Bound by Love
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Misao crunched the piece of paper he held into a ball. The unique ransom note Kiyoshi had sent to him by messenger burned in his palm. 

"For a snake of a woman she really has some huge balls" Hito spoke while pacing back and forth. "Wait do snakes even have balls?" he paused and asked the two.

Ignoring his nervous ramblings Ryozo walked to Misao's side. He reached over removing the paper from his fists. He unraveled the note and read it to himself.

"Miso...Miso!!" he shouted over the noise of the festival. 

Misao turned his head towards the other. His hazel eyes turned golden as his body filled with rage.

"I can feel the anger rolling off of you" Ryozo began sliding the note into his pocket. "And I agree with every torture technique you're planning but we need a legit plan," he said walking over to Hito. "We can't just go in there killing everything" he finished draping his arm over his love.

With narrowed eyes, Misao slowly walked closer to the two. In a deep threatening tone, he answered: "That is the plan; everyone dies," Turning to leave he walked past the two. "That bitch is mine though"


"How many charges do we have?" Misao screamed towards one of his Kyodai (Older brothers). 

The explosive expert of the group counted the charges to himself before answering: "45" 

Giving His approval in a nod Misao walked away. There were Kyodai (Older brothers) and shatei (little brothers) everywhere. They were dressed in all black checking their weapons whispering amongst themselves. 

Misao made his way down the long hall that connected to the second small family room. Inside stood Ryozo, Hito and their father. With slow strained steps, he walked towards Hito. His eyes changed from their fiery appearance to a now pained look. Fallen onto his brother Misao wrapped his arms around Hito tightly. 

"Hito I need him..I need" the broken Misao struggled to whisper.

Hito erased the shock from his face replacing it with determination. He drew his brother closer to him in the hug. "We'll get them back Miso I promise." He said softly while rubbing the others back.

Seeing the scene before him their father Motoichi moved to their side as well. He pulled them both into a tight hug speaking calming words to the two.

"I'm coming too" Motoichi announced to the room.

All three heads snapped towards the former Oyabun. With disbelief in their eyes, they watched as he spoke with certainty.

"Kinnojo is the heart of Miso and without him, you are empty my son," he said releasing them from his grasp. "Xero has made his way in our hearts as well" he nodded. "This makes those boys family and we do anything for family right?" he asked smiling gently. "So let's go get my son's" Motoichi finished. Turning his gaze towards Ryozo he spoke: ”I would do the same thing for you too son seeing as you're banging little Hito here" he smiled.

"Omg Dad!!" Hito shouted in shock at his dad

"Stop it you love him he damn sure loves you so what if you're banging" Motoichi laughs loudly as he walks away to get prepared.

"That old man is out of control," Hito says while still calming Misao.

Suddenly a quiet deep chuckle comes from his twin. "That's right they're family and we do anything for family" Misao spoke with intent. He leaned back from the others hug and smiled.

"Let's go get them back"


Standing in front of a small army Misao looked on as his Kyodai (Older brothers) and shatei (little brothers) as they stared back with fervor. 

Taking a deep breath he released it slowly. He turned his head catching the eyes of his brother, Ryozo and his father. Receiving a small nod from the grey-eyed man and a small smile from Hito he began.

"Two of our family members were taken," he spoke in a dangerous tone. "We all know that this was done by the new head of the Chi no ame (Blood of Rain) family." he sighed heavily taking a few steps closer. "This along with taking the life of Yumia has warranted her and their entire family a sentence of death." Steeling his expression he spoke gravely. "So tonight the grim reaper shall pay them a visit."

"Yeah let's bring our Onna-Oyabun (Mother of Hagane no Hana) back home!"

"And that cute hacker back too!"

"I'm telling him you called him cute"

"I'll deny every word"

"Too late I recorded you!!"

Laughter broke out amongst the crowd. Misao smiled at the thought of Kinnojo being a mother. Shaking the thought from his head he spoke: "Be careful my brothers and let's go get our family."