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(Ryoto's pov)

Isane was out for a while, so I decided to focus on Yoruichi, and she saw my gaze filled with lust and desire, got excited, and smirked at me, tempting me by going on all fours and wiggling her ass.

This girl loves playing with fire, and I can't say that I don't like it. Also, it's bad manners to refuse invitations, and I was raised better.

Wait, was I? In both of my lives, my parents weren't the best. In my first life, only my mom was trying with me, and even she had her problems. In my second life, I was barely raised by my parents.

I should stop thinking about it. Right now, I should focus on Yoruichi, and that's what I did.

I approached her from behind and started eating her out. Starting from outside and slowly getting to her insides.

"W-wait, I don't need you to- Ah~."

I managed to get her to climax, but that was just the start. I turned Yoruichi on the side and started the main dish. With one of her legs up, I started moving. It wasn't anything unusual, but this position did its job.

"Mmm~ Stop teasing me. Go deeper~."

After some time, I decided to change positions because otherwise, we would be stuck to each other for a long time which isn't a bad thing in itself. Contrary, in fact, I have Rin to take care of after Yoruichi, so as a responsible boyfriend, I planned on helping Yoruichi reach an orgasm as fast and strongly as possible, and the way to do it is from behind.

We were currently making love in, ironically, doggy style, but that's not all. At the same, I attacked her ears, and with one hand, I played with her clitoris.

"Ah~ ah~ ah~ AAAAH~!!!!"

Yoruichi couldn't control her reactions because the pleasure was overwhelming, so I pulled her with me backwards. So now I was lying on my back with Yoruichi lying on me with my penis inside her, and I didn't stop moving until I unloaded inside of her just as we planned to do from the beginning.

After I was done ejaculating as deep as it was humanly possible, I took out my penis, and just like with Isane, sperms spilled out, but this time it was extra sexy because of the contrast of the whiteness of the sperms and Yoruichi's darker skin.

Two done, one left.

I turned to Rin, who started masturbating on her own as she was observing Yoruichi and me. It seems that foreplay will be unnecessary, but today I have something special for her that we never did before.

Rin lay on her stomach, and I got from behind her and entered her slowly until I poked her womb. After that, I put all my weight on her and did nothing besides eventually giving her womb entrance a 'kiss'.

I could allow myself to go slowly this time as Isane and Yoruichi were still out.

Rin's breathing was starting to get ragged, and with every even minimalistic movement, she was giving a big reaction. Her sensitivity was at its highest as her entire focus was on my penis and nothing else.

It was a new experience for Rin and me alike. Her vaginal walls behaved like nothing before getting used to the not-so-foreign objects inside.

Rin tried to move by herself, but I pinned her down, not allowing for any movement to occur.

"Now, now, Rin, be patient. Soon it will all be worth it."

I whispered near her ear, and for Rin, my voice was like the Devil's whisper, full of temptation with a promise of great pleasure.

"Ryoto~... If you don't stop~... I'm afraid that I won't be able to be satisfied~... with normal sex~."

She could barely talk anymore with all the heavy breathing she was doing, but that only made me more excited.

"Then we'll cross this road together. Let's lose ourselves in pleasure together~. By the way, your costume is really sexy. Your mature look makes it extra erotic."

Hearing my comments, I could feel Rin's pussy tightening.

Does she have an embarrassing kink? Shame kink? Maybe I'll do a little test.

"I wonder what Saki and Aya would say seeing you like that. The ever so serious Rin having baby-making sex in a cosplay."

And just as I expected, she tried to deny everything I said, but her resistance wasn't as serious as she was making it look, and also I could feel her true feeling.

Her mind tells her no, but her body, her body tells her yes.

It seems that Rin gets off on embarrassment. I'm surprised that it took me so long to figure it out, but it seems that it's true that you can learn something new about your partner even years later.

But that's a thought for later. I'm going to come soon, and Rin will climax again soon as well.

I got closer to her ear once more and whispered. "Be ready. I'm going to come soon."

Anticipating my ejaculation Rin's breathing got more ragged. I, ready to climax, pushed my penis against her cervix as much as I could, and as my penis pressed her womb entrance as far as I could, I couldn't hold it in any longer, and it came with great intensity.

I wasn't alone in my pleasure as Rin's eyes went wide open, and her back arched like never before. Her orgasm was strong and extended to the point that I was starting to get scared because Rin couldn't breathe, but after a long time, she took her first breath in after a long pause.

"That was... intense."


That was the only I could answer because it was literally indescribable. The way she felt at that moment was... something different.

I was ready to lie down, but both of my arms were pulled at the same time. The culprits were Yoruichi and Isane, who recovered their stamina and were ready for round two.

Looks like I don't have time to sleep, but it's not like I wasn't expecting it.



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