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(Matt Pov)

"You should be careful around my siblings, they may seem to be nice or on your side. Though they each have a history of betrayal in their past, some more than others," Hades says to me after hearing what occurred in Mt. Olympus.

"I never intended to fully trust your siblings or anyone other than the ones who I consider family. Even if you do decide to become my champion, I will be watching you closely," I say to him as I never fully trusted anyone other than my family and the four Cullens who live with me, maybe Thor too but he is the only one I trust outside my family.

"That is good they only showed you both respect out of fear for your powers, especially when together," Hades says to me and I know he speaks the truth as he has next to no love for almost all his siblings.

As Hades and I just sat and enjoyed the food and drinks his servants brought us, we watched Alice and Persephone play with Cerebus. Eventually, they came back to the palace, with Cerebus looking sad as he has to head back to his living area to keep guard.

"Have fun?" I ask with a smirk seeing Alice and Persephone smiling, seemingly having become good friends already.

"Yeah! Hvítrnár, we need to get a pet like Cerebus!" Alice says to me skipping over to me and sitting in my lap.

"Uh, I mean technically I or you could make a creature with our powers. Though that can wait for another time," I say thinking about it, as maybe I want to make a creature with my blessing. Alice nods her head, but I can see the excitement at the idea in her eyes.

"So what did you both talk about? Anything interesting?" Persephone asks us but is looking at Hades for an answer.

"Hvítrnár asked me to become his champion of death," Hades says looking at his wife and I can see the surprise on her face.

"Did you accept?" Persephone asks with what looks like hope in her eyes.

"No, not yet. I am not sure if I should," Hades says to his wife while looking at her with an expression to talk later. Though she seems to want to talk about it now.

"We should get going, I want to see the city we are planning on building and how far along the others are," I say to them before Persephone can say anything else. Hades gives me a thankful look and I teleport Alice and myself to Greenland.


(Hades Pov)

Thankfully Hvítrnár left with his wife before my wife could pressure me into answering right now or speaking more about it in front of him. That at least shows he has some trust and respect for me, which makes me less unsure of him. I have lived too long and been betrayed by those I thought were my closest, to jump into acceptance with a being I have just met.

"Why did you not accept right away? You'd become at least twice as strong as Zeus and no longer be treated as you are now. I know we just met them, but they are the very few gods we've met that are this sincere. His wife too is someone I could see myself becoming good friends with as she holds no judgment toward us at all," Persephone says to me after the two teleported away from us.

"Because like you said we barely know them, who knows if they would betray us too! If I become his champion of death, our realm would become his and he could wipe us out of existence on a whim," I say to my wife hoping she can understand my hesitation, even though she seems to have become friends with someone who she just met.

"Fine! I understand what you are saying! But they could wipe us out of existence as they stand right now. If they held any ill will towards us they would have just come here and kill us now, I doubt your siblings would care! Maybe Hestia would as she is the only one who still cares about everyone," Persephone says in an annoyed tone.

"You are right my siblings would probably not care about our death, maybe Zeus would be upset with yours though. Though I wish to know them more before I just bow my head to him," I say to her and she sighs but nods her head. She then grabs my face with her hands looking into my eyes.

"Take your time, but I still think we should accept his offer. Though I will stand beside you no matter the choice you make," Persephone says to me and gives me a quick kiss before walking away.


(Matt Pov)

Arriving at the current location in Greenland where the city is being built. The city's location is on the eastern coastal side of Greenland, a few hundred miles away from Iceland. There we can see some of my ice giants and Thor building for my clan's location once they decide to come. My clan's area is going to be the center of the city it would seem. Left of my clan's area of the city I see some of the Mayan gods building their area of the city. Right of my clan is the Greek part of the city with Athena overlooking the construction as cyclopses build the city.

Sensing our arrival, the gods turn to us and nod their heads in hello before returning to work, except Thor who walks over to us. The Frost Giants bow their heads in respect to Alice and me before returning to work.

"Alice and my Brother you finally came to help us? Took you both long enough, I thought you'd both be busy gathering more allies," Thor says with a chuckle and patting my shoulder.

