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(Matt Pov)

"You really plan to bring the true end now?" Eris says to me as she falls to her knees as her realm is almost completely consumed by me.

"No, I will consume chaos until there is no chaos left. Once your realm is dead, I will consume you and then some other god will take over the realm of chaos that reforms slowly once I remove yours," I say with a chuckle as she remains on her knees unmoving, having seemingly given up.

"I see then answer me this atleast," Eris says to me as I consumed her realm and she is slowly being consumed by me. I just stare at her unmoving.

"When is the true end?" Eris asks me as her body is slowly falling apart from decay.

"When I wish for it to end. The universe I came from still has several trillion years before reaching my realm that consumes all," I say as she gives me one last crazed smile before being completely consumed by me.

After consuming her, the once realm of chaos is dead. Though unless I bring an end to all things, chaos will reform eventually and another god will take Eris's place. Though that means nothing to me, as I will now make sure to watch over them. Only allowing them to inflict chaos on the soon to die universes. That way they can still have their 'freedom' but will be kept on a leash. As I pull my darkness back into myself, the now dead realm of chaos has a sudden spark that forms. Signifying the multiverse's need for chaos to exist and now it will search for a replacement or one will come before then to claim it.

Returning back to where the battle of chaos took place I see all my allies taking a breather and accounting for those who were lost. Though once I return they all turn to me and become very uneasy at my presence, even Alice is naturally afraid of me.

"'ve returned. How…..did...." Alice tries to break the eerie silence that took place on my return. Seeing them extremely uncomfortable around me hurts and I force myself to return to my human form. Though my presence now gives off that deathly aura, that still has everyone on edge. My now real form makes everyone freeze in fear as true death is near them.

"Chaos is no more for now. It will take a very long time for it to reform back to what it once was. Chaos will seek out a holder for its position in the meantime unless someone claims it beforehand," I say walking over to Alice and looking into her eyes. I give her a hug and feel her body tense up at that. Though I can feel our connection still there and she no longer feels uncomfortable, hugging me lovingly in return.

"I'm sorry Matt, I don't know why being around you made me nervous," Alice whispers to me in the hug.

"It is the natural aura I give off, though I will do my best to make you, Míriel, and our family comfortable around me still," I say giving her a kiss, and she returns with a smile at me.

"WE WON! TIME TO CELEBRATE!" Thor yells turning the awkward atmosphere around and everyone cheers in response. Like that the biggest party I've been to or seen took place between all the Pantheons that are now allied together and creatures that are their warriors. We also summoned Rosalie and Míriel back after the celebration started.


It has been twenty years since the battle with chaos. My new role as absolute death hasn't affected me really other than now being the strongest thing to exist. Even the fates are now nothing to me. The city that we built in Greenland has only grown in size with every mythological creature now living there in harmony with one another. Any humans that find that place leave with no memory of it unless they are permitted to live there.

The Ice giants have grown even more than that city under Alice and my rule. Our daughter Míriel has grown into a very beautiful woman, and so far she hasn't found anyone to take her from me. Though I know it is only a matter of time. Alice and I had twins shortly after Míriel. Two boys, Arne the slightly older one became the ice giant god of the sky, much like Zeus. Our other son Leif became the ice giant god of nature. Vasuki has joined our family like another son and everyone treats him as such, though he has grown closest with Míriel due to them sharing the realm of winter.

Emmett and Rosalie also started a family having three daughters. Their names are Frida ice giant goddess of mischief, Estrid ice giant goddess of beauty, and Randi the ice giant goddess of battle and honor. Emmett was as good of a father as one expected him to be, though luckily Rosalie was there to ensure he didn't influence their daughter too negatively. Edythe and Jasper had only one child together a son, named Frode the ice giant god of wisdom and patience.

Our families would visit our realm every so often, but we would mostly go back to earth to see them all at least once a week. Any of my clan members who died would come to my version of Valhalla on Jotunheim. The same would happen with any of the elves living in the city as they became followers of the ice giant religion. The Egyptians and Greeks still do not get along, but we are all slowly helping make them come to terms with one another. While all the others in the city have become good allies with one another.

"Granpa, I'm a grown woman and a goddess. Stop treating me like a kid," Míriel says to Charlie as my kids have come to see him as their grandfather.

"Míriel, no matter how much time passes I will always be older than you and your grandfather. You will always be the little baby I held to me," Charlie says with a fatherly smile and patting her head much to Míriel's annoyance.

"True, your a grown woman. When can I expect to come to your wedding?" Eva asks as she comes back with food and drinks for everyone. Míriel face become distraught at the question.

"Once I die," I speak up, as I never intend to let anyone close to my princess. Alice, Rosalie, Eva, Edythe, and Esme all laugh at what I said. Míriel gives me an annoyed look.

"Matt, relax you will have to let her go one day when she meets the right person," Bella says with an eye roll and Míriel gives her a thankful nod.

"Sure if she ever meets them, but who to say they don't fall ill with some deadly disease or disappear shortly after," I say with a shrug and Alice elbows me with a smirk on her face.

"I get it, I'd kill anyone who'd date any of my daughters," Emmett says while grabbing something to eat. Rosalie just rolls her eyes at him.

"Our kids have all grown up and are talking about their kids' dating, remember when we felt the same way," Esme says to Carlisle who just laughs at her statement. Though all the Cullens become annoyed at their mother's statement.

The next few hours were everyone laughing, eating, and drinking together. Some games were played too. Until someone came and ruined it.

"It's me your favorite Brother or Uncle depending on who, THOR! Where was my invite!" Thor says having busted down the door and slightly drunk as usual. Though I can see he has a bag in his hand.

"Must have gotten lost in the mail or you weren't invited you drunk," Emmett says laughing at him and Thor just chucks his flask at Emmett's head. Making it bounce off his head.

"Ignore him, you're always welcomed Thor," Alice says with a laugh and gets a thankful nod from Thor.

"I have brought a game that I was told was played by you all years ago, one that inflicted many emotional damages on you all. Super Smash Bros Melee for the cube of games!" Thor says taking out a game cube and the game with four controllers.

"Shit," Jasper says making all our kids stare at him in confusion since he rarely curses.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" Emmett says standing up and cheering, everyone shares a look with one another.

"Guess we have a tournament on our hands," I say motioning for Thor to give it to me to set up the system.

All of us then set up the largest tournament on the game with everyone playing. After several hours of playing and many people yelling at each other for cheating or playing a 'broken' character. Alice and I just sit back and watch all this with a smile.

"How long do you think this peace will last?" Alice asks me as we are sitting at a table alone looking at our family after we came to visit earth again.

"I will ensure it lasts as long as it can," I say pulling her closer to me and she smiles snuggling into me.


AN: I know one of the shortest chapters I wrote. Maybe not the best ending either, but it is the ending I wrote. Hope you all enjoyed the journey of this fanfic. I will maybe see you all in the MHA fanfic that I will post tomorrow. Have a good one all!