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[ POV Change ]

[ Kingdom of Rota - Cameron's Castle ]

Located at the back of the castle, situated between two thick buildings and watched over by the many towers of the castle, was a large open arena with seating located around it. The original purpose of this area was a meeting place for the townspeople and the royalty that resided in the castle. It was here where decisions ranged from small everyday things like whether to expand a road a little further, to important historical events such as whether a particular king or queen was worthy of their title and position. This open area was now a Pokemon battlefield, used in the kingdom's yearly 'Guardian of Aura' festival competition. However, it still kept the monarch box where the current royalty would watch the proceedings from.

However, even with all its similarities to an average medieval town and castle, there was one thing that set this town apart from all others. The crystals. Scattered all over the town and accompanying the castle were large blue crystal formations that sparkled in the sun, taking the town from beautiful the breathtakingly magnificent. These crystals were one of the most well-known features of the town and attracted many tourists to admire their beauty.

Finally, off the back of the castle, just outside the royal chambers and throne room, was a balcony that gave a great view of the land towards the north, the opposite direction from the town. The balcony had a few of the crystal structures scattered to one side.

On this balcony stood a beautiful young woman wearing a light pink dress that perfectly contrasted her lovely golden hair and the crown that rested there, as she stared out the beautiful landscape surrounding the castle. She stood with impeccable grace and seemed to extrude not just a calming aura, but one of complete control and unquestionable authority that showed a sense of maturity far beyond her age.

She glanced back at the bed where she saw an unconscious Riley.

After he went to the Tree of Life, he had been in the presence of the great guardians that had left the head of the Aura Guardians in a coma.

The entire castle was engulfed by a sense of anxiety as they wondered if the assailant had other plans for the Kingdom of Rota.

Princess Ilene sighed in worry for her mother and friend's health.


Meanwhile, in the Tree of Life, the Queen and a group of Aura Guardians were performing a ritual to appease the anger of the guardians of the Tree of Life.

Gazing upon the pointless ritual that the humans had created, Mew bounced on the clouds up in the sky. 

Suddenly stopping, Mew began to open a letter she had found in the tree of life left behind by the chosen one's haunter.


In the mountains, everyone watched as a hidden part of history came to life right in front of them, courtesy of a Time Flower. The scenery of the Tree's core was almost completely the same as it was in the present, and sitting right next to Austin was someone who looked very much like him. He was completely identical apart from his clothing and his eyes, which were blue, in stark contrast to Austin's deep brown. His gloves lay on the ground beside him.

"Sir Aaron," breathed Lucario as he gazed upon his mentor.

Sir Aaron did not hear him, however, as this was only a memory. Instead, he stared off into the distance, his blue eyes glimmering as he sat, deep in thought.

His trance was interrupted as an arc of lightning traversed through his body, bringing with it a grunt of pain. He turned his gaze back to the wall and began to speak. "Lucario…, forgive me."

"M, Master," Lucario, now sitting on the ground like Austin and Sir Aaron, responded with his telepathy, even though the one he wanted to most could not hear him. Sir Aaron then continued.

"Please understand, I had to seal you inside the staff. I knew if I didn't you'd follow me here and suffer the same fate. I only wish…, that you could have known the real story…"

Lucario, with tears in his eyes, responded once again. "I understand!"

"One day you'll be released in a more peaceful time." Sir Aaron smiled, "What will it be like? I wonder if…" He was interrupted by another stream of lightning coursing through him. After a moment he regained himself and continued. "I have…, no regrets. My journey…, has been good. I served a beautiful queen, and, you and I shared many adventures.

He leaned back and sighed, a happy and contented smile on his face, despite the amount of pain he must have been going through. "Those memories will always be with me."

"Master, if only you could hear me, I want to tell you how much you mean to me." Lucario started to shake; such was the extent of his sadness.

"Lucario.., farewell." The Aura Pokémon's head jolted upright, his eyes wide. But Sir Aaron continued, "You were more to me than just my student. You were.., my closest friend"

"I feel the same." The tears continued to well.

"But..., before I go..., I have one final piece of advice, a..., final request, even if you never hear it."


The knight of Cameron's gaze became more focused. "Don't give up just because I am..., no longer there. Keep on going..., and live your life to the full. Continue your work..., as an Aura Guardian..., and help others in need. There are few Aura Guardians in the world..., so continue your work, but also try to find more with..., the potential of aura, and train them. Do your part in the world..., and enjoy it. Then..." Sir Aaron smiled blissfully.

"Then, it could be.., one day…, we will see each other again." A single tear flowed down Sir Aaron's cheek, and he closed his eyes one final time. "I hope so…, my friend"

And with that final goodbye, the vision provided by the Time Flower ended, leaving Lucario with his tears finally running down his face. "Aaron my friend.., Goodbye."

Austin and everyone stared at the crying Lucario in silence as they gave the aura pokemon time to process what he had heard.


A few minutes later, Clefable smiled and patted Lucario's back as he healed up the aura pokemon who gazed upon Austin.

" Looks like I have an apology to give."

" It's not a problem, Lucario."

" Even then I apologize. Each person has their aura. It's as distinct as a fingerprint. So if you have a similar wave signature to Sir Aaron… enough to confuse an aura user like me, then you must…"

Austin smiled as he saw Lucario awkwardly trying to explain his actions so he decided to mess with him.

"What? Are you saying… I'm like Sir Aaron's reincarnation or something?"

"No, If your wave is the same then you must be…Sir Aaron's descendant."

Austin looked at Lucario in confusion before his mind fully registered Lucario's words.

"You're Sir Aaron's descendant," Lucario repeated. "His direct descendant."


[ Omake Paragraph ]

For all mankind's inventions – volcano monitoring, satellite tracking of hurricanes, and the like – there remains no better predictor of natural disasters than the intensity of a Psyduck's headache. Although perpetually confused and in pain, Psyduck possesses a telepathic bond with the Earth itself. When the world cries out in pain and upheaval, this link activates, causing its headaches to grow ever worse and its telekinesis to often become uncontrollable. Although some inexperienced trainers can not discern the difference between this and the pokemon's normal erratic behavior, wise men have learned to run for cover whenever a Psyduck cries out in pain.

Unfortunately for those in some hotspots, these cries happen regardless of the nature of the disaster in question. It is not unheard of for people to run for cover on a Psyduck's warning fearing a hurricane, only to be crushed by that very cover in a freak earthquake. It is this issue, more than any others, which has taught man about the need to invent better ways to predict disasters; so far, they have largely failed. Furthermore, many trainers have begun feeding headache medication to their Psyduck, which although making them far more effective in battle (provided their strategy does not involve psychic attacks) means there is not nearly as often a Psyduck around capable of giving warnings.

Two years ago, a group of Psyduck began to block the way to Mount Coronet. Although occasionally dispersed by the usage of certain potions, they always return within days. The Sinnoh League has begun preparations for a massive evacuation, but independent analyses still predict massive casualties should Coronet finally erupt.