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These days were even harsher than all the 4 months I was in the Riozanpaku! In fact, maybe the only thing that kept my sanity during this time was that every morning I woke up for… no, I just got out of bed since I couldn't sleep well! So, before the sun even decided to show itself, I was practicing the things I learned in the dojo together with Renka-chan!


Besides, it was probably the same for the girls… While Renka-chan practiced together with me, the other two girls were watching us. The funny thing was that although Revy probably just wanted to distract her mind with other things when observing us, Leona on the other hand showed a lot of approval for seeing me practicing martial arts hard...


Although she would surely never complain to me for being idle, no doubt given her mentality that she was a bit glad to see me practice for a couple of hours...


I thought she would be a bit interested in Chinese Kenpo, but I got a refusal when I asked her if she wanted us to teach her a bit about this discipline. Apparently, she was satisfied and confident with the technique she was currently practicing. As for the other girl here... showing me both berettas in her hand, she said those were enough to fend herself off anyone.


Well, even though Aurora and the system don't seem like and want that I rely on weapons much, the truth is that I don't think it's bad that the girls next to me do that. It's almost certain that at some point personal firearms will become ineffective against our enemies, but perhaps at that point, I can get stronger weapons for the girls.


As for me... I'm probably still practicing martial arts. I have nothing against weapons, but the problem is that they do not help anything for the physical development of a person!


[That's a good mindset, Alexander! Although it is not bad to use weapons, when it comes to having to increase the level of Soul it is better to have a well-trained physique. That way it's easier to break through to higher levels.]


…Umu, I can understand that having practiced until now martial arts. Even though I didn't kill anything in Kenichi's world, I leveled pretty well considering the limit I was at. Also, Kenichi got stronger comparable to the time when I was low level and killed a lot of zombies… so it can be clearly seen that physical training is not just for have a more attractive body!


“B-Boy… you have big dark circles… no, not just you... 

What the hell happened in that building?! "




“… Don't ask for that, you fucking nun. Let's just get out of here. "




After those two finished saying goodbye to their girls, our entire group heads to the docks to leave the Island. I don't think Eda planned for us to immediately leave for the place where the arms sale would take place, but neither is it like I have any complaints about this from her.


Also, since most of the people in our group seemed a bit tired, she can't help but ask that... sadly, no one wanted to explain the reason for that to her. The only ones who seemed to have the same vitality as ever… no, it was obvious that those two were even in better spirits than before! Those bastards really must have enjoyed these last few days unlike us!!


Apart from them, the ones who avoided that torture was the Chinese woman and worker-kun… thanks to Revy sending them to a corner of the building, surely they could sleep peacefully. I envied them a little...


There were a few times that I simply thought of looking for another place to stay, but... going to a motel would only increase the problem! Those places have thinner walls after all!!


…I even thought about going to Balalaika's Mansion to sleep there, you know? Leaving the jokes that I told Revy earlier, I knew very well that I would be perhaps the last person that woman would want to see!! Well... maybe it wasn't to the point that she shot me the moment she saw me... or so I hope. After all, it wasn't a lie that I wanted to visit her and talk a bit with that mature woman.


In the end, I did not give up going with her because I was afraid because of that, simply remembering that I already owed her a favor and her "Hobby", so it is not as if things changed much for sleep there.


Well... not everything was so bad. Thanks to the atmosphere in the building now, it was understandable that the girls were a bit "excited" too... I even thought I could climb the adult steps of this body with Revy once! Of the girls, she was the one who had experience in these matters and, therefore, my chances with her I think were greater... I just had to find a suitable moment for that!


So once we were alone in a room, things started to unfold just as I had expected! But... unfortunately, I can only say that things were ruined at the last minute!!


…seriously? Why did she have to say something like that at that precise moment? There was no way I could continue after that!!


"Alexander... where will we go now? Well ... it doesn't matter, as long as I was with you is fine ~ Besides... I think it's good that we leave that place now... "


Renka-chan quickly gets on my other side and when realizing that it was my immobilized arm, she just held my clothes happily. 

