Chapter 286 Living In Ruananpur 3
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(POV Balalaika)
At this moment, I was right in front of a man tied to a chair who had obviously been tortured in this dark room of a random motel in this city... if someone else had found this body, most likely they would not prest it much attention, or if it was the owner of this establishment, then he would have simply complained about the damn bastard who made all this mess since he would be the one who had to pay for the cleaning.
But seeing this man who was now lifeless and tied in this chair, I could only clench my teeth and feel the anger begin to build up in my stomach! This man was one of the soldiers who had followed me from our country ah this damn place!!
Not only was it me, and I also could feel how the other men around me were enduring the fury they felt when seeing their partner of several years in this state...
" Captain, it seems like the guy who's been causing trouble up until now in this city has decided to take things further now... "
"That is what it seems Boris..."
Until now there has been someone who had been killing men from various organizations, but until now, they had always been small fish that were not very important and that were easy to replace... that was something annoying, but it was not something to make a big fuss either since there were always small disputes in this city and those people were the first ones that ended up dying.
Unfortunately, now one of my closest men had died... it seems that person was really trying to be heard and now, he really did it! This time I can no longer just wait in peace while various organizations searched for the person responsible for all this! If necessary, now I will turn this city from head to toe until I find him!!
“Quickly, research everyone who had come near this place in the last two days! If you notice that people are hiding something or don't want to talk, then make them even spit out the mischief they did when they were little!! "
“We have already started to do that, Captain! But it really seems that the person responsible for all this hid his tracks very well... "
“ Although it seems that this time he made a small mistake… also with all the groups from Ruananpur looking for him, we were able to get a little information, captain! "
"... stop on turning around the matter and tell me at once what information you have!"
"Yes! There are several witnesses who swear to have seen a boy with rather striking long hair around. Since this seemed somewhat out of place in this city, several witnesses were able to quickly remember this. "
“…Yes, a rather striking long-haired boy. Unfortunately, that is the only information we obtained after torturing several people... "
“… It seems we don't have much information yet, Captain. We will keep looking until we find something else "
I was certainly about to yell at the man who spoke that. If he only had that information, then he had better stop wasting time reporting such nonsense to me and better continue searching for something more, but... before I could speak, a memory in my mind appears.
“That some men keep looking for more information. Also, others will accompany me to a place... I think there are some people we have to ask a few questions to "
"...Yes, captain "
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
(POV Head of the Italian mafia branch in Ruananpur-Verrocchio)

"Damn it!! Didn't I warn you to keep those damn brats in check?!! How the hell is one of Balalaika's bitch's men dead now? !! "
"Sorry Boss... th-those kids are kind of hard to control..."
“ Nonsense, what happens is that you are useless, Moletti!
…Those damn brats haven't stopped killing since they came to this damn city!! "
Some time ago, some of my men had been questioned by the group of those damn Russians after they found one of their men dead. The good thing is that they couldn't seem to find any information linking us to this.
Even so, things were getting quite out of control now... although I wanted to take control of this entire city, it was not good to face all the organizations here at the same time. The plan was to slowly eliminate one by one of the leaders of other organizations until I had enough power to kill them all at the same time. So, the main objective was to start with either those Chinese or the Russians!
For that, I had bought a couple of kids who would be very good tools to end the life of that bitch Balalaika and that relaxed Chinese. If these tools ended up being unusable after doing that, then it didn't matter much as long as they could complete my objective first.
After getting these two groups out of the way, then the others shouldn't be much of a problem to eliminate! This is how things should have been, and not this mess of having all the organizations attentive in search of the person responsible for all this disorder in the city!
Unfortunately, those “tools” turned out to be more difficult to control than I had thought… now my back was covered with sweat at the thought of all the organizations in Ruananpur coming together to eliminate us once they discovered that we were responsible for those deaths.
Maybe I should get rid of these damn kids...
"Big sister, that was amazing!"
"It's true, you also did a great job of making that man scream like that... he seemed to have a lot of fun, surely he must have been very happy "
"Hehehe, I tried really hard for him to have fun too, sister!"
I really wanted to yell at this pair of brats who were acting happily in this place despite seeing how furious I was! But... by laying my eyes on them, I couldn't help my body shaking a little...
Although I had previously vent my fury on Moletti who was responsible for watching over these kids, the truth is that I couldn't blame him so much for not being able to stop these brats... in the eyes of these two, you could only see the madness in them ... these kids were probably more broken than many of the residents of this city!
Not just their eyes, you could even feel an aura of madness around them! It was as if these two lived in their own world of madness!! there was not much sense in vent my fury on them and instead, I choose Moletti for this. Also, since they were tools to destroy those two leaders, it was necessary that they were armed... and I was really afraid that these two would start pointing those weapons at me! They didn't seem to care what would happen to them if they did that!!
Because of this, I had already thought about killing these two... unfortunately if I did, then it would be much more difficult to fulfill my purpose. Before I kill them, it's better to first at least they eliminate Balalaika or Chang...
"You two... I already told you that should not" play" with other people for now and should only play with Balalaika and her men only... for now you should sit still and don't do anything.
We'll wait for things to calm down a bit, and then you can go back to playing with Balalaika. "
“Verrocchio-san , that's what we were doing but Moletti stopped us~ Also, it's hard to find Balalaika-onesan's men alone…
" It is true~ Finally when we find someone alone and we decided to obey Verrocchio-san, but then Moletti not allow us to find more of them after that Russian man had broken~"
"" ... ""
… Since the proud bitch of Balalaika annoyed me more, I had decided to start with her so that these two would eliminate her. But because those people always moved in groups, it was difficult to eliminate them without drawing much attention to us.
I didn't expect these two to get bored and uneasy and then start killing people from other organizations...
“Moletti… make sure you on taking better care of these two this time…
It seems that at the moment no one has linked those deaths to us and so things are not that bad yet, but... if you fail again, then the next body the other organizations find will be yours!
…Perhaps dead you will be of more use by making others think that we too have lost one of our high-ranking men"
"…Yes Boss"
I try to talk to that pair of brats, but as I thought, that seemed completely useless. So after giving Moletti one last warning, he and they leave my office. Now we can only wait for things to calm down a bit before trying to eliminate that bitch again...
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
(POV Alexander)
“Hello little one, I am Yolanda. It seems that you are the one who had been making deals with us… hehehe, you have become our number one client in this place. 

