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(Matt Pov)

"We were told about you being a god and that you couldn't tell us, which we can understand why. Though why now can we know? Is it because we have joined your city that many different people part of it, some we thought were only myths," Ivar asks me after we sit inside the meeting area for the clan.

We may have formed a city, but each part of the city was made to conform to the people who lived there. The only place that was neutral was the very center of the city next to my clan's ground. That was where the leaders would come together for their meetings.

"Yeah, that is the actual reason, though now that you all know that makes things so much easier," I say with a sigh.

"Well, we are trying to be more open minded people. Though we may be more understanding, I can not same the same for your Uncle and Cousin," Ivar says with a laugh as Charlie, Eva, Bella, and Edward enter the place we were talking.

"Matt! You have so much to explain!" Eva says with an annoyed look and everyone nods their heads in agreement.

"First you should calm down, you're very pregnant now–" I start to say as Alice looks at me with a pointed stare and Eva narrows her eyes.

"Are you saying I look fat?!" Eva asks me, as her very pregnant belly is well seen. She is due within the next few weeks.

"Fat is not the right word, I'd say–" I try to correct myself, but Alice puts her hand over my mouth giving me an annoyed look. Charlie just shakes his head at me.

"Matt is just being stupid. You look beautiful Eva, plus in a couple more months I will be in your position," Alice says as she puts her other hand on her stomach, which does have a smaller bump compared to Eva.

"Yeah, sure he was..... and you look beautiful too Alice! Though I can say maybe for a goddess it will be easier for you, but us mortals, I feel like a bloated whale," Eva says giving me a glare then turns to Alice, as Alice uncovers my mouth and I choose to be quiet now.

"I'm not sure what it will be like for me, now that I am no longer a mortal. Though from my visions, I can see the baby will be healthy and what gender the baby will be," Alice says I always thought she would have known, but she never told me.

"So you do know! So what are we having?" I say and everyone else now becomes interested too.

"We are going to have a little girl, though we can discuss that all later. Our family has many questions for us," Alice says, as I'm now trying to process this information and it really puts in perspective how much I need to accomplish soon.

Answering all the questions that everyone has for us, took several hours as everyone had many questions. Though we were able to answer them all and once everyone was satisfied, Alice and I left to tour the city again. This time by ourselves and to see how each type of people is faring in this city.


It has been a few months since we made our alliance we all the gods, and unfortunately, Anubis somehow caught wind of our plans for him. He along with some other gods and primordials escaped to the realm of chaos. Eva gave birth to a son named Logan Swan, he is too young to know if he will be a shifter, but I believe he will be. Alice is very close to giving birth now, and Hades excepted to become my champion a few weeks back. After he became my champion, my powers increased to surpass even the Jade Emperor, as I now fully integrated my two realms into me. I now stand at the top of all Primordials and the Jade Emperor was surprised to learn I became twice as strong as I once was.

As we were staying in the city we formed now called Initium Novum, which is Latin for 'New Beginning'. Alice's water broke and she was now in our room where we live in the city. Carlisle was helping her give birth as he is a doctor and I was in the room assisting in any way I could. Even though Alice was a goddess now, the birth still seemed painful as she was crying out in pain.

"You're almost there, just keep pushing Alice," Carlisle says trying to encourage Alice, with everyone else we know waiting in the living room.

"Fuck! This hurts so much! Matt!" Alice says in pain and anger grabbing my hand thankfully I grew stronger after Hades because her grip would have crushed my hand before.

"I can see that, but you're doing great," I say, as I'm unsure what to say or do.

"I see the head, give one more big push!" Carlisle says as Alice screams while giving her all. With that push, I can see Carlisle has pulled our daughter free, and I can see our daughter is already a goddess of winter taking after me. Her skin is a blueish white, as she does have a head full of white hair. Then we hear the cries of her voice as Carlisle checks her, but I can see he is uncertain due to her appearance.

"She is healthy," I say taking my daughter from her grandfather Carlisle and wrap her in white silk.

"Good, then I will tell the others of the success and let you all have a few moments of peace before everyone comes crashing in," Carlisle says with a smile, leaving the room to my family.

"Matt, I may be tired as hell, but stop hogging our daughter!" Alice says with a tired voice.

"Sure thing," I say as I look down at my tiny daughter and see her crystal blue eyes looking back at me. Seems children of gods develop faster, as human newborns don't open their eyes until a few months after birth usually. I then hand Alice our daughter.

"She is so beautiful. What should we name her?" Alice asks me as we have been having trouble picking a name. Unlike how a mortal ascends to godhood, their names are given to them, and children of gods are given their names at birth by their parents.