"Well we just got back from the Greeks, then I'm gonna head to the other Pantheons next probably. We just wanted to see how it is coming along," I say to Thor as we walk around my clan's section as it is the most completed and almost done. The city looks to be a mix of modern and ancient styles of building, though magic will be heavily used here for power, plumbing, and other basic needs.

"What other gods are you gonna try to recruit?" Thor asks me as he pulls his flask out and takes a long swig. Hearing him Athena and Ix Chel who is overlooking at the Mayan side of the construction listen to this now.

"I will attempt to get the Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese pantheons to join us, as the others are either very hostile or have a following still," I say to him, and can see the interest in Athena and Ix Chel's eyes grow.

"True, though the Chinese would join us most likely easily as they are what mortals call 'free spirits'. The Egyptian and Japanese may be harder to get to join as they are both much more prideful and self important. Then again I thought the same of the Greeks, but here they are," Thor says with a laugh as Athena shoots him an annoyed glare.

"He speaks true, but not all of us Greeks are hot headed or stubborn like my father and brother," Athena says to Thor, who shrugs and goes back to drinking.

"I am going to help finish our section of the city, Alice you gonna stay?" I say to her and she thinks for a few minutes.

"Not that I don't want to help, but I'm gonna see what my family is up to. Then maybe help the ones we wanted to join us ascend. Is that fine?" Alice asks me and I look at her surprised.

"Sure, I don't mind. Though I'll come and help Jasper and Emmett ascend, first let me finish up here," I say to Alice who nods her head and kisses me, before teleporting back to Forks to our house. The next few hours I spend helping finish our section of the city with my fellow Frost Giants and Thor. We made a huge part of the city much more room than my entire clan could fill.

"Other than my clan who else will live here in our section of the city?" I ask Thor as my Frost Giants won't since we have our own home world and city now. The Asgardians won't either for the same reasons.

"We could invite the dwarves and some of the nicer elves, not the dark elves those genocidal maniacs," Thor says with some thought as I send my Frost Giants back home.

"Your right, I'll go to the Ljosalfar (Light Elves) and gather them if they want to live here. You see if any of the dwarves want to live here," I say to Thor who nods his head, before calling Heimdall to take him to where the Dwarves reside.

After Thor leaves, I reach out for the location of the Ljosalfar, as they reside in their city called Álfheimr. After a few seconds, I sense the city as it resides in its dying world. Arriving there I can see a world that was once a beautiful place filled with Nature, has now descended into a wasteland filled with destruction and death. Seems the world is very close to ending as natural disasters fill the lands. The city is also in ruins as very few Ljosalfar remain alive, maybe close to a hundred thousand are left on the whole planet.

I then quickly teleport to each one, some are with others in families, while others are solo trying to survive on the dying world. I offer each a chance to new life on earth in my city, not everyone takes it as some want to die in the world they grew up in. Out of all the remaining Ljosalfar, only seventy thousand decided to take my offer. When they arrived on Earth, they quickly began making themselves home in my part of the city.

The only major laws of the city that would result in immediate death were murder and rape. As we gods would be moderaties the city very closely.  The other issues would be dealt with punishment on a case by case basis and the severity of the crime. One of the biggest things is for all the beings and creatures which will live here to get along with little to no discrimination. So each race would have its own elected leader who would sit on a council that manages and overlooks the city. Then from this council, one of the leaders would be elected as the head of the council. Every five years a new election would be held for each position on the council, then the head of the council.

After bringing the Ljosalfar, Alice sent me a message through the mental link we still have which has only been strengthened once she ascended also. Telling me she is ready to help her siblings ascend to godhood. After I was done explaining the future of the city to the Ljosalfar, they began to hold an election for who they wanted to be in charge of their people for now. I then teleported to Jotunheim where I took on my true form and walked through the city as I made my way to the palace.

Walking through the city it has become a true city now, with everyone doing their own part. We also have a standing army now of around a hundred thousand, from what I can see. Arriving at the palace, I can see Sarnald has found and made the best of the best fighter to be the royal guard of the palace. Everyone I passed would bow their heads in respect to me and once inside the throne room I can see Alice in her true form with her family as they each ask her many questions.

"Finally! I can't wait to be a god!" Emmett says seeing me enter the hall and everyone just sighs at his outburst.