Chapter 350 The Maid And Her Master 3
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"F-Fuck... t-that gave me a good scare..."


"Damn it! If you don't help, then don't intervene Alexander!! "


Before Revy could pull the trigger, I managed to kick her hand a little to deflect the weapon...


"H-Hell!!! You shot me, Revy!! "


"Don't blame me, Dutch! It was Alexander's fault!! "


“… Don't worry, Vin. Surely with a little from your saliva you will be fine in a couple of days. You should be happy, a little girl was prevented from getting hurt..."


"Fuck you damn Alexander!!"


It's a shame that I couldn't stop someone from getting hurt in the end... this time Vin isn't complaining about the dents and scratches that Roberta was doing to the car, it was because the bullet had grazed his arm and that now he was bleeding a little from there... 

Well, my words weren't entirely to minimize the problem... I really thought it was a bit strange to see him complaining! A part of me thought that bullets should bounce off him by that nickname I gave him!!


…If he keeps complaining, then he will lose it again.


[Bang!] [Bang!]


"Hyaan~ P-Please don't shoot Roberta!"


"... don't worry, Gartzia-chan... she probably won't die from that"


"No! I'm sure I'll kill that bitch Maid!! "


Putting more strength in my grip on Gartzia-chan so that something like before does not happen again, the shooting starts one more time. So, unable to physically intervene, she directs her eyes towards me to ask me to stop Revy.




"... Don't believe her, if she could kill your Maid so easily, then surely she would have already done it"


"Fuck you!! Also, damn nun stops sleeping and do something!! "


"... zzz ... zzz-Hauch~ Tch ... this is not my business ... zzz"


[Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!]


In the end, it seems that Gartzia-chan decides to believe my words more, and calms down a bit. On the other hand... it seems like the alcohol has brought Eda down. It is a bit surprising how she can sleep peacefully while the bullets are flaring near her... it really seems that this time she trusts on her Lord too much!!


After all, she is not in the same position as me who had a good shield, that because of this, all the bullets that Roberta fired tried to be as far away from the two of us... perhaps since she does not consider her a threat due to her current condition, she wasn't targeting her either.


Also, I was a little curious where Roberta got that pistol from... now that I think about it, I remember that she kept weapons under her skirt... it seems that she has the same habit as the twins... maybe she gets along with those two.


[Bang!] [Bang!]


"Die you fucking Maid!"


"I'll kill you first, bitch!"


For several more minutes, these two women try to kill each other while also one insulting the other. It seems that Roberta's resentment had now focused on Revy... and in the same way, this last one wanted to vent with the other woman about the problems we had now.


…Umu, it's good that Roberta forgot about the old things, and Revy no longer seemed to care much about from whom it was the fault of all this happening now.




[Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!]


"Damn maid, I will capture you and have you attend to several people wearing that suit in a damn brothel!!"


"Damn criminal, I'll kill you and do the world a favor!!"


"Vin ... do you intend to get rid of your treasure now? Why did you bring us to this place? "

"... I don't know, I did it without thinking-Kuh, damn it..."


The chase ends in the same place as the previous time with Balalaika... the junkyard. Well… just like that time, this seemed like the right place for the car now... in fact, I don't know if Vin's lament was due to seeing the car when we got out, or due to the injury to his arm...

Also... I wonder if Revy has some kind of business with the brothels?


"... Shouldn't we help Revy?"




Unlike us who stayed in the place, those two girls had run away shooting at each other while covering themselves with the other junk that was here. I think those two had entered their own world now… it would certainly be something difficult to intervene now!


Well, I wasn't that worried about Revy. In skills, she was not so inferior to Roberta. And she also had several of the BIMs that I gave her before... in fact in shooting skill, Revy was a little better and, as long as them fight is this way, surely the one who would end up dying was Roberta.


…That as long as they continue like this. If things play out in a physical fight, then Revy will be the one at a disadvantage...


[Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!]