"How about Míriel?" I say after we both think and look at our daughter.

"Míriel.....I like that. Princess Míriel, goddess of Winter," Alice says as she smiles lovingly at our daughter who is just staring at us with curiosity in her eyes.

"Brother! Let me see my niece!" Thor says not even knocking on the door and barging in, with the Cullens and my close family right behind him. Though the loud unexpected Thor made Míriel start to cry and Alice begins to comfort her while giving Thor death stares. Though he seems unphased.

"For fuck sake Thor," I say with a sigh, though he ignores me and Alice.

"My what a voice on this little goddess and she is sure a cute little thing too," Thor says as he comes over and looks at Míriel with everyone else now pouring into the room. Alice was able to calm down Míriel after Thor's entrance.

"Don't worry little one, I will ensure no one bothers you, or my name is not Thor, your favorite Uncle!" Thor says while smiling at Míriel and flexing with a chuckle.

"Fuck you Thor! I'm going to be her favorite Uncle! I will make sure to always be there should you need me to!" Emmett says pushing Thor out of the way and smiling at Míriel.

"Matt your daughter is so cute! I can't believe I'm an Aunt already," Bella says as Thor and Emmett argue about who is going to be her favorite Uncle.

"How does it feel dad, that you're a new father again and now a grandfather too?" Bella says smirking at Charlie as he is holding his son and Eva just chuckles at Bella's statement.

"That I'm too old for this shit," Charlie says with a tired sigh and Eva just smirks.

"Then maybe you should be more careful or you're gonna be a father again sooner," Eva says making everyone chuckle at her suggestive statement. Charlie's face turns red at hearing her.

"Jesus Christ, I just became a father and you people are already starting the insanity in front of our daughter," I say with an exaggerated sigh.

"Hey! We should invite him to the party later for the celebration!" Thor says with a laugh at hearing me.

"Jesus likes to party?" Emmett asks, and he is the god of celebrations in our pantheon now too. The Frost Giants, have made a religion that follows me and everyone who has become gods under me. Like Odin, I'm known as the King of the Pantheon and the others each have their own temples or shrines dedicated to them in the city on Jotunheim.

"Yeah, let's go and set up the party for the clan to celebrate," Thor says to Emmett as they both leave to set up a celebration for our daughter's birth, like the one made for Charlie and Eva's son, Logan. After all the Cullens and my family got to meet Míriel, they started the celebration which let me and Alice relax with our daughter for the night.

"Matt, my visions of the war have become more and more muddled. Like the outcome is no longer certain. Though I do know they are planning to attack very soon, the next few months soon," Alice says to me after everyone leaves and our daughter is asleep after Alice fed her.

"Don't worry, no matter what your visions show. I will make sure we win this war no matter what, I will ensure our daughter has a place to call home and grow up in," I say as I lay next to Alice and pull her into a hug as we look at our daughter sleeping in a crib next to our bed.

"I believe you Matt, I just can't help but worry, is all," Alice says to me and eventually falls asleep in my arms after all she has been through today. Even she needs the rest as the birth of a god/goddess is no easy task.

'Sarnald, go and warn our allies to gather their forces on our realm. The war is coming sooner than we thought and prepare our people,' I send a message to Sarnald.

'Of course and congratulations on the birth of your daughter and our princess,' Sarnald responds back.

'Hades, tomorrow I need your help in creating a creature that can assist us in the war. One with blessings from both my realms,' I send a message to Hades after hearing the confirmation from Sarnald.

'Sure thing, just come to me and I can show you what to do. Though depending on how much power you put into this creature it will leave you weakened for a time,' Hades says to me and gives me a warning.

'I know, but this might just be what we need. Let's say I use most of my power, how long for me to regain my strength?' I ask him.

'I don't have a definite answer, but maybe a year or longer,' Hades responds back.

'I see, well I will think on it before I come tomorrow,' I say after a few moments of silence.

'Ok and congrats on your daughter's birth,' Hades says to me.

With a wave of my hand, I silence the noises from my clan's celebration as they are all really going crazy out there. Though I am sure that is because Thor and Emmett are encouraging people to let loose. Mostly likely having another drinking contest too.


AN: I am back again. This time I promise no more breaks unless something unexpected happens and we are almost done with this fanfic. Once I complete this fanfic, as I stated earlier I would be making one based in MHA. That is still happening, so if you enjoy that type of fanfiction, then when I complete this one, check that one out too. Also, the time skip may have upset some people, but hey I felt the need to skip some time so yeah.