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Soul Evolution System
Soul Evolution System
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3.9 (320 ratings)
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Reborn as Alexander Ilios Apeiro in another world "Gaia" by an unknown entity will have to embark on an adventure to develop in this new world and have a place to belong.

He will have as support a system that will allow to travel between worlds to be stronger and to maintain his happiness and freedom.

I publish a chapter of 2,500 - 3000 words every two days.


I do not claim ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content of an anime in this novel.

The cover image is not mine it was taken from:

High school of the dead
Game Elements Harem-seeking Protagonist Interdimensional Travel R-18
Table of Contents 537
Reviews 11
Table of Contents
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    Status: 113 kinato visitors (part 1)

    If you came to read a decent story because of the Mature or the R-18 tags is better to just turn away and go look somewhere else because this story has nothing that is even worth of said tags.

    what this story has is a somewhat boring and repetitive wish fulfillment power fantasy with a shameless man child with massive plot armor that goes around taking any woman only to not dot anything else besides kissing and some groping.

    The battles are boring and repetitive to the point that you can skip em without a problem at all since they really seem to serve no purpose other than to increase the number of words per chapter.

    The other characters seems to only exist for the MC to look good or said MC to poke fun at them in order stoke his ego.

    The world building is almost non existent since only 20 chapters happened on a original setting while the other 93 are still using the HOTD world at the moment of me writing this.

    In conclusion this work lacks any kind of originality and is not something worth reading besides than to kill time when there is nothing better to do.

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    34 Likes · Like

    well... I have read your novel so far. Try to get better at writing, maybe reading some guides on how to write a fantasy novel. There are a lot of things to improve, such as your description on things, the background and other stuff, people who havent seen the animes you are basing thing on will be 100% confused. Even I that had seen tthe animes im somewhat confused. Try to explain things better.I cant find the exact words to describe your writing but seems kinda dull... It does not gives that excitement rush I get when reading something I like.

    Also I shamelessly request create a fairy body for Aurora so she can interact physically with MC too and chat with others (she can choose who can see her)

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    16 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 98 problems

    This series is a bit of a letdown since for one the MC made no distinction between who he should take as part of his harem.


    I had no problems when he was going for Saeko, Shizuka, and Kurisu, but I draw the line when he was trying to aim for Yuriko (Haven't but probably on the way (a wife)), Haruna (Takashi's mom 3x his age), Iruka (Takashi's little sister), Rei (Takashi's childhood friend).

    This author seems to have some type of vendetta for Takashi who has become a loyal part of Alex's team, like what the f**k man this is ridiculous.

    And the fact that he likes to rub it in Takashi's face that he NTR'D all of them from him is something even more enraging, I don't have a problem if he stole from bad guys since they don't deserve it but what the f**k did Takashi do to you?


    Draw the f**king line on who to put in a harem for f**ks sake, the main character feels like a ripoff budget sized Atelier Tanaka (in terms of pervertedness)

    And please for the love of god fix your spelling and grammar problems, I have been enduring it for 98 chapters and you keep making the same stupid mistakes all the time.

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    14 Likes · Like
    Status: c5

    Generic, MC with no personality. Amateur writing with little variation.. Filled with bad grammar and  basic spelling mistakes. Also read on if you wish to be spoiled with major anime plots by chapter 5 (Stein's Gate). Kind of angry that there was no disclaimer about mentioning spoilers. I wanted to give this one a chance to get better but after that event.. Nope. Poor form author.

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: c157

    I quite honestly can't think of anything good to say right now. Not because there isn't anything good with the novel, but because the criticisms just keep nagging at my head and I just wanna get it off of my chest. And I hope the author doesn't take this doesn't take offense.

    First is the writing style. I know what the author is going for. The type of gag slice of life novels that are full of tsukkomis. And I enjoy those too. But there's a reason those types of novels have fewer word count per paragraph than most. It's to keep it light. What I mean to say with that is, the amount of unnecessary descriptions and nonsense in this novel bogs the jokes down. The jokes in this novel are funny, but it often times feel more like a rant because of the amount of words before and in-between the punchlines. It's called a punchline because like a real punch you need to throw it at the right time (don't @ me, I just made that up). Less is more in these kinds of stuff imo.

    The second criticism I have is the lack of stat information for his harem members. With the amount of screen time they get, the novel is as much about the harem as it is about the MC. Especially when the MC has a skill that blesses his lovers with skills and twice the exp but we only ever get to see what the skills were once or twice. What's the use of the status page of the system then?

