Chapter 1: Death Comes First
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It was a sunny day in Florida.

A perfect day to go out on the beach, a perfect day to have fun with your friends. A perfect day to do whatever you wanted.

But not everyone enjoyed that freedom. There were people that had no choice but to sit in a dark room, contemplating their lives.

Joseph Knox was one of them. And he wasn't there by choice. No, he had finally been caught.

From a young age, he had always loved to see how other living beings bled, to see the light get snuffed out from their eyes. It was a strange thing, and he knew that it wasn't right.

But the rush he felt whenever a little bird fell from its nest, or the calmness of mind he gained from seeing rabbits being hunted down by hawks... It was cathartic.

His parents could've been described as un-involved, as they had abandoned him not long after his birth. He was an orphan, and no one truly wanted to give him a home.

Maybe it was due to his gaze that sometimes managed to creep out most of the people near him. Or maybe it was simply the vibe he gave off, which made people behave strangely around him.

But a foster house wasn't all that bad. No one cared about him, and he cared about no one else besides himself.

That was how he was brought up. And day after day, his desires grew, more and more out of control.

There was no one there to help him deal with that, he had no one near him that could understand his thoughts. So, at some point, he stopped holding back.

Like most killers, the need to escalate his actions became more and more pronounced as time passed. His usual vices no longer being enough to satisfy his mind.

He went from killing small animals to killing slightly larger animals. It wasn't difficult, and it wasn't hard to get away with it.

Then he eventually upgraded to humans, whenever even that couldn't quite scratch the itch.

He went on a killing spree that completely shocked the world. Starting small, but ending up... Not quite as small, some would even say that he went global.

Travelling all around the world and killing a lot of politicians, he always aimed high, not satisfied with just killing prostitutes or regular people. Although he did kill plenty of those as well.

No, he wanted to kill people that could make a difference in the world. For a few years, he was believed to be the deadliest assassin in the world, known in the underworld simply as Joseph.

He never bothered hiding his identity as he had never bothered living a normal life after he flew off the handle. He spent most of his time in the lawless zones of the world, travelling undercover and even getting cosmetic surgery a few times.

Although he was simply called Joshep, people had another name for him. His epithet that he earned after killing so many people and escaping so many times. The Faceless Ghost.

He worked with such efficiency that he only needed weeks to do something that would otherwise take months for an entire assassin organization.

But that was because he never cared about clean-up, he didn't care about witnesses, he simply took his shot, or slit a throat, and left.

No one could stop him, and Joseph was racking up bounty after bounty, with little to no regard for his own safety.

He was a rabid dog, biting at everything that he could and ripping apart as many people as possible.

But, in the end, his recklessness caught up to him. He decided to take a mission with a few people he had worked with in the past, others that could roll like him.

But, he had made too many enemies with his reputation and his lack of secrecy. Turns out, there was an even larger bounty on his head than the reward of the mission they were doing...

Joseph was a bit shocked at first, but he never really cared much about his own safety. Even when changing his face, he only did it for convenience, to keep his spree going for longer.

Even when he was caught by the police as he was bleeding out in an alleyway, with knives sticking out of him in numerous places, and with the corpses of his 'teammates' surrounding him, he didn't care.

In the end, he was linked to some of his crimes, it was impossible to link him to all of them, but even the ones that were linked to him were enough to make the case blow up worldwide.

As one might've guessed, the fact that Joseph was relatively handsome, made him gain quite a following, as many serial killers did.

But Joseph didn't really care for the fan letters he received, he simply felt tired. And a bit weirded out by a few of the letters he received.

'Seriously... Some of the people writing me should probably also be in a cell...' He hardly understood why the guards even gave him those letters.

Still, he wasn't exactly dissatisfied with his capture, even when being led to his execution.

Joseph was also given a last meal. He only asked for a Big Mac and some fries. A regular meal, for a regular day. After all, life wasn't something so precious, that he'd make a big fuss about losing his.

After taking so many lives, he had finally had his fill. He felt content. He had seen the worst and the best of humanity, for someone like him, there was no better ending.

He had always known that his crimes would catch up to him. But sitting in the electric chair, while surrounded on all sides by armed security certainly wasn't what he had envisioned.

Even while restrained, Joseph was still considered extremely dangerous, as he had ripped out a policeman's throat with his teeth while he was under custody and cuffed. So extra precautions were taken.

To the policemen in the room, it was a stressful process, they all detested the man sitting on the electric chair, and they just hoped he'd die faster.

To Joseph though, it was just strange, staring death in the face while feeling so many cold gazes on him.

In a sense, he felt a sense of regret as the policemen were preparing for his execution.

'Have I really lived this life? Did I truly throw away everything in order to give in to my desires? What could I have become, in this life, had I stuck to a stronger set of morals?'

Joseph looked at the lightbulb hanging over his head with a strange smile.

'What's the use in thinking about that now? Someone like me simply was never meant for this world...' He looked back at the ground as he heard the policemen finish their preparations.

And, with that, without any more courtesy, and without any other formality. The policemen in charge simply pulled the lever.

Joseph looked at the one-way window that spectators were supposed to be behind. He was able to see his reflection without any issue, only slightly obstructed by his overgrown black hair.

The next thing Joseph felt was pain, he felt as if he was being burnt alive, but he couldn't move. Out of reflex, he struggled against the restraints placed on him.

He managed to break the restraints from one of his wrists after putting enough effort into it. But it was already too late.

Joseph could feel his heart stop as the officers around him also prepared a firing line, just in case. He simply looked at the ground for a bit, blood dripping out of his mouth and eyes.

It was a painful few seconds for Joseph, but it wasn't anything he wasn't used to already.

And with that, Joseph Knox was pronounced dead. Executed by Electric Chair.


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