Chapter 75 – Fools Are Everywhere
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"Did you hear that?" Nuri asked quietly, unsure of what she heard. Elena looked around her.

"I feel Master's mood. Or did I hear her?" Elena said. Nadya nodded.

"She said it is safe." Nadya said quietly. "Should we go back?" She looked at Nuri, then Alara and Ivadra.

Alara looked at each of them, and held her sister's hand. Ivadra took a deep breath, and closed her eyes.

'Come home. Safe.' Ivadra opened her eyes.

"I just heard her whisper." She said softly. "I don't know if it's my own desire to see her, or if it's true."  She bit her bottom lip.  "We can not act unless everyone agrees. If we get to that pillar out on the wasteland, and things aren't as we picture them, we have to turn back." She colored brightly. Alara smiled.

"You're not making the decision for us. You're just telling us what we already know, Ivadra." She looked at Nuri. "She entrusted you with our direction. We all know this as you are the most mature among us. Your nature pushes you to be our mother figure. If you decide we stay, then we stay. If you decide we go home to see, then we go home." Everyone looked at Nuri, and kept their excitement under control. Nuri sighed.

"I also heard her whisper, but don't know if it's wishful thinking. We'll go home, and scout up to the pillar. Elena, get ready. Shaala, you have the wind element. Move on ahead, use your speed, and determine whether or not it's safe." They looked around the simple campsite.

"I'm kind of glad we didn't go into the town to stay." Nuri said, but smiled as she remembered the commotion their group made in the town.

Nuri was able to buy pepper plant seeds, and a few other herbs that were used in cooking. Their Master would be quite happy if they could manage to grow them near their home.

Eight attractive women, all at varied ages, in rather rough clothing, caught the attention of many. The foolish immediately paid the price when they tried to grab Ellie.

Elena pulled off his arms. When the guards came in force, Ivadra stole their strength with the dark elements. Shaala plucked all the arrows out of the sky that had been aimed their way, while Kaala burned down a gatehouse.  Don't even mention the further damage Elena did in her rage.

The governor of the town had to come out and calm the situation. He couldn't let them stay in the town, but he didn't detain any of them either. Not that he had the power to do so either.

Each of these women were stronger than their strongest guards, and if they so wished, their town would be turned into ashes and ruins.

It was up to them to leave, not the governor.


* * *


"The smoke has died down!" She said quickly. Shaala was extremely excited. She had moved ahead of the group, and scouted the entire way to the landmark known at The Pillar. It was a plateau on the wasteland, a few miles from the ocean, in between Aros and Stormwall. The wasteland separated the two countries, although it seemed like they were ruled by equally incompetent kings.

"Alright, we'll continue forward, and see if we can hear her again." Nuri said firmly. "Elena, you need to eat a bit more. You've not eaten as much as you normally do." She said to the one pulling the cart. Ellie nodded, and jumped up onto the cart. She rummaged around for some jerky Kaala had made, and took it to her sister.

"She's right, sis. If Master finds out how bad your appetite has been..." She said, which made Elena grimace.

"Alright, but you need to wash my mouth for me. All I taste is dust right now. And a little drink of water." She blushed. "Use your finger this time, not your thumb." Ellie giggled, and nodded. She put two fingers in her sister's mouth and sprayed some water elements into her mouth.

"Should we tell Master about what happened?" Elena asked after she swished the water around in her mouth, and spit it out onto the stone. Ellie turned solemn, and quiet. She turned to Nuri.

"Mom? Should we?" She asked.

"I don't know. She'll know something happened, just from our expressions. Let's see what she says." She started to growl a bit. "Touch my daughter like that. I'm glad Elena ripped his arms off." Ellie nodded.

"Not that she needed to, mom. I was much stronger than that fool. Still, that governor's behavior was rather odd. Why didn't he punish his people?" she asked quietly.

"It's the same for everyone in power. We represented a power that no one in his town could overcome. I bet he feels that his people 'lost face' for him." She said, and looked a bit odd. "Reputation loss. He did that himself when he didn't discipline his own people for not being able to see right from wrong."

"He'll have a lot more to worry about if Master decides to do something. She is real unfriendly when someone tries to bully us." Elena said with a growl. She looked back.

"Mom, get up on the cart. You're strong now, but you haven't moved long distance like this. You too, Aunt Nuri." She said. "Sis, help your mom." Ellie grinned.

"Awful bossy now that you're in charge of the cart." she said and dodged when Elena tried to swat her. "I'll wrap you up later for that." Ellie giggled and ran back to Nadya to help her onto the moving cart. Nuri smiled and walked beside Elena.

"You think you're stronger than her, but when she gets wrapped around you like a python, you won't force her away." Nuri said. Elena turned away.

"I don't want to hurt my sister. She's endured far too much over the years." she turned back. "All of us have. Master freed us, fixed us, fed us, and f...loves us." Nuri grinned.

"Couldn't use the 'f' word, could you?" Nuri said and watched Elena blush.

"I didn't think the one Master says is a nice term to use for love. Her word means more direct sex. I like the word love better." Elena blushed even more.

"She's tired, Elena." Nuri said, her face now cleared of her amusement. "What she did on the mountain tired her out so much, she's almost asleep. We need to get home quickly."

"Then get up on the cart, Aunt Nuri. I'll move faster after you do." Elena said. Nuri pouted.

"Calling me slow?"

"You're not built for speed." Elena grinned. "But as Master says, you sure are comfortable."