    The weakest part of this novel in my opinion is the strength progression. The whole point of weak to strong stories is the strength progression. But it is almost non-existent here. For example:


    I read 130 chapters or more worth of the HOTD world, but what did the MC get at the end of it aside from his harem members? Yea he leveled up, but the stats doesn't show it. I believe the only stat progress he got was intelligence from I to H. And that wasn't even because he leveled up but because of a skill. He got a bunch of skills where some barely ranked up. The worst part is it isn't even mentioned outside of the status page. He gets a bunch of resources but doesn't use any of it to get stronger. He buys a sword that is barely shown to be used. He kills more than a million zombies, but isn't even level 60 and is barely 5 levels above his harem when he has 5x exp bonus. I understand that the exp required goes up as he levels. But is he supposed to massacre a whole planet to get to 99? He looks like he got a lot but he didn't. What's the point of going to HOTD aside from the harem? The whole arc feels redundant because of these.


    I know that the author is probably afraid to make the MC OP. But that shouldn't get in the way of the MC progressing. Because then the whole thing just feels pointless.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 75 new camp

    Horribly bland. Like as much as there is to dislike or complain about, it's so neutered and immature that I can't even find the energy to hate it. I mean, he's trying to be an antihero, and a harem protagonist, and a pervert while in a 12 years old body. So how are 18 year old girls are going to want to crush on a 12 year old boy who's so pretty he constantly gets confused as a girl? Why would there be so many of them that they want to form a harem? Or have a 20 something women want to sleep in his bed so he could perv out on their giant breasts? What Mom would throw their 17 year old daughter at them?

    He's so manly he has a huge penis at 12, but so immature he faints from excitement from taking a mixed gender bath. He lusts after mature woman, and it's returned in at least 1 case, lusts after a married woman who is a co-leader with both him and her husbands, lusts after an elementary school girl because she's only 10 years from being gorgeous wife material.

    It's scattershot, all over place. My mind is turning in so many circles it's hard to be offended because the author might be suffering a head injury or severe psychological problems. I just don't know. But this series is definitely a failure and a complete mess, with some funny parts, a lot of offensive parts, no smut worth mentioning, and mostly confusion and bad grammar.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 366 [chaos in the bedroom...

    This is probably the worst smut you will ever read.  The main character is a virgin until chapter 365.  Then for the entire "s*x scene" if you can even call that it switches to different POVs from people not even in the room.  The smut is interrupted by these POV changes and randomly like 5 paragraphs of completely incoherent internal dialogue from the main character.  To put it into perspective the first real smut scene is 12 chapters long and the actual smut is maybe 1 chapter with the rest being repeatedly from different POV's or literally people not in the room.  I'm not going to talk about the other qualities because honestly there aren't any.  Constant name changes of abilities, randomly nerfing, changing levels of the characters, etc.  From a coherency level this is one of the worst.   The entire thing is like 1/4th word count if you take out all the absolute filler sh*t with repeatedly scenes with VERY slightly different POV perspectives.

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    4 Likes · Like

    Well.. Let's balance it.

    Real rating is 2.5 Star, but I respect the story.

    Idk how to say.

     in good way is the system is good I like it about character growing and growing,

    In bad way is, when the good character is on making and progressing why you put the annoying element to his personality? Is like reading some CN novel with look smart but idiot, please dont mad, I respect your thinking and every aspect of character,

    He look prudent but in annoying Way, he want to look kind but in annoying way again and again, he dont want to get destiny thinging get in his way but always make stupid move,

    What do you want to your character? 

    You take the major event on anime lightly that make reader confusing, "YOU KNOW THE STORY SO WHY YOU DON'T PREVENT IT BEFORE IT GET WORSE ?" Pervert is mild but he always get high and forget the Event after,

    You want your character make slow life ? Then just go to other peacefull place, your story is in place area of conflict, so why ?

    Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying Annoying.

    Thats how I feel.

    Thank you, and thanks for make this, I respect you.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c15

    Man I can't get to chapter 10 without falling asleep, these info/description dumps are killing me!

    Also the MC being a literal child doesn't help at all, the summon was a nice spice (top tier waifu btw) but these starting chapters feel empty, hope it gets interesting before the 50 chapter mark, will update.

    Edit: Nope, sadly this novel just isn't for me, the system doesn't even feel like a system and the mc's personality is incredibly annoying.

     Didn't get to read 10% of the novel so I won't rate it, good luck.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 327 love decisions 2

    Nice story... can't complain... everyone have different taste on novel...

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    1 Likes · Like
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