A Touch of Psycho
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Kiyoshi POV

Sitting at my father's old desk I absent-mindedly ran my fingers through the long black tresses of my old conquest. I looked around the outdated office deciding on what to change. 

"You're being very quiet master, is there something wrong?" she asks me leaning into my feathery touch.

My eyes meet her own as I studied her features. Michiko was once a beauty but since she's begun to sample her own supply of morphine she's turned into a bit of a slag. Except for her brother Shizuna I was the only one who knew of her habit. With this information and the knowledge of her obsession with the new Oyabun of the Hagane no Hana (Steel Flower), it made it easy to control her.

"I was just making plans for tonight my dear" I answered smiling as I hid my disgust. 

"Will you really keep your promise of letting me have Misao?" She asked me in return with a desperate look in her eyes.

My fingers tightened harshly gripping her hair at the mention of his name. I yanked her head back causing a whimper to leave her lips. Leaning forward my lips brush against her ear. "A promise is a promise; is it not?" 

Michiko whimpers once again and I toss her from my grasp. I release a loud laugh as I stare at her scared little face. Normally I would've cut out her tongue for questioning me but today is a good day so she gets a pardon. All because there is death in the air.

Slowly I stand from my seat, walking around the large desk I drag my fingers along the grain. Stopping in front of the woman I kneel down and grip her chin.

"Smile my dear because tonight we all get exactly what we want" I laugh pushing her roughly away.

I rise to my feet and with glee, I clap my hands together.

"Lets began shall we"


I stood in front of the cage and stared at the frame of the small boy who will bring down the Oyabun. Soon my stare turned into a glare as I remembered how that bastard dared to go against me. Now, normally people would say "But it wasn't against you Kiyoshi it was against your father" And that's where those assholes would be wrong. The transgression was against ME!! My father was too much of an idiot to do anything, I ran this family; I ran it the right way, with fear.

I knew my father was skimming from the family but I wanted to torture and kill him at the right time. My hand was forced and my timetable was moved ahead. Now our family is scrambling to fix what he did. But the biggest mistake that was made, was made by my father. He tried to kill me and look what that got him. I'm surrounded by idiots.

"You want to destroy my empire? Well, I will burn your heart to ashes" I whisper to myself as I walk towards the cage. 

Gripping the cold bars I brought my face closer. I watch as he moves silently in his drugged sleep. Out of the corner of my eye, I see another slump of flesh move. I drag my eyes over to the other cage in the room. The body moves again his eyes opening meeting my own.

"Oh fuck" I laugh as I walk over standing in front of him. "I was just so focused on the Oyabun's little bitch I completely forgot all about you" I laugh again.

"So tell me who are you and what connection do you have with him?" I asked crossing my arms motioning to the other with my head.

The boy stared at me with unfocused eyes. Soon that changed as his brown orbs darted around the room. 

"Where am I? Why am I here? Where is Kinnojo?" He asked me in a rapid fashion.

"Ah ah ah I asked you first" I wiggled my finger at the boy.

"Fuck your questions!! Just tell me where the hell I am!!" he screamed at me running to the bars yanking on the steel. "If you've hurt Kinnojo I swear I'll kill you!" he spat at me

My laugh echoed throughout the room so loud it startled us both. But soon I no longer found this humorous. My eyes narrowed dangerously as I walked closer to the cage. I shot my hand out quickly grabbing the shirt of the boy pulling him against the bars.

"I am two seconds from skinning you alive and feeding you to my dogs," I said in a threatening voice. "They'd enjoy a small treat don't you think?" I ask licking the scared boy's cheek.

I released him roughly staring into his terrified eyes. Laughing slightly I take a few steps back. He falls hard on the floor with tears now brimming those eyes.

"Soooooo...." I ask dragging out the word.

"Xe-Xero...my names Xero and we're friends" he finally answered me lowering his head as if he just betrayed someone.

I nodded my head in understanding turning to the wall. I reached up grabbing the gas mask hanging there.

"Well, Xero the friend. I really hope he's worth dying over" asking as I laugh placing the mask on my face.

The room began to fill with smoke as the boy started to shout.  His eyes and body turned heavy causing his screams to fade. Soon he was faced with darkness once again.


Returning to the room I clicked on the overhead light.  Swinging from the action the light caused the shadows to dance around the room. I walked over to Kinnojo's cage and banged on the bars loudly.

"Rise and shine little sunshine " I yelled at the stirring boy.

When he was fully awake, in a panic he tried to jump to his feet. That didn't work so well because he fell back on his ass.

"Who are you and why am I here?" he asked scrambling backward until his back hit the bars.

Scrunching my face in disgust I ask: "What the fuck are you two; twins? Rattling off the same dumbass questions"

"What are talking about" he asked confused.

I point to the cage next to him and watch as his face falls.

"Xero! Xero! Wake up!" he yells at the other. "What did you do to him?" he turns to me and yells.

" The same thing I did to you" I laugh. "You know it was really stupid for you to leave your lovers side" I stated to him. "It gave me the opportunity to snatch you and your little friend here," I say as I point to the both of them.

"Idk who you are or what you want but my boyfriends going to kill you," he said in a low threatening tone.

Cute he's trying to intimidate me. 

"You mean to tell me Misao didn't tell you about me?" I ask the boy pouting at him.

"How do you know my boyfriend?" 

"One word...Kiyoshi" I answered.

His face suddenly showed realization. Those blue eyes grew three times in size staring at me in disbelief.

"You killed Yumia!!" he said jumping to his feet running the bars.

Laughing out loud I smiled brightly. "Guilty as charged" I answered raising my hands to the sky. "And soon little one I'm going to kill you, your friend and the rest of the Musashi family" I walk over and booped his nose.

Tears start to fall from his eyes. I trace the stain they leave down his cheek bringing the finger to my mouth licking the salty drops. My pockets start to vibrate, I reach in grabbing my phone and answering it.

"Finally...come and prepare their presents" I speak into the phone.

Hanging up I return my attention back to the crying boy. "You must excuse me I have to go and greet your boyfriend but, someone will be here shortly to get you guys ready for the party"

I turn to walk away but was stopped by his small voice.

"If you touch any of my family I will kill you myself" 

Oh, there was a lot of emotion in that one. I laugh out loud: "You should really worry about yourself" and exit out of the room.