I was also able to have some good times with her, but since she is still in the innocent stage of her life, things were kept to the level where she felt calm and safe...


"You two... can't be that close."


"" Heee ~ Why~? ""


"Because the Master said so."


…As for those three girls. I was happy that the oldest of them was now more proactive in these matters! When I kissed her now, it no longer felt like I was kissing a doll, and Leona responded in a good way to this!!


Also, even though we were apart for a while, curiously her affection rose more than when we were together… now this one showed a digit of [90]! It seems that it was a very good choice to bring her to this place!! I think she could learn some things from watching the other girls.


On the other hand... for the two little twins who complain about being separated, it was probably best to reset everything they learned in this world about those topics... it would be good if they learned the right thing about sex education.


Not that I think it's wrong for someone to be so proactive in these matters, but I a little wish they could enjoy things according to their age a bit.

Well, going back to the previous three girls, I think it was almost certain that if things continued that way, then inevitably everyone in our bed would jump the line of having sex with each other! They were living beings after all, and at being constantly stimulated, that was something that had to happen in the end for sure!!


...a part of me clung to that thought to endure those sounds that echoed in my head every night! Unfortunately, waiting for that moment to come was too torturous!! The payoff for patience was very, very good, but… I could also get crazy before that happened!!


So I preferred to get out of there than to wait for that... at least, now I can rest a bit... no, not just me, surely the vast majority of our group thought the same.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

The trip to the place of the sale of arms was calm and short. Well, since most of the time we spent sleeping, it could only be that way! So before we knew it, we had reached an island where quite a number of people could be seen.


Without a doubt, it seems that the best place for people to do clandestine things is Islands… well, unlike the previous one where I was, I did not come here to get in trouble and kill some people… probably… I hope so.


Disembarking from Vin's launch, some men quickly approach us. So after saying the alias Revy gave to the girl of Beny, they quickly let us through without any problem. She seemed to be a little nervous, but after the man checked and gave us a nod with a smile, she relaxes.


It seems that Benny's girlfriend did a good job… and seeing how relaxed and smiling he was, it really looks like she did!


…Can I kick him a bit?


"W-Why are you kicking me, Alexander? You actually kick pretty hard, so please stop this!! "


"...sorry, it happened before I realized it..."


“The best thing is not to attract so much attention in this place, boy. All these people are quite influential and... dangerous."


"...I think it's too late for that."




…What Eda to Vin is true. It was just impossible for our group not to stand out! With three boys under the age of 15, myself included, a pretty teenage girl, and 3 quite beautiful women… it was normal that the gaze of most of them focused on us!


No, I think the same person who highlights this was the main responsible for this! Without a doubt, a nun was the last person you expected to find in a place like this!!


Even Vin who was big and muscular did not stand out in this place! You could see how there were several groups of men even bigger than him protecting some people! Also, it didn't help that we got off the boat that brought us here...


Compared to the big luxurious yachts or private jets, this one was pretty crappy… I really could only praise the professionalism of the people who welcomed us to treat us in the same way as everyone else here.


…Well, I didn't come here to compare riches, so no problem about that. My only concern is that because of that they underestimate us and some people think that it is easy to mess with us… after all these people even groups like Balalaika's would hesitate a bit to have a conflict with them!


Although they seem more civilized than the people in Ruananpur, surely the majority are people with governments of countries behind their backs or companies with wealth equal to these or even greater...


"When we can see your companions, Eda... we better get out of this place as soon as possible to prevent this boy from creating trouble here."


“…That hurts my feelings a bit, Revy-tan~. It seems like you don't trust me at all, you know? "


"No… actually I'm pretty confident that something like that could happen!"


"Unfortunately, we can only see them until they contact me... I really hope they do it quickly too"


"Tch... you two are quite cruel, I better go walk with Renka-chan around the place"


"I-Is it okay?"


