CHAPTER 081(Eraser’s Request)
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---Tokyo, 7:45 Am...

"I still think this is highly unnecessary..." Eraser grumbles. Rubbing his eyes as they entered the Tokyo area, waking up from his short nap.

Sitting across from him in the back of their limo was Horizon, now wearing his new Hero Costume.

The designs and colors were the same, but the material and body glove composition were the critical changes.

His visor was now upgraded by Mei, collapsable into a small plate no bigger than his phone. Capable of connecting to more functions via his phone so he'd have the check it less, and much more intuitive.

His jacket and vest were a rather expensive and somewhat...legally complex and difficult to acquire, carbon fiber mesh weave. Resistant to small arms fire in their entirety, at the cost of just being slightly heavier.

His body glove had the most visible changes, if it weren't hidden beneath his Hero Costume.

While it was still primarily white, there were now thin blue lines in the same color as the logo on that back, running along the divisions of his muscles. Making his muscle definition that much more obvious to the naked eye.

It also now extended to cover most of his head, only leaving openings for his nostrils, eyes, and mouth.

Especially since the new gel-armor layer is heavier than his previous body glove, made to stiffen when enough pressure is exerted. Perfect for any close combat encounters.

His gloves had the only truly visible changes while he was in full Hero Costume, now having clearly armored knuckles with the same blue lines.

In many cases, these upgrades are less than useful. Villains tend to become villains because they have a Quirk that the average person can't overcome.

Armor that can resist small arms fire or stiffen to ease the force of a punch didn't do much in the long run. But Horizon has a healthy amount of paranoia. He never expects to be hit, but still prepares for it.

Not to mention how difficult it was to get any equipment that doesn't have a connection with your Quirk. Hero Costumes legally are only allowed to be weaponized in ways that directly relate to the Quirk of the user. This law along with the limitation of armor stops an escalation and arms race between Heroes and Villains.

If every Hero wore full armor, soon all the villains would do the same. Because of that, these laws were made so regular police officers wouldn't be entirely helpless since they only have pistols.

Heroes always play at a disadvantage because of rules like these, but in exchange, they get the full support of society in the form of formal education facilities that help them train their Quirk and entire companies devoted to creating equipment for them, along with fame and fortune of course.

For example, a 25-year-old Bakugo as a Hero, is many times more powerful than he would be as a villain. Because he would not have gone to a school specifically designed to improve his Quirk use and equip him for combat if he chose the villain path.

Horizon managed to get away with these upgrades because of two simple reasons.

Firstly, his body glove and visor are listed as Lifestyle Support items, therefore it's easier to get upgrades if he simply says it will help him live easier.

And more importantly, he's Mystery Class. Nobody, not even Nezu, knows how his Quirk works. The only people that could say Hand Of God isn't affected by these upgrades are him and his parents.

Hearing Eraser's words Horizon turns his attention from his phone, putting it away to speak to his teacher.

"Most people would just enjoy the free limo ride," Horizon says.

"It's not efficient. We could have easily got on the bus with class 2B."

"I'll pretend you didn't just suggest that. I don't do public transportation."

"It's not public, it's a UA bus," Eraser says.

"Where I'd probably be hounded with questions because unlike my classmates, they've never met me, annoying. No different from if I ever lose my mind and decide to take a train, like a peasant."

"So what, do you just drive everywhere?" Eraser asks, ignoring that 'peasant' comment.

"I'm only 16, so I can't get a car license in Japan, and I don't have a motorcycle license. I just have this chauffeur service on standby in case I ever need to go anyway. But normally I take an armored SUV...but I figured a limo would give us some space."

"Until you get the Provisional License, then you can just use your hoverboard in public," Eraser says.

"Exactly, it'll be fun."

"Honestly I don't know what's more annoying, having you always riding that thing around school, or the fact that you can just warp around UA freely now...can't even avoid you by walking into an empty room."

Horizon chuckles at that, "well, people who can fly should fly, right? And UA encourages Quirk use once you aren't affecting others."

Eraser actually cracks a smile at that, "I had a friend who said almost the exact same thing, he'd always float around on his cloud..."

"Someone who understands the fun aspect of having a Quirk, for most people the novelty of it is gone by the time they enter UA. But I love warping about, and I'm still just 16, so of course I'm gonna play with my new toy."

They enjoy a comfortable silence for a moment before Horizon takes out his phone and quickly sends two messages, then puts it away.

"Looks like homeroom just finished, they're getting ready for the practicals now..."

"One of your friends just messaged you?"

