Burned to Ashes (End)
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”When shit starts you two go for Kinnojo and Xero. Stay and protect them until I get back." Misao whispered to Hito and Ryozo without taking his eyes off of Kiyoshi. 

"What are you going to do?" Hito asks while he observed the crowd around them.

"Knowing her she placed a preventive measure on those cages, without that device she's holding we can't get them out" Misao explains. "So I'll get the device while you make sure they're ok"

Like a shot from a starter pistol chaos ensued. Kiyoshi pushed a button on her device causing the makeshift stage to drop. The cages fell into a small pit and a top slid closed over it. Turning towards the mass of fighting bodies she smirked as she caught Misao's eye. Clutching her gun she took off towards the rafters as a pissed Misao followed.

"I thought parties were supposed to be more exciting than this...I mean where's the strippers" Hito said as he jerked his wakizashi (short sword) from the mans body before him. Side stepping the dropping body he moved closer towards the hidden stage.

Ryozo ran to catch up with Hito but was blocked by an assault. One of Kiyoshi's men threw a wide left hook. Ryozo dodged the punch grabbing the wrist twisting it behind his back. He kicked the back of the mans knee joint bringing him to his knees. Receiving a grunt of pain from the man Ryozo smiled. He then brought his hands to the base of his skull and twisted. The bones in the mans neck snapped instantly killing him. His body fell to the floor with a heavy thud.

"That felt ...refreshing" Ryozo laughed a little before taking off again.

The two weaved through bodies of men being torn to shreds. They caught glimpses of their Kyodai (Older brothers) and shatei (little brothers) spilling the blood of the others. 

Reaching the trap door Ryozo tried to pry the door open.

 "Are you sure you can get it" Hito asked his lover while pulling out his pearl handle 45. He sent shots at the two men who where making their ways towards them.

Ryozo pulled out his favorite knife sliding it in just a little. Catching a small corner he lifted the door slightly. He bent down and ran the blade around the edges of the door looking for wires. Seeing that their were none with a heavy grunt he ripped the door off.

Without hesitation the two jump inside landing on the concrete.

"Who's there?" a voice asked in fear. 

 They followed the small voice to Xero and Kinnojo.

"Ryozo! Hito! I'm so glad to see you guys" Xero yelled at his saviors.

"Yeah yeah what a wonderful reunion, we can hug and kiss later, but right now we need to get you out" Hito said.

Ryozo quickly moved to Kinnojo's cage reaching for the door. 

"Stooooop!" Kinnojo managed to lightly moan out. "The metal bars have electricity running through them. She's...." He took a slow breath to try and calm himself.

"She added a layer of bullet proof glass as well" Xero finished for the tired boy. "If you touch the bars you'll be hit with 10,000 volts of electricity but we won't be affected." He jolted his body to the side motioning to the small tube feeding into the cage. "We'll just die from Cyanid poisoning"

"Misao was right" Hito whispered.


Kiyoshi turned as she was running and fired multiple shots at Misao. He was was able to dodge them as he weaved through the rafters. The sound of bullets ricocheting of the steel frames echoed through the warehouse. 

"I'm really disappointed in you Oyabun I thought you would love this little party I prepared for you" Kiyoshi screamed as she jumped from a high beam onto the floor of a spare room.

Misao dropped down as well. Landing firmly on both feet he let off a shot at Kiyoshi as she ran and hid.

"Someone has lost their spirit to talk I see" she laughed as she crouched behind a large group of barrels that read "flammable"

"What's there to talk about you hurt the people I love; now you die, everything you love dies and I erase you and your family from existence" Misao said in a detached tone as he stood there waiting.

Gun drawn he trained it on the barrels until he read the label. He clicked his tongue putting it away.

"You finally realize where we are and that you'd have to be stupid to fire a gun in this room" she laughs. "Opps guess we just proved you're stupid" she laughed again. She puts her own firearm away making it easier to crawl without a sound. She stops behind a large group of boxes 

Taking the silence of the room into account Kiyoshi quietly attacked. Unsheathing her own wakizashi (short sword) she quickly approached Misao. The woman hooked the blade around his neck attempted to cut his throat. Misao grabbed her arm with his left hand placing his right underneath her armpit. Pushing his hip into her side he was flipped her over. The wakizashi was dropped in the commotion. 

Kiyoshi immediately jumped to her feet. With a smile on her face she advanced. Jab after Jab she attacked each one landing on a part of the others body. Using his body to gauge the strength of her techniques Misao adjusted his tactic. In one smooth move he caught her wrist twisting it while bringing her arm behind her. He bent her wrist in a painful way hearing a crack. Her body launched forward as he tossed her to the floor. He raised his left elbow and brought it down on her neck. She shrieked in pain but was able to counter. 

Tucking her undamaged arm under her she rolled her body over wrapping her leg around Misao's own leg. Their bodies flipped changing positions were he had to release her now broken wrist. Cradling her wrist she used the palm of her other hand to strike the bridge of his nose. Misao hissed as the pain seared through his nerves. His nose dripped with blood and eyes began to water; hindering his vision slightly. 

"Tears of the Oyabun such a pretty sight" Kiyoshi said with a smirk.

Quickly blinking the tears away he grabbed the collar of her shirt jerking her to him. He gave her a swift head butt returning the favor. 

Caught off guard Kiyoshi was thrown off of his body. Trying to regain her senses she stumbled to her feet. When she finally did her eyes were able to focus on the gun in front of her.

"A cheap shot it doesn't count" she laughed. "But you know what does count" she asked raising the unbroken wrist to reveal the device. "A dead-"

Before she she could finish her sentence the bullet from Misao's gun left the chamber and planted itself right in between her eyes. Her head snapped back as her body crumbled to the ground. Misao walked over squatted to retrieve the gadget from her fingers.

Looking down at the body he snarled: "My sister sends her love"


"Ryozo!! Hito!!" Misao screamed jogging his way back the room now filled with the dead bodies of the Chi no ame (Blood of Rain) family. He made it to the trap door and screamed their named once again. 

"We're down here" 

Misao jumped down landing on his feet. With device in hand he ran to the others side. His eyes fell on his kitten now barely hanging on in his weakened state. Worried about his boyfriend he ran to touch him.

"No!!" Ryozo screamed. 

Misao stopped in his tracks turned and gave the grey eyed man a pissed look.

" If you touch the cage the trigger releases or did you forget about the device?"

Misao looked down at his hand and realization hit him. "Fuck" he mumbled to himself. Raising the gadget he studied the various controls before sighing. 

"Show it to me" Xero insisted. "Show me the controls"

Misao walked over to the cage and held it in front of the hacker. The boy studied the device with a determined look on his face.

"Push the red button but it needs to be held down for 4 seconds exactly before pushing the black button as well." He said to the Oyabun.

Doing what he was told a countdown of beeps was triggered worrying the group. Suddenly one long beep was head before the cage door swung open. Ryozo and Hito ran to Xero's side while Misao ran to his kitten. Releasing them both from their shackles. A whimper was heard from Kinnojo.

"It's ok baby I got you; daddies got you" Misao whispered while cradling his love.

"Get your dry ass lips off of me you cretin" Xero was heard saying to the relieved Hito.


Sitting in the back seat of the SUV the Oyabun held Kinnojo close to him. He was trying his best to hold the boy still, but his kitten kept lazily rubbing himself against Misao; quietly moaning. 

"I need you to hold still kitten we'll get you some help ok"

In a small ache of a tone Kinnojo whisperers. 

"I only need your help "

Misao kissed the boys temple and hummed in agreement.

As the SUV pulled away from the building he passed his father standing in the field with many of his Kyodai (Older brothers) and shatei (little brothers). Seeing his father give the signal for the charges to blow he smirked. In the review mirror he watched as the warehouse exploded and became engulfed in flames.

"Let's go home" he stated.

Well my lovelies that was the last chapter of  Tamahagne Heart. I really really hope you guys enjoyed this book and fell in love with characters as much as I did. I want to thank you all for reading my book and giving me a chance to put the pictures in my head into a story. I appreciate all the reads, votes and comments I've received, you have no idea how much. I will forever be grateful to you all. There will be an epilogue so please stay tuned.