward Chisato

Maybe he was right. It's already passed, she felt relieved that nothing serious happened to her.

"But seeing you close like this... you are really short Shirasagi" Elliot laughed looking at Chisato.

"Hee... Is that so?" Chisato tried her best to fake her smile but  her face was dark and it took all of her strength not to broke the smile on her face.

Thinking that Elliot didn't want to give her the answer she wanted, She decided to give up pursuing the topic.

It's not like she was all clueless about it. She was sure there was connection between the meeting of Elliot and the manager the other day.

She thought that it won't do it any good for her to know further.

"Thank you. I don't know what would happen if you didn't help me" She decided to give her thanks toward Elliot.

He just shrugged it again and told her to not worry about it. He gave her the bags of her groceries.

"Do you need me to take you home, Shirasagi?" He proposed to her

Chisato tried  to refuse it but remembering that she just got attacked, she accepted the offer.

They walked while talking about trivial things. Chisato enjoyed their conversation. It helped her take her mind of the accident.

Probably because they had so many things in common, they didn't run out of topic to talk about.

It was her first time walking together with a boy around her age. She was in an all girl school since she was kid and she was already an actress since then which made it hard for her to communicate with other of the same age.

When Hanasakigawa became Co-ed some students felt happy about it. The topic of love was popular among teenager after all. She was already in her second year, even she had some interest on it.

Still as an actress and an Idol her option became limited. The sound of their footstep ring in harmony illuminating the evening sky.

(Maybe this would be a normal thing when people are in relationship)

*Elliot POV*

I safely escort Chisato home without problem. Now that it was taken care of, I need to get some information from the guy.

"Master, you really like to flirt, aren't you"

Abby appeared beside me while showing blank face judging my action.

"You know its not like that, I am just helping her"

Ignoring the fact that I enjoyed doing it, I was really helping her to forget her bad experience.

Being attacked by someone and using supernatural means at that, could left a traumatic memories in someone mind.

After something like that happened, it's possible for her to develop some PTSD. There was a case when someone attacked by a stalker using a knife left such a deep impression that the person got scared meeting someone and the action of holding knife itself.

I put spell to calm her mind until she woke up and when she showed symptom of fear. From  what he saw so far, Chisato didn't show any bad effect from this accident.

I tried to distracted her with some other topic to not make her remember the accident too much. The next day, I was sure she won't put too much mind on today accident.

Abbigail puff her cheek showing that she was mad. Maybe she was mad about something else.

"Are you mad because you need to use your spiritual form?"

Servant should have been able to use their spiritual form. In the spiritual form they could observe the world like an unseen ghost with demerit of not capable of attacking.

Abby was in spiritual form protecting us in case other attack came. Seeing someone having fun while you were protecting them might tick her off.

Seeing that I hit the nail in the head she looked away sulking.

"I apologize okay" I put my hand  together apologizing to her. She did say once that she hated using spiritual form. She said that it was scary and feels like she would not be herself.

After promising her that I would make it up to her, she accepted my apology.

"But master what will you do with that person?"

Abby asked about the fate of the man who stalked Chisato.

I took out the knife that trapped the stalker. He need some information about where he could get all of his item. Finding that it won't be good to interrogate him here, Elliot looked at Abbigail.

"First, lets go somewhere else"

After a while they found an abandoned building in the neighborhood. After putting some ward to make sure people won't notice what will happen. Elliot release the man in one of the room in the building.

The room looked dark and creepy because the lighting was broken. Still it didn't completely block vision. It helped set the atmosphere for what I was going to do.

Noticing that he was released from the knife, the man looked around the room and when he locked eyes with me. He screamed and curled in one corner of the room.

With how scared he was, Elliot thought it would be easy to get information from him. So stabbing him with a knife was a good decision after all.

Elliot approached him and squat to have the same eye level as him.

He was looking at me and Abby wondering what would happen to him.

"Listen here, uhm. Have you ever been raped by a tentacle monster?"

"N-no" He replied to my question

"Would you like to?"

"*Shake head vigorously*" Seeing me smiling, he must realized I was not joking.

"Good then spill everything that you know"

I didn't ask any specific question. If he knew whats best for himself, he would tell me everything that he knew.