"Let them blow off steam a little...  unless you want to go and stop them, Vin?"


“…No. I think I'll follow your idea, Alexander... 

I don't want to take any more bullets"


After seeing the gun flashes as it was now dark, Vin and I discussed a bit about what to do next… in the end, it seems that neither of us wanted to intervene in the fight of those two girls.


…The bombs that Leona placed all over this place should still be there. Sadly, unlike the time we faced Balalaika's group, these were not that good for dealing with just one person. Plus, with Revy running all over the place too, she might be the one who ends up flying through the air.




…And neither my resentment with Roberta was so strong as for I had to kill her for ruining the image of the maids that I had in my mind. Also, it would be unfortunate to see the tear-stained face of the girl who cares for her.


" seems like you're not that stupid after all, brat"


"... what's up boy, do you have some domestic problems?"


[Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!]


While the shots continued to be heard around the place, two cars stop next to us, and immediately some people get out of them. They were two of the most influential leaders in this city… Balalaika and Mr. Chen.


…I was wondering if I would have to walk home since I don't think Vin's car would start again, but it seems that now I can ask the first one to take us! As for the other person… I think it was the first time I had seen him in person.


He seemed like a pretty laid back man, and he actually comes up to me in a good mood saying that. He was certainly someone different from the stereotype of a harsh mob leader...


"Only a few... but I don't think this is too much trouble either."

"What's going on? Can't you stay still without causing trouble for a few days, brat? 


"That is cruel, Balalaika-onesan~ This is not..."


No… I think this is largely my fault. If I hadn't gotten involved with Gartzia-chan, maybe none of this would have happened. Well, there is no meaning in crying over spilled milk.


“…Well, if you don't want to intervene, then how about I help you? I can stop them if you want"


“Oh~ Finally the Tsun phase of our relationship end up and started the Dere? You seem to be in a very good mood today, Balalaika-onesan~"


"Fuck you damn brat! Who's in phase Dere?!! "




"C-Captain... y-you must remember the agreement we have."


Well, that's true. Unlike Sakaki, I don't think her personality is that of a Tsundere… I just liked teasing her a bit to remove that rigid face that she usually has. Her face a little flushed probably due to Mr. Chen starting to laugh a little involuntarily, was very nice to see.


" Stop joking, you damn brat… do you want me to help you or not?!"


“Well… I'd appreciate it if you could do something. I really don't want either of those two girls to die. "


“Hmp~ It's not free, so you don't have to thank me… you'll have to honestly answer some of my questions!"


“ That hurts me a bit, Balalaika-onesan… I've always been honest with you, you know?


...Are porn videos not enough anymore? …Do you want us to play the policeman and the thief? Are you going to tie me to a bed?


Although it would be nice to see you in a sexy police uniform instead of that charmless military uniform… to be honest, I'd rather prefer to be the one on the other side… what if I'm the one tying up you, Balalaika-onesan? "


"Hahaha boy, it really seems like you have enough guts to annoy this woman. "


"Fine, damn Alexander! It seems like you want to die first before those two kill each other... "




I think it was time to stop or she would actually shoot me... she already had her hand on the gun after all. 

Well, this time I wasn't just joking with her… when she offered to help me stop Roberta and Revy, I already understood that there should be something behind it. She was not a woman who cared about other people outside of her group after all… probably if Roberta and Revy ended up killing each other, then she wouldn't even blink.


"Well... I'll answer a few questions as long as they're not very intimate... I can be a bit shy about some topics"


"Tch ... why did you have to complicate things so much? You couldn't just say that.


Did you all not hear him? Stop those two."

"Yes, Captain"


Recovering a bit from her previous attitude, Balalaika orders his men to move and stop the two girls who continued fighting. Not that I was entertained by watching them fight and crawl through the mud that a little rain that started to fall had created... well, if they didn't have weapons with them and they didn't really want to break each other's teeth or rip each other's hair out, it might have been a bit entertaining.


