Chapter 1. Wand Shopping
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Hey Everyone! Calvin Here! Just wanting to introduce you to a new series I have been working on for the past while. I'll keep it short for those who want to jump straight into the story. This was thanks to everyone that had stayed beside me in my earliest writings, helping me not lose hope in a hobby I decided to share to others. It is thanks to all of you then that this has been created today.

“Wake up Lucas! Today is the day of shopping with your father!” I heard as my mother was knocking on my door. “Very well!” I answered back while I got up. When I did, our house elf appeared with my clothes for the day. I smiled a bit and patted his bald head. “Thank you Nalby.” I said in a whisper, making sure none else could hear me. He gave me a huge smile while he bowed to me. “Of course master! It is my pride and joy to serve you!” My heart stung a bit at the hypocrisy, but I nodded at him as he disappeared. 


I quickly got dressed on my own, avoiding making Nalby have to do as much work for me as I could. I knew that I couldn’t stop from everything while I lived with my parents, but anything I could do helped ease my consciousness. I took a deep breath, and got into my mindset to start the day once again. I then left my room, and made my way through our mansion towards the living room where my father lay in wait. “Good Morning father.” I said to him while he was finishing putting his leather gloves on.


He nodded at me with his resting scowl. My father was always the quiet type, but when he got mad he was very vocal. The time I first talked back against him, was also the last time as well. I had learned a very important lesson on that fateful day. “Follow.” He spoke sternly, and darkly while taking a fistful of floo powder near the fireplace. He stood inside the floo, and spoke the words to where we were going. “Diagon Alley.” He then threw the powder on the ground, and puffed into smoke.


I took a handful and followed right behind while my mother waved me goodbye with a loving smile. “Diagon Alley.” I said as I transported through the floo network that connected the wizarding world together. I found myself erupting from a flue with a whole new scenery surrounding me. It was a large marketplace with crowds of people running to and from the shops and stands that held all kinds of magical things. “The list.” My father spoke to me while holding his hand towards me. I silently grabbed the list I had in my pocket, and gave it to him.


“We shall go to grab your cauldron first.” He then started to walk off while I quickly followed in his wake. He quietly avoided touching anybody passing by, and used his overcoat to block his nose and mouth, trying not to breathe any of the impure air around here. My father was pure blood in the wizarding world, and believed to be above others because of this fact. My mother was also in agreement. Allowing anything else they deemed below them to be sub-human.

My father continued leading the way through the multitude of stores, collecting only the best of what the shop owners had for me. Despite how little he talked, and showed emotions, I knew my father cared for me… Only if it was because he thought I was of the same mind as him. As we were leaving the shop of books for my first year at Hogwarts, my father was stopped by another worker at the Ministry of Magic. “I’m sorry sir, but there is an emergency that we need your help with.” He spoke out of breath, clearly running through here trying to find my father.


My father frowned and let out a sigh from having his work catch up to him, literally. He looked down at me, and gave me a pouch of Gallons. “You must finish the rest without me. I trust you know how to find your way home.” I nodded at him and spoke my agreement. “Of course father.” He then walked off with his work partner while I checked the list of my last items. ‘A wand, and a pet.’ I nodded while finding my way to the Wand shop Ollivander’s. ‘I need to save the best for last.’


I walked inside the store, and the bell attached to the door rang with my entrance. The door closed behind me, quieting the hustle and bustle of the streets outside. I went to the empty desk while glancing around at all the boxes stacked up on a multitude of shelves. I put my things down, and rang the bell to gather the attention of anyone. “Hello?” A cheery voice asked from right behind me. I jumped a bit quickly and snapped around to see an older man chuckle while he made his way behind the desk. “You must forgive me. It’s just one of my hobbies.”


I sighed from being teased, but let the older man continue his work. “My name is Ollivander, now let us see what wand will suit you best.” I nodded at him, and he quickly moved around the crowded shop to look around at the boxes stocked all over his shelves. “I remember both of your parents getting their very first wands almost like it was yesterday.” He spoke with cheerfulness in his tone while joking how fast time seemed to move.


He then grabbed a box from one of the lower shelves, and gently removed it, trying not to topple any others that were on top of it. “Perhaps one similar to your father’s?” He presented the wand to me, only to quickly take it back before I could get a feel for it. “Nope!” He yelled while he placed it back in its box and stored it behind the counter. He then went over to a different section of the store beyond my sight, and came back with another wand. This one was a lighter shade of wood, and when I grabbed it, I was able to hold onto it for a few seconds before Ollivander took it from my grasp. “Definitely not!”


This continued on for a long while. We were both getting tired, and I was about to just have him grant me any wand, but Ollivander seemed happy with this new challenge I had given him. The more he tried, the more interested in what kind of wand would be best for me. After he plucked another wand from me, and stroked his chin while pondering. “Come with me.” He finally said while moving into his back room. We went through a few doors all stacked to the ceiling with small wand boxes, until we came to a workshop.


There were plenty of half made wands, and ingredients strewn about at each workstation, but Ollivander pointed me to an empty table. We both made our way there, and he presented different blocks of wood. “Tell me which one you feel fits best.” I looked at all the different kinds of wood, all the textures, and the darkness of their bark. My gaze fell on three blocks of wood, each a different hue. One was a very dark and deep brown, another was a light dry kind of bark, and the last was completely white. “I like all of these.” I said while feeling each one’s attachment to me.


Ollivander was puzzled, and amazed by the child that stood before him. He knew that this kid had a very strange aura from all the wands that refused to work with him. He got close with a few. Oh how close he was to a few. It gave him some ideas of different cores that might work better, but alas, not one did. He finally had to check. He had to know if this boy would have a wand the same kind of wood as the one he sold all those years ago. However this was much different. This boy would have that kind of wood, but he was also feeling his connection to the kinds of wood Ollivander felt a close connection with the boy as well.


Ollivander pondered at what this meant. ‘A wand with more than one type of core is rare enough. However a wand with more than one type of wood is something I’ve never heard of before in all my years.’ It didn’t make sense in Ollivander’s mind. Wood was a strong base that needed a strong connection to the wizard that wielded them. They needed to work together, but adding another type of personality, or another type of wood would have the opposite effect of helping cast spells, and just make it much harder for the spell to form.


Ollivander gulped from anticipation, and moved the blocks of wood aside, to place new items on the table. “Now how about these?” He placed each one delicately to not damage any of the wand cores he had in stock. He held his breath as the brown haired boy inspected all of the cores on the desk. The boy’s bright blue eyes, that held a hint of green, carefully observed each and every item with interest. One of the options was very normal, however the boy’s closer affiliation was something else Ollivander found astonishing. “The horn from a horned serpent…” He whispered while the boy looked at him with just as much astonishment.