"Classmates, Momo and Jiro," Horizon shrugs. "Told them 'I'm busy today' and left it at that."

"Huh, you didn't tell them what we're doing today, I figured you'd rub it in their faces."

"I don't brag, I state facts. And as for me not mentioning it...what I do is none of their business."

"That's fair, I just figured you'd at least tell those two, consider well, you know..."

Horizon sighs and shakes his head. "Yeah, I know. Really hoping they just get over this stupid crush, I've already got a lot on my plate, don't need girls that I have to see almost every day on it too."

"Well today is the last day of the first semester so, they've got a lot of time to come to their senses."

"Hey, I'm not that bad..."

"Really?" Eraser asks. "Because I'm missing my classes important first semester finals because Midnight refused to come here with you, she said 'I don't want to talk to him alone ever again,' anything you could tell me about that?"

"She didn't tell you?"

"It happened in your counseling session so no."

"Well you'll just have to live with the mystery, but shouldn't you be here since I think this is more important anyway?"

"If you were anyone else, yes, but you're Horizon, this is more of a formality for someone at your level. My time would be better spent watching your classmates fight the teachers. I'd then be able to form a better plan for their summer camp training."

"So glad I don't have to do that crap..."



Eraser rolls his eyes, "I'm not saying you have to go, but I've been training Shinso after school since the sports festival."

"I know, I can sense you in the forest near Training Ground Zeta."

"That's still creepy. But he'll be joining the summer camp. I initially planned for him to join you all in the second year but we've got an open seat now, and the faster he starts the easier his life will be."

"True, think you can find someone to replace frenchie and tail boy? I say we trade them for Kodai."

"Did she give you that stack of giant cookies so you'd ask this?"

"No, I just think it's a fair trade."

"I'm not trading anyone. Also, along with Shinso, I'd like your help to train Toru during the summer camp."

"I thought you said I don't have to go to that?"

"You don't, but I'm asking you to help train your allies. You're literally the only person in the world that we know of who can understand and instruct them in training their Quirks. All I've been able to tell Shinso is to use his more and from longer range, but after your big class about Quirks I figured since I'm focusing on power, you'd be able to handle mastery."

"And Toru? You realize I'm not someone she wants to ever talk to, right? She hasn't been fully nude since I revealed I can see her, and hasn't spoken to me or even looked at me. Any time I glance at her even when she's in full uniform she runs out of the room crying...or hides behind Ojiro..."

"Yes but she literally joined the Hero Course because it was the only way she could have a meaningful life, at least in her mind. You realize how difficult it is being an invisible girl all your life right?"

"Ojiro doesn't seem to mind..."

"Why is it so difficult to get you to help anyone?" Eraser asks, now exasperated.

"Why are they too dumb to understand their own Quirks?"

Eraser sighs, "the summer camp is all of July, I only need you to be there for however long it takes you to train Toru, I'm sure if you tell Shinso and me what to do we can handle the rest ourselves."

Horizon leans back and considers the situation for a moment, then nods. "Alright, I'll be there for the last week in July."

"Hmm, what's the catch? Nezu said you're never easy to least not for free."

"I want to make my work with Toru public, if I'm taking a week out of my Hero time then I'll use it for my Quirk Specialist time. A girl stuck being invisible because nobody else could figure out her Quirk should help that."

"Alright, I'm sure she'll agree. Is there anything specific they should do before you get there?"

"Yeah, have Shinso increase his pain tolerance and focus. And for Toru, meditation."

"Meditation? Really?"

"Yeah, the issue is all mental, just like Tokoyami."


"No, I've agreed to help two, that's more than enough, birdie can figure out his issues himself."

"Hmm, that's fair," Eraser says as the limo comes to a stop in front of a massive stadium.

A moment later the driver opens the door and they both step out, all eyes on them.

Horizon immediately sees students from Hero Courses around Japan taking out their phones to get pictures of him. With his jacket draped over his shoulder and sword at his side he gives them a small wave, hoverboard in his left hand.

"I really hate having all these cameras on me," Eraser says. "I miss when my identity was private..."

"Well maybe you should have worn a better mask," Horizon says while he sees some students approaching to likely get a selfie or two with him.

Eraser rolls his eyes, feeling as if he was standing beside All Might, and not in the good sense. Another Hero leaning toward the fame that comes with being a Pro Hero.

'But at least Horizon wears a mask to keep his identity secret...' he thinks as the mob gets closer.

"Meet me inside when you're done with your fans, the sooner you get your Provisional License the sooner we can get out of here, oh and lunch is on you..."