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Shout-out to Thiago Viana for patron support.


Back in the apartment, Anna sauntered out with a wide grin as she smelled the breakfast but her expression froze the moment she saw a tattered young girl, possibly of her age group, devouring breakfast as if she had really been released from a prehistoric cave. At least, the bush on her hair suggested that. "Um... Nik? Who's she?" Anna inquired, slowly making her way towards Nik without trying to alert the girl sitting on the table as Nik pointed out with an amused smile, "She isn't a pet on the edge, Ann. Well... a super strong lady on edge maybe. Cindy, that's her name and she... is out of sorts, possibly. She has yet to say anything." Nik prepared a plate for Anna and gave her a soft peck before whispering, "Oh, yeah. Listen, I also need to tell you a few things... like..."

"There's something 'super' about the sex now?" Anna chuckled and inquired, taking the plate and eating it while standing beside Nik and observing Cindy. No way she would approach a woman in Cindy's condition until she calms down. "Among... many other things. Yep." Nik started cleaning the kitchen counter and thought for a moment, "And while I did assure Mary that we would reach school on time, I now feel that it might take longer."

"No, it probably won't. This chick is just hungry, right?" Anna inquired curiously while Nik checked her out as she killed the short, frilled skirt with a loose waist top. "Once again, yes. Among many other things. You have something of her size?" Nik inquired as Anna narrowed her gaze and observed the woman, "I could arrange Mum's dress. Mine would be too short... lucky woman. Anyway, we need to get her cleaned as soon as—"

With a pulse of gold leaking through Nik's body and instantly cleaning Cindy both inside and out alongside Anna, Nik nudged the gaping brunette's shoulder, "Clean she is. Now get her some casual and Cindy could just tag along with us."

"We'll talk about that... later," Anna muttered, a little speechless at Nik's sudden solution to cleaning facilities, "And how do you even know... Cindy?"

"Well, she happens to have some powers and I did go to check on her. Do you want me to reveal it or do you want the girl to open herself up?"

"You will tell me everything about yourself, today?" Anna inquired.

"Tonight, yes."

"I guess that's all I need. I'll get a dress." 

Anna placed the plate down and suddenly hugged Nik while providing him with a loving and passionate morning kiss, "And thank you for the breakfast."

"With appreciation like this, anytime."


Anna snickered.


Manhattan Highschool

"Class," A bespectacled teacher with a receding hairline smiled warmly and introduced a beautiful dark-skinned girl with figure and features that instantly caused the male population of the class to be dazzled in amazement. "Her name is Ava Ayala. Her family just recently returned to the City and decided to get their daughter transferred from L.A. Now, Ava," the teacher turned to Ava, "Take a seat next to Wendy. And Wendy, do share your notes and get Ava started for the day."

Ava nodded and made her way to the appointed seat. She sat next to a blue-eyed petite girl and smiled, "Nice to meet you. Wendy, right?" The girl smiled and nodded, "Pleasure," she muttered and took her notes out, "If I knew that you would be coming, I would have brought all of my notes," Wendy chuckled as she checked Ava out. The new girl's hair completely straight and enviously lush, her figure athletic with the tight, full-sleeved t-shirt outlining her figure and her lips soft looking and covered in light-brown lipstick, almost giving Wendy the incentive to taste the delicious treat right away. "You okay, there?" Ava inquired with a chuckle. Her trained and beastly senses already picking up the emotion in Wendy's gaze and minuscule musky scent that only she ever picked among her peers. 

"Ah, I... guess I got lost a little. Sorry about that," Wendy admitted in embarrassment as Ava smirked and pushed the topic away with mock excitement. "Anyway," Ava whispered, "I heard that superheroes came to this school! Is that right? Did anyone get to meet with them?" Ava leaned down to get closer to Wendy as the girl thought for a moment before nodding. "I wasn't there and only saw the clips and well, heard the floor breaking. But Cindy, one of our classmates who is absent, was right in front of the monster. And with a cutie to the boot! You know, she has a boyfriend, Hector from senior years. So once he found that out, he fought with Cindy and I even saw Marsha sneaking a kiss on Hector!" 

Wendy continued to chat with an excited flush as Ava trailed her on, "Who's Marsha?" Ava inquired. "One of the cheering squad of the sports teams." Wendy licked her lips as she recalled Marsha's curves. Ava, on the other hand, started to analyze the information she received from the report on Cindy Moon, her family, and her own thoughts about the girl. Even now, Ava hadn't reported Cindy's existence to her superiors out of personal discretion. Taking a superhero mantle wasn't as awe-inspiring and fan-loving as it is made to be and even with her powers, if Cindy wished to lead a normal life, Ava had to make sure of that or else try to introduce her to the current employer of her super-hero persona, White Tiger's services— S.H.I.E.L.D.

'A girl with a normal background both in academics and extra-curricular activities with her parents excelling in the way of science. A younger brother who's more interested in skateboarding and video gaming. Why didn't she attend the classes though? Did she encounter some trouble?' As Ava continued to think, the speaker of the classroom buzzed before the Principal's voice echoed.

