Chapter 79 – I Will Wait For You
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"Mom!  You're okay!" A young girl cried out and tried to run towards her, but she stopped when Aila stepped in between them. "Ah, it's too bright!" Aila was a bit startled by the girl when she covered her eyes as she didn't think she glowed that much.

"Symi, stay back." Sol said in her soft silky voice. "Master saved me from that evil man, but I am different now. It's dangerous to be near me." Sol was quite sad she could not lift her daughter into her arms, or even soothe her.

Symi had cried for the last few days, and now had fresh tears on her cheeks. Her mother was safe. She was sure she would never see her again.

"Momma, didn't that evil man take you away?" She asked, and hoped it wouldn't happen again.

"He did, but Master saved me. He hurt me, but Master fixed me, and made me strong. I can't control that strength yet." Sol said softly, and miserably. "Baby, I can't pick you up, or hold you now."

"What do I do?" She asked in a small voice. She was barely six years old, and had only just managed to survive by staying hidden from the soldiers.

"Master will take you to her place. She has people there that will take care of you." Sol said softly, with a gentle smile. "She said that when I grow strong enough, and can control my power better, I can see you again." She looked at Aila.

"Don't worry. My girls are strong too. They will protect her on the other side of the mountain." Aila said. Sol looked at her strangely. "What?"

"Master, there is nothing on the other side of the mountain. Just a vast wilderness. The empire has only been here for a thousand years, and we are the first peoples on the land. They sent scouts, but there is nothing there but beasts as far as the sea." Sol said. Aila blinked.

"Oh. Then you will have to wait to see Symi, Sol." Aila smiled, and lifted Symi into her arms, although Sol did not see how she was able to do so as her arms were pure light.

"You'll live for thousands of years, Sol. Maybe more." Her face hardened. "This place is corrupt. Grow stronger, and cleanse it. Make yourself a place, and wait for my signal." Aila began to fade.

"What signal, Master?" Sol asked, now anxious.

"Wait for when I fight the volcano at the top of the mountain. I'm sure you'll see it. I kind of explode with energy in the middle of it." She smiled, and tapped Symi's nose. "Wave goodbye to your mom, Symi."

"Bye, momma!" As her voice faded, and the lights died away, Sol was left alone in the house. Symi actually disappeared in front of her eyes.

"She really did it. She took her away from here so she could be safe." Sol had a relieved look on her face, and sighed sadly. She knelt down and hugged her knees.

"I'm going to miss you, baby." She wanted to cry, but no tears would come. Her daughter was safe, so she felt relieved rather than sad. "I wonder how long I have to wait for Master to appear." Her eyes closed for a few seconds, but when she opened them, they were as hard as granite.

"Time to make myself a home."


* * *


"It seems that making zombies is easy." Sol said as she killed a soldier by tearing out his heart. "Even metal feels soft." Her fist went right through the iron chest plate with little effort.

She put her hand back into his chest, and settled the death core she made. His body soon gathered enough death elements from the core, swallow the life elements within his body to death, to turn him into a zombie. It rose off the floor, looked at her blankly, and just stood there.

"Hm, maybe I need to give it an order. Kill any soldier you find and bring it back to me." The zombie turned away and pulled its sword.

"I see. All zombies are under my control." Sol smirked. "They wanted to murder me, just because I was attractive." She remembered that pit her Master found her in, and how she rescued her. A flood of affection ran through her as she felt that woman's insane amount of power, and how pleasant she was to be near.

"Now they will find out that beauty can be deadly." She had a job to do. Clean up the empire of its corruption, and make a safe place for herself to grow stronger.

She needed to survive long enough to see her precious daughter again, and serve her Master properly. She did question how easily she called Aila her Master, but it was now a part of her essence, and deep within her soul. Whenever she thought about her Master, her space vibrated with a gentle warm response that made her smile.

Any questions she had were easily answered. She didn't know her for long, but after she witnessed her overwhelming strength, how she traveled through time, and took her daughter out of that city told her all she needed to know.

'Of course. It was Master.' Her Master was a god.


* * *


"Hm, isn't this the Krull of the guard force?" Sol grinned as he was dragged in by his armor. "Oh, poor boy." She knelt down, and grinned wider. "All your bones were broken. I wonder if my Master did this." She aimed her fingers and reached into his chest.

"This metal is so flimsy." She said with a soft smile as she pulled out his heart. The heart turned black, shriveled up, and turned into a black stone. "Mm, a death core. You shall lead my troops, Krull." She put the stone back within his chest.

Within a minute, the dead body's skin shriveled up, his eyes sank in, and he sat up.

"Perfect. The core fixed and reinforced your bones. Acquire more soldiers, Krull. When we have enough, we'll take our troops to the keep and slaughter the lord of this place." She grinned. "Master wants him cleansed." Her eyes cleared of any mirth.

"Continue bringing me soldiers. When we have cleansed the corruption, we'll go to the capital and turn the palace into our home." Sol walked back to her bed and sat down. She picked up the small pillow made of fabric and sighed sadly.

"Symi. My poor baby. Your mother will wait for you."