Chapter 2
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There are many differences between feline and...dogs. Dogs have a snout, they have more teeth. A long digestive tract. They were tamed to assist hunting while cats were tamed to assist killing pets. I mean pests! Cats were tamed to kill small annoying pests.

But they share many similarities as well. One of those is what I am experiencing right now.

There was a heavy weight on top of me, almost suffocating me. I didn't even need to guess what was happening.

"Get off slut."

"Mmm," gave the said slut a little yawn before getting up, and rolling off my chest which she had so quickly made her humble abode, "Good mornings, Master."


"What was the slut part?"

"Sleeping with a man you just met yesterday, what else should I call you."

She giggled at my response, and nudged herself a little closer. I wanted to flip the blanket along with her. Most appropriately, just roll her in the blanket and throw her in a well.

But I was unable to, I was caught in her stinky trap. The stinky trap which had a spicy smell of cinnamon. Before I knew it, she was already hugging my arm.

"Begone sucumbus," I say, "I am not interested in the ways of furry."

She pouted, "Master, you are such a pervert. I just want to hug you!" She squealed in joy as she let her breasts melt around my hand, enveloping me in a strange warmth and giddiness.

"Next thing you will say is that you want to lick me, and then you want all the money. Then you want to be immortal and then you will enhilate all cats!"

She did in fact licked me next, which startled me, and then she pushed me back on bed.

"Maybe, just maybe I'll kill all cats, Master, but I won't if you don't want me to. I am your lovely little doggo after all."

"And that's all you ever will be, now get off," I say pushing her aside to get up.

The inn we were in, officially called [Bean block, M district, Nyamachi All Gender Inn] was a free service for adventurers; included alongside [Thumb block, U district, Nyamachi Hospital]. It's a job with many benefits, mainly because the person is basically giving up on Right of Life. And it's civilians.

Oh yes, we both are adventurers now. Pretty cool stuff.

Anyhow, that means we have things to do.

Basically we have to earn money and stuff. To survive.

I am worried how quickly I adapted to the whole situation, just in a flick of a finger.

Perhaps I still think this is a dream. It all just happened so fast. Doki did all the giuld stuff, and the inn stuff, and the shopping for vegetables and essentials and maos and everything.

Perhaps this is a dream, one can only wonder. With that in mind, I decided to take full advantage of this fantastical dream, even if there are dogs here.

"What will we be doing today?"

"Just some pests, nothing too difficult for my lovely master," she said with a devious grin.

"Pests? They don't expect us to pick off hundreds of caterpillars or something?"

"Don't worry at all, dearest, they are just pigeon sized, not many."

"Did I hear something dangerous right there?"

"What do you mean master?"

"You said something..weird," I say while narrowing my eyes and nudging my way away from her.

"Oh my, master doesn't seem to be awake fully right now," she patted her thighs, "would you like a little nap?"

"No," I reply sternly.

"Just a lil one? Teeny meeny one?"

"No, I was a bit sleepy, but you just gave me nightmares to keep me awake for a fortnight."

"Aww," she says while reaching for a hug, "does that mean I am always in your thoughts, even when your eyes are closed?"

"Not in your wildest dreams," I say as I flick away her forehead.

We were at a meadow now. I was still wearing my casual clothes, an extremely loose white shirt with a watermelon slice on it, a statement of summers; while Koki was in a new get up, a dairy farmer. Wearing brown overalls with a sun hat, she told me how one of her powers is to change clothes. Or rather, to manifest clothes on her body.

"I can change into a maid, you know? Or even a nurse!"

"Not interested."

"Hm? How about your 8th grade geography teacher?"

"Wh-do-how do you know about her!"

"Shhh, don't scream, or else everyone will know how much you love calling girls 'Mama'."

Anyhow, changing topics, we come to more important matters.

The meadow in front of me, was indeed infested. By huge bugs, they were indeed bird sized, but had stingers like bee or a sucker like mosquito. Some had armored plates like beatle.

But the core problem was, all of them, and that includes all of them, were cats.

Well, not completely cats, but they most definitely were furry four legged, triangular eared flying things.

They didn't even meowed, they made the ordinary bug sound of buzzing everywhere. It honestly disgusted me so much, the fact that they were cats possessed by souls of pests made my heart ache.

"Is this...I think, I might..have a heart attack."

"Oh my," Koki lifted my head to take a look at my now pale skin, "What happened?" she hugged me tightly, "is it a heatstroke?"

"Hugging, would be a very bad in case of a heatstroke," but somehow, it was very calming. There was a nostalgic feeling to it, the texture of hair, the smell, of feel of the rough cloth. It wasn't comfortable by any means, my posture was bad, and she would make a terrible pillow, isn't the worst thing in the world.

"Tee hee, I suppose if master still has his wits, the situation cannot be that bad. So, what happened?"

"Nothing, perhaps..just..bugs..but, don't you see they are...cats?"

"Oh my, master truly is a cat lover. He sees cats everywhere, what a poetic way to live, but," she snatched a flying bug from the air, "take a close look, this isn't a kitty."

Now that I was looking at it closely, it looked even more like a cat. Sure, it was getting squished by Koki and drooling yellow puss, but from this close, I could see a triangular nose along with whiskers. It struggled to get out, wiggling it's four tiny paws all around.

"I think I'll just watch for today, i don't..i don't think I can do it."

"It's alright master, just watch for today. I'll do all the work."

It didn't took long. It was a massacre, to be honest. Koki was dancing there, and I don't mean elegant dancing. This was a murderous rage, she sweeped through like a rotor blade, and her strikes were almost invisible. Not to mention her athleticism, she could jump almost 4 feet high, and round house kick bugs very accurately.

On our way back, where I was even more mentally exhausted, almost at the point of passing out and vomiting, I saw a strange sighting.

There was a tree, a big old tree, with many branches, spread almost across 20 square feet area, adorned by red drapings and strings. At the base was a rough granite statue. It's features were non existent, it barely had visible eyes, but it very clearly had triangular ears with a snout.

"Is that, like your brother or father, or, something?" I talked like a drunken, very fazed out from reality,

"How rude master! All dogs aren't my relatives!"

"Oh, sorry there."

"Also, that one is me!"

"You?" I raised my eyebrow at the clear lack of snout, or actually, any dog feature other than the shape of tail and her behaviour.

"Yes me! Aren't you proud master?"

"Hmm, I suppose? I don't really know what that is."

"It's a little shrine, or to be more accurate, a seal. The people here believe ghosts live within trees, so they do that to keep them in."

"Oh? So what are you? A saint, or something?"

"Oh, just a minor God, a small one. Not much importance."

"A god? How convenient, what are you dog-I mean god of?"

"Hm? Nothing much master, just Time, Space and Death. The small things, you see?"