Unfortunately, it wasn't like that and they could actually seriously hurt themselves if this continued. The only thing preventing me from intervening now was that they would surely shoot me if I did! And that included Revy and not just Roberta!! So unless things got really bad, then I'd step in... or in this case, if someone else takes the bullets for me instead, that's much better.


Balalaika's men were pretty good so when those girls see them surrounding them, they have no choice but to stop… of course, that doesn't stop Revy from staring at me for not giving her a chance to kill Roberta.


“…She could end up killing you too, you know? I really don't want something like that to happen... "


“H-Hmp~ I can kill that bitch with no problem! There is no need for you to worry!"


"R-Roberta... d-don't fight anymore, please"


"Young lady... don't worry about me, I can take care of that woman without problems"


After they were stopped, I and Gartzia-chan walked towards them who continued to watch each other as if looking for the opportunity to bite each other… shit! Not that I wanted to insult both of them by comparing them to a dog! My words were totally literal!!


I have to hold Revy quite tightly and probably the only thing keeping Roberta from pushing her young missus aside is her loyalty.


"Don't move or I won't be able to heal you well"




"R-Roberta... you are injured too"




I took some potions to heal Revy from some scratches and bruises that she had made… besides, I also gave some to Gartzia-chan to do the same with Roberta telling her that they were some medicines. I thought that this way they would calm down and be a bit distracting, but it doesn't seem like it worked at all...

… In truth these two seem to have even forgotten the reason why they had started the fight. Even though I and Gartzia-chan try to stop them from continuing this, they don't seem to want to.


Also, I actually felt a bit bad seeing Revy hurt even though it was only at this level… so, maybe seeing my reaction while treating her injuries, she decides to stay still finally.


In the end, it seems that the adrenaline of the girls loses its effect on both women's bodies, and this problem calms down quite a bit. So we all returned to the Black Lagoon building in a Balalaika vehicle… as I was a bit tired, I tell her that I will keep my promise to answer some of her questions another day.


Then, although she frowns a bit, without saying much she returns to her base. As for Mr. Chen, while the guy made a good impression on me, the two of us didn't have many deals and I just said goodbye to him by raising my hand in the junkyard.


As for the culprits of all this hustle today... for now, I decided to accommodate them in our building as well. I didn't want to get involved with them at first… mainly with Roberta. But since things turned out this way, I couldn't just ignore them now... although that doesn't mean I'll help them now either.


Also, I'm a little curious about those two… especially the little girl. But I keep the same thought as before when I met Gartzia-chan at the bar… if things aren't too complicated, then I don't see why not help her. But… if not, then I can only reject her… I have quite a few things to do and it's not like I'm idle.


Returning to the building, those who had a quiet day are a bit surprised to see the two new people who will stay here for a while. But this does not cause any problems, and they quickly accept this.


Surely the only one who had any complaints about this was Revy who, scowling and sulky, goes straight to the bathroom to clean up all the mud that had been added to her. I was tempted to tell Roberta that she could also go with her and maybe that way they would leave the resentments they had with the other for being naked and having nothing to hide... in the end I discard that idea since instead of rubbing her back each other, it is very likely that they will try to drown each other!

...Roberta will have to clean up after Revy.


On the other hand, I think I'll have to wait some time to tell Revy that I will leave this world... at least until the swelling from a few bruises on her face disappears and she doesn't have what happened recently on the mind so present.


The good thing is that, despite having a somewhat busy day, there are no nighttime inconveniences and we can rest peacefully. Maybe, if strange sounds were heard tonight, then this time Revy would fulfill her promise with those two to shoot them in their noble parts… it's a relief that I no longer had to see blood in the night.


…I think I forgot something. 

Well, I'm a little tired right now, so that if something important, I should remember it tomorrow... probably. Then with all the people sleeping in this room taking their positions on the bed, before I know it, I fall asleep.