"" No, you can't go alone!! ""


While it is true that most of the people here could intimidate others, this did not affect me much. In the worst case, I would just take the girls and get out of here ... if I don't resent those two guys so much anymore, then I might as well take them with me.


Of course, it's not like I'm trying to go and look for trouble like those two girls say… I want to refute their words more strongly, but unfortunately, even though I don't want to look for problems, somehow they end up finding me.


Taking Renka-chan's hand, I start walking to observe things on this island. So seeing this, the others quickly follow me while complaining a bit.


I was a little curious about what they were displaying here. After all, it's not like I've ever attended a similar event before. Maybe I would find something that caught my attention, but… there was only one small problem about this!


"Revy... do we have money?"


"" ... ""


Yes, the gold that I brought from the world of Saeko and the other girls is gone now! Apart from the fact that I am not entirely sure if I can use the money earned in Renka-chan's world, I do not think that the salary of a teacher and some other activities is enough to buy anything here!!


“…The people you sent to Japan have deposited a good amount in an account… but I don't know if it's enough to buy a lot of things here. 

After all, it's been being used a bit to buy more stuff from Eda's group so far… ”


…I had forgotten about those guys. They seem to be doing a good job! I should contact them soon and have them move a branch of their organization to Ruananpur to complete the mission. Also, maybe I should reward them a bit.


"... I wonder if Balalaika would lend me some money?"


“… You really want to see her, right? Hmp~ Unfortunately I don't think she shares the same sentiment.


Oh~ it's true! Benny's woman made a lot of money last time… you could get the money out of that bitch! "


...I think Revy has a lot of resentment there for that woman. Probably since she is to some extent responsible for bringing Chainsaw-chan and Vin together, then she can only take her grievances out on the other couple.


As for what she says, I don't feel good asking someone I just recently met for money... not to mention an amount like that.


"Oh~ There is Balalaika-onesan~


Onesan~ Did you come to play with us this time~? "




"E-Eh? Sh-Shit!!"


While trying to decide what to do, suddenly the little twins run towards a group of people wearing military uniforms… there among them and in an easily recognizable way, was the person they mention!


…The world is quite a small place, isn't it? Weel, if you compare it to Gaia, that can only be true. Although… perhaps people in the same business environment it was normal for them to meet frequently. Either way, this had made my day quite brighter! 

...people say that the power of wanting some things can sometimes make this happen! And now it seems that is true!!


The only unfortunate thing is that it seems like, as Revy mentioned earlier, she didn't seem to share the same emotions as me. I didn't expect Balalaika to spread her arms with a big smile upon seeing me, but… isn't her reaction a bit cruel? I can almost see her hitting the head on the helicopter next to her!


“Balalaika-Onesan~ We haven't seen each other for a while. I'm glad to see you again~ "


"Brat... if you get any closer, I'll shoot you..."


“You are cruel… I just wanted to say hi to you! I thought you would be happy to see me too..."


“ Why the hell would I be happy to see the person who ripped my house apart last time?!! "


… Since she doesn't welcome me with open arms, I thought it was good to be the one to do so. It's a shame that she recovers quickly from the surprise of seeing us, and before I can actually hug her, she pulls out a gun and points this one at me… if it hadn't been for Leona and Revy taking their guns as well, she might have shot me... that's sad!


"Everything is alright? 

...Is there a problem? "


“… No, they are just a few acquaintances from Ruananpur.


Everything is fine."


“Yes, we are quite intimate people! So much so that we have even watched adult videos together!"


"" ... ""


Seeing the atmosphere that had formed between us, quickly some men who are surely part of the organizers' security approach us. So after we all cleared up the misunderstanding and they checking that everyone put their weapons away, they leave without any problem.

Well, now Balalaika's eyes were even sharper when he saw me...


Ignoring that, I don't think all the people who attended this place are best friends, so these things must be pretty normal for them. Well, with things quieter, I could now resume my conversation with Balalaika.