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[Name: Bai Yu]

[Cultivation Level: Small circle of 4th stage of Qi Condensation]

[Talent: Insight]

[Speciality: Pure Qi]

[Martial Arts: Shadowless Movement Art (Mastered), Thirteen Sword Waves (Small Accomplishment), Seven Celestial Movement (Not started)]

[Magic: Petal Magic, Lightweight Technique,]

[Items: Bag of Holding, Silversword, Sock, Black Gloves, Leaves of Healing]


I looked at the weekly report in front of me with joy. The progress was evident compared to the previous week. Not only did I get magic of an unknown rank, Petal Magic, but I also secured a life-saving trump card.

The magic that appeared in my memory was not a single form of magic but an aggregation of different forms of Petal magic. I focused on the inheritance I obtained as the description of each magic appeared in my mind.

[Petal Tribulation: Form razor-sharp petals into the air with Qi to rain them down on enemies. Can be enhanced by adding comprehension of different types of Qi to strengthen the power of petals]

[Incarnate as a Petal: Turn your body into