Did you need anything else from us? Weren't the weapons we gave you enough?
…If so, then I regret to tell you that at the moment we cannot do business as you have practically bought everything in our warehouses. "
“We will probably have to continue doing business for a while, Sister Yolanda. Don't worry, I can wait for you to fill up all your warehouses and buy them again.
Also, I don't have a complaint about our dealings regarding those little things, I came here for another reason… ”
The day of today, I had come along with Revy, Leona, and Vin to the church with which the latter had done all the deals of before. Then the first one who received us was a young man dressed as a father, and after talking a little with him, this person gently and with a smile on his face guided us to this place where we sat down to discuss with Sister Yolanda who was present here, and also the reason for my visit that kept quiet even after I laid eyes on her.
About these two people that I had just met, in truth seeing them made me think that I maybe had the wrong place and we were in another city...
The sister Yolanda had a very kind and understanding face as if she were really a person who was dedicated to imparting the teachings of her religion, and it was also the same for the boy with a father's clothing named Rico….
Well, this feeling of discord would be even greater if the mother didn't have a patch over one of her eyes… well, you could even attribute this to her having an unfortunate accident with a crucifix or something like that. What was strange and made me realize that this was actually the right place was that you could see the flash of a golden pistol that the sister was carrying... and that also the "father", when he received us, he was holding bullets of large caliber...
“It's been a couple of weeks since we spoke, Eda. So I think it's been enough time for the people behind you to make a decision... after all, they even sent a few men to our building... it seems like they must have worried that I was living in such a dangerous city and so they sent someone to watch me and see that nothing bad happened to me... it seems that they even thought on inviting me to travel to your country.
Unfortunately, I am not looking forward to sightseeing right now... so I had to decline that offer.
"...what happened to those men?"
In recent days, I had felt several eyes on me... well, in this city every time I went out that could be considered normal, but the difference is that this time within those eyes that were watching me I could distinguish that several men above her head had the word [Agent], so I quickly knew what it was about.
I didn't give it much importance since I was almost certain that something like this would happen, it would have been more strange if nothing changed after requesting those things from that government. Therefore, I did not care much about this and went on with my normal days here in Ruananpur.
In those days, Vin and Revy arranged for the Gloterus group to be transported to Japan, and because I was quite generous in paying very well for this, there was no problem. 

Since I had given to Gloterus a good amount of resources and weapons in an interdimensional ring, then I am sure that they will be able to begin as soon as possible to carry out our plan in there.
The only problem was that a few days ago after finishing the things about Gloterus and the others, a group of men entered our building and causing a little ruckus... well, it can't be compared to what happened before and so this was quickly fixed.
"After talking a bit and exercising, they seemed tired and so I provided a comfortable storage room for them to rest. You can go and pick them up whenever you want "
With my words, I hand Eda a key and then Vin tells her where he had taken them. I'm sure that the purpose of those guys was not to kill me and they just wanted to kidnap me in order to obtain the technology that I showed them before, unfortunately for them, I and Leona quickly detected and subdued them.
...she wanted to simply kill them and we hand over the heads of these people as a warning to Eda, but for now, I did not want to create a great conflict between us. This seems like it was the right choice, although Eda frowns a bit when she takes the keys, she didn't seem very upset.
Well, that someone gave you a slightly mistreated comrade than just only one head is a big difference after all...
“I want to know if your people are going to accept our deal or if I have to negotiate with someone else. Like I told you, I can't wait a long time... "
“… it seems that You are lucky, little one. Apparently, those people decided to accept your second proposal... although you must understand that transporting this enormous quantity of bombs is not easy, and much less bringing these to this part of the world... other people may complain about this.
Therefore, things will be delivered to you in 3 months... in 3 months there will be an exhibition of large arms companies on the Island xxxxxx. We will use this as an excuse to transport those things you asked for and there we can complete our agreement.
…If you can't wait that long, then you would have to go directly to our country to pick them up from there. "
"...I can wait the three months"
Hearing that I had really succeeded and we could do business, I can't help but smile. But sadly after Eda continued speaking, I didn't feel so happy anymore...
It would be utter stupidity to go directly to America to take up these arms, after all, on their territory they can send person after person to try to capture me!
…I am confident that I can escape even if that happens, but it is still better not to provoke them to do something like that. Also, the other option can certainly be a trap, but in such exhibitions, there are many people from different countries and so they should at least contain themselves a little and keep up appearances. So I think this is still a much better option even if I have to wait three months.
“Good, then we will carry out our deal at that location. By the way ... haven't you done another crazy thing in this city? Lately it seems that the atmosphere here in this city is a bit tense... "