"I apologize for the interruptions but I would like all of you to leave whatever you are doing and close your eyes in a moment of peace for our Late student— Marsha Kontras." The voice announced. "Ms. Marsha was found deceased and the student by the name of Hector Cervantez is found missing. Students, these are tough times and I would like everyone to take special attention of yourself. A guideline by the NYPD will be later posted on the bulletins." The voice cut off as Ava looked at Wendy, who, in return, looked at her new classmate with a confused expression. 

'Or... a super-human found her boyfriend with another woman and went a little... crazy,' Ava added to herself, keeping in mind to prepare before approaching the girl named Cindy.


"So..." Nik shifted a little uncomfortably with the three of them sitting on the backseat as the cab driver rode towards Midtown Highschool peacefully with Cindy whispering her story, seated in middle with Anna to her right and Nik to her left. "I accidentally... webbed my parents up. I know it doesn't make sense, but I did," she sighed, "and then I ran. I don't know. I haven't even contacted my parents yet. I am just too... afraid..." Cindy hugged herself and detailed, "Then I ran to my boyfriend's apartment. I still couldn't control my... strengths, so I slammed into walls and trees... that poor guy's car. I hope his insurance isn't expired. Anyway, once I reached my boyfriend's apartment, I found him with another girl. I was angry... I—"

"You kicked his ass?" Anna inquired with a bright expression as she sighed, "That's why Mum said that you should talk it out. If you want it open or go exclusive and if open, how so. Does the Girl enjoy benefits, do couples get their private times and stuff like that..."

"Nothing like that," Cindy smiled weakly towards Anna, her gaze dim. "We were attacked. It happened so quickly... I— I felt the attack before and my body jumped out of the apartment but a loud sound occurred and when I landed, I found her... laying in her own blood. I really didn't do anything." Cindy looked towards Nik with her gaze wide, "I really didn't!" She pleaded desperately.

Before Nik could say anything, the cab driver finally spoke up, "From my experience, you've been testing old products, girl. Try Vendigo... will blow your mind," the cab driver chuckled foolishly making Nik frown and inquire with confusion in his tone, "Are you trying the new stuff?"

"All the time, my man!" The cabbie chuckled as Nik gazed at the road before calming down. "How did you even find me?" Nik asked once again.

"You whistled me down, boy!" The cabbie looked back.

"Of course! Focus on the road!" Nik snapped before nudging Cindy softly as she continued, "I... followed my instincts. I don't know if it's the right expression but I knew the general direction where you'll be and then I... smelled your scent."

"Oh, now... we just need to find who or what attacked in the apartment. Find out its motive and target but before all that, you need to call your parents and let them know you are safe. You can use my cell," Nik offered his mobile phone as Cindy nodded and began dialing a number as the apostle looked towards Anna, who matched his gaze without any form of judgment in her expression. "You seem to be taking it like a champ," Nik commented as Anna giggled, "Oh, come on, that's why you fought Junior when he opposed our relationship, remember? I could take you like a champ," She licked her lips, pulling a well-humored chuckle from the cab driver, making the three of them roll their eyes.

"Dad?" Cindy exclaimed, "I am so sorry! I— Yeah, I am fine. I am with a... friend. What about you? Did you get out of— Oh, it melted itself?" Cindy sighed in relief, "Listen, Dad. I'll return home. Yeah, after school time is finished. I'll explain everything to you guys. Of course!" she exclaimed, "Take back the missing person report! Please, I don't want others to know about... me!"

Cindy continued to whisper into the phone as Nik thought for a moment how he should explain his own situation. Usually, he would just arrive in a world without any past connection but this time, he had a definite root. After a moment's thought, however, Nik realized that he was simply too greedy and decided to go with his usual manner and coax Anna into his situation. After all, Nik knew himself and he would definitely try to bit outside the basket in front of him so it was healthy to explain his intentions before going behind the back of the girls he cared for. After all, it was already hard to keep the raw sexual tension between him and Cindy, possibly due to their mutations caused by the same spider, in control.

"We're here! Now you whackjobs need to leave!" The cabbie grumbled out of nowhere, making Nik shrug as he opened the door and paid off the driver as Cindy passed him his phone back. "Thanks," she spoke, "My dad's fine. I should probably leave for my own school."

Looking at Cindy weirdly for a moment, Nik shrugged, "Your call. Keep in mind that a possible killer might be looking for you, so stay cautious all the time." Nik held Anna's hand and took a deep breath, keeping his desire of pushing Cindy down right in front of the school's gate restrained, he continued, "Anyway, you know where I am living at the moment so if you want help, you can come by anytime." Nik looked into Cindy's eyes, her gaze extremely reluctant, quite restrained in her own ways in fact. After all...

"And keep your scent in check," Nik's words caused Cindy's expression to crumble as she took a deep breath, "Forgive me for being so selfish... but can I ask you to tag along when I meet my parents? You obviously have your own powers in check, so I want to be around you."

"I've got no issues," Nik smiled, "Let's go," he said while squeezing Anna's hand a little firmly, making her look towards him with a curious expression.


A/N: I would like to call out (Discord Id) Slammeron. The man compiled such an extensive research on Marvel, the girls, the items, symbiotes, and the body suits that I am still going through with them. I mean, I had the confidence to write marvek because of it or I might have just stuck to the regular MCU. Although, I did forget to give credits earlier, still, better late than never. Thanks once again.