Chapter 29 – Unexpected development
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‘The bonus is here’ That thought surfaced in his mind as Sango heard the clearly angry voice coming from the trees.

More than something he expected, Sango had regarded the current development as a possible bonus, he didn’t care if it happened or not, because today was all about Kurenai herself.

From the beginning, Asuma had no chance to foil Sango’s desires, even so, logic didn’t always win in Sango’s head. He was never going to let Asuma go just because he couldn’t do anything, the only reason he was left alone for such a long time was because it would have been dangerous to take action while he was so new and weak. Sango was aware of Asuma’s changes and behaviour over the past years, it wasn’t something he didn’t expect, good as Asuma had been in the anime it was different now. Even a saint could be driven mad and Asuma was no saint, he was on the path of destruction.

Far from letting the matter go, he became obsessed with finding out who set him up, the desire of making up with Kurenai was the driving force probably, Sango thought so. The more he sacrificed on his quest the more it was hard to give up, in the end his obsession fuelled anger and it was a praiseworthy feat that Asuma hadn’t acted on it until now. Not having somewhere to direct his anger and obsession, the next best thing was to create a target where to direct those feelings. At least that was the theory Sango came up with after observing Asuma for a long time.

For Asuma to be there at that moment was just one of the many opportunities Sango created for him. He wasn’t sure when he would come to make a scene, but he was prepared. For that reason, Sango made sure that Asuma would focus his anger and jealousy on him with simple means.

While walking together with Kurenai he would take paths that would put them in view of Asuma, or they would spend time together close to where Asuma was passing through. Creating rumours, gossip and more false and true information about his relationship with Kurenai, Sango accumulated Asuma’s enmity and jealousy on himself. Such bold actions didn’t worry him, looking from another’s perspective Asuma’s enmity towards Sango would look like the actions of someone going mad while getting jealous over a kid, there was no proof or reason to doubt Sango since all the information was controlled by him, he made sure only Asuma received it. Coming from the era of information, Sango knew best the pure power that information commanded, and he made use of it.

Looking at the red faced Asuma, Sango smiled internally. His anger reached the boiling point after he heard the duo’s conversation.

“Kurenai, please don’t listen to him!” As Asuma walked towards them with fast steps, he spoke while gesturing to Sango with his hand.

“What do you want? I don’t have time for you.” Kurenai, on the other hand was calm, but she didn’t like his tone, she hadn’t interacted with Asuma much over the past years, as such it could be said that she wasn’t on good terms with him anymore.

Asuma’s expression was tinged with sadness at her answer, but he wanted to believe that she would listen to him.

“Please!” He begged, “After all we have been through, please listen to me!” He continued, they had completed many missions since they had been in the same team, he wanted to believe that she still trusted him.

Kurenai struggled, she lost all feeling she once had for him over the three years their relationship fractured, but in the name of their past she should listen to what he has to say.

Seeing her struggle, Asuma took the opportunity to begin his explanation.

“Its all his doing!” He shouted, spit shooting from his mouth while wildly gesturing towards Sango, “I know it! He is deceiving you; everything was his doing to take you from me!!”

A *pfft* almost escaped Sango’s lips, he found hard to maintain a straight face. Who would ever think that saying those words was going to be fine? It sounded exactly like a mad man speaking. Better than Sango wished for, Asuma was digging his own grave. To make things better, he tightened his grip on Kurenai’s hand, as if he was scared by Asuma’s accusations.

If Kurenai wanted to give him the opportunity to talk, now her face became cold as ice when Asuma mentioned Sango. She didn’t care what he had to say before, now she cared, she cared because Asuma dared to try and use Sango as a scapegoat, right in front of her. Sango was like the family she lost, he brought colour to her days, how could Asuma dare and put the blame on him.

“Have you lost your mind!?” This time, it was Kurenai’s turn to shout, her red eyes blazed with fury as they focused on Asuma. Her reaction made Asuma shrink back slightly, he didn’t expect such a reaction from her, in his mind his words made sense.

After several moments passed, she regained her cool, then she spoke. “Just leave.” She said in a dispassionate voice, as if giving up on something.

“Kurenai.” Sango called her name with a kind tone, he had been a spectator until now, watching the fall of Asuma, but it was time to participate himself.

Kurenai turned to face Sango as he called her name, her face changed into a smile as he looked at him, such a thing didn’t escape Asuma’s eyes.

Sango faced Asuma, “Asuma-san, don’t you see you’re putting Kurenai in a hard spot?” He said, “I understand you don’t want to give up on such a beautiful and kind woman, but you failed.”, he spoke as a preacher during a sermon, his voice kind and understanding, “You let her down so you’re unworthy of her.” His oratory skills were superb, Asuma’s face was becoming uglier by the second, “Just let her be, she doesn’t want to see you anymore, as a man it isn’t good to insist like this.”

Kurenai was pleased with his words, but Asuma was becoming increasingly angry at him.

“Shut up!” Asuma shouted, unwilling to listen anymore, “You did this! It’s all your fault!” Asuma’s hand twitched as he brought it close to his pouch containing weapons and other shinobi related items.

“Enough!” This time it was Kurenai who interrupted Asuma, “For old time’s sake I wont report this to Hokage-sama this time, but don’t show yourself in front of me again.” Her voice was firm, nothing could change her mind. “Let’s go, Sango.” Still holding hands, she took the initiative to turn away and Sango followed.

Asuma watched dumbstruck as Kurenai began walking away, in his mind he didn’t understand why this was happening. She was his, so why is he leaving with that kid? His breathing became laboured, his thoughts in disarray, but just before he resigned himself and left, a voice was heard as if spoken into his ears.

“Itadakimasu.” (AN: From Japanese, it can be translated as ‘Thanks for the food’ or ‘I humbly receive’)

The voice was unmistakably Sango’s. The words slowly registering in Asuma’s brain, as the meaning was understood, the ‘other’ meaning was also received thanks to the tone of the voice he heard, any man would understand.

“Aaaaarrghh!!!” With a should like a wounded beast, Asuma lost his reason as he charged at Sango with his chakra blades equipped, he did not spare a thought about how Sango’s voice just appeared in his ears.

The loud shout made Kurenai and Sango to turn around, surprised at the unexpected development, even Sango didn’t understand what was happening.

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