Chapter 38
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I wipe the sweat from my forehead and smile at the batch of antibiotics in front of me. The king swiftly bought many ingredients I needed to make the antibiotic, and I made the last batch for this week.

Sadly, most of the antibiotics will be used for the people of this city and cannot be spread out of the city. The reason? The ever-growing Void Crack in the distance.

The people who study the Void Crack say that the monster will start to appear in five days, and they need as many men as possible to fight the incoming monsters. Almost all the people are fully healed and good to go. Only a couple hundred more people before this city are fully cleared. However, I know that it will not last long as a lot of people migrate to this place after hearing us able to heal them.

I'm lucky that the Black Death in this world is mostly the same, and an antibiotic should do it for the first line of treatment. The next treatment is to cast a cleansing spell on them to get out whatever magic parasite is inside their body. However, the antibiotic is enough to slow down the spreading of the parasite inside their body.

I shake my head and get out of my office. When I get out, I can see many of my men are still busy caring for the people. Even after a lot of people volunteering, we are still busy.

When Jullian and Sonia see me leave my office, they quickly run toward me. Jullian bows his head, and Sonia jumps at me, hugging me. I let her hug half of my body and look at Jullian.

"How is the situation, Jullian?"

Jullian raises his head and says.

"We are still busy but not as busy as before. With another batch of people coming to help us, we should be able to focus on training."

"That's good. Thank you for your good work."

Jullian looks at me and smiles.

"Don't mention it, young master. We are enjoying our work in this place. Seeing people smile and thank us is the greatest gift we can ever ask for."

"Then I'm glad if you guys think of it like that."

"It also helps that the king will always give us the best food every evening. We also get a free entrance to their hotspring."

Yup. That will do. After the elves join us, my companion starts to become a foodie. When the king permits us to get inside their biggest and most beautiful hot spring, my companion and I get addicted.

We love good food and a good soak in the evening after hard work.

"Anyway, I want to check on Hilda's training. Do you want to come?"

"Of course! I want to see if I can fight ten of them simultaneously!."

Jullian decides to test himself against the golem after knowing that the Golem will regenerate the next day. At the moment, he can manage to fight five golems at the same time and even manage to destroy one of them.

I let him fight them because not only it helps him grow, but it also helps Hilda control the golem.

Sonia, Jullian, and I walk to the castle. After a few minutes of walking, the guard walks up to us and says,

"Greetings, my lord. Do you want to see Princess Hildegard?"

"Yes. Can I ask where she is?"

"Princess Hildegard is in the training ground, my lord. Please follow me."

We follow the guard and arrive in the training room a minute later. I can see Hilda trying to control seven golems at once. While the golems from the pendant can automatically obey the order of the wearer, they can also be controlled. However, it needs practice and a lot of concentration. Even I cannot control all the golems and, at max, only control twelve of them at once.


I snap from my thoughts and see Hilda walking toward us.

"How are you, Hilda?"

"I'm doing great! I can now control seven of them! There are some difficulties when I try to do a complex movement but other than that; everything is great."

"That's good. Anyway, we are here to inform you that my men will come and train using the golems. Jullian over here wants to take on ten of them at once."

"Ten? He just barely won the previous fight, right? And there were seven of them."

Hilda gives Jullian a look as if he is crazy, and the said crazy person gives her a confident grin. I give her a grin and say.

"As you can see, he is crazy."


"He likes to challenge himself and grow. Don't worry, I will be here and heal him if he does something stupid."

Hilda nods and says.

"Very well."

"It is also a perfect chance for you to train your control over the golems."

"Hmmm, you are right. Do you want to start now? Or do you need to warm up?"

Hilda looks at Jullian, who smirks at her words.

"I'm ready whenever you are, your highness."


|3rd POV|

Gwyn looks at the massive portal in front of him for a few seconds and releases a tired breath. The past five days have been hard for all of them. Not only physically but also mentally. Gwyn knows that he and his companion cannot save everyone, but seeing them die and their family blaming him, and his men still hurts.

However, Gwyn and his companion still move on, helping people.

He shakes his head and takes a deep breath. He takes out his staff and tarot card from his inventory while looking at the massive portal. He can feel it. He can feel it getting mature and ready to spawn monsters.

Gwyn looks to the side and says.

"Jullian, I will leave the rest to you."

"Yes, young master! Leave the infantry to me! I will not let you down!"

He nods his head and sees his right-hand man walk away from him. Gwyn then looks at Sonia to his left.

"Sonia, I will leave the magician in your hand, okay?"

"En! I will make you proud!"

"You already are."

Gwyn pats her head and sees her walk away from him. She needs to lead her group and the job she needs to do.

"Are you okay, Gwyn?"

Gwyn looks behind and sees Hilda looking at him with a worried expression.

"I'm doing fine, Hilda."

"But your face says otherwise."

"Haaaa… I'm just worried."

Hilda looks at him with a smile and says.

"We are all worried, Gwyn. I know how you feel."

Hilda looks at the people moving to the castle where they will be safe with a sad smile.

"This will be a big fight and everything can happen. We don't know what will happen and the only thing we can do is to make sure to work hard so our future will be as bright as the sun."

Gwyn looks at her for a few seconds and nods.

"Yeah, you are right."

He takes a deep breath and releases it.

"Let's focus on the current problem and make sure it cannot destroy our future."

After he says that, the portal shines, and suddenly a massive monster appears from the portal. The first monster that appears from the portal is a massive black dragon. It has four horns, two on top of its head and the other two coming from the side of its neck. The dragon also has four wings that release wind every time it flaps its wings.

Gwyn looks at the dragon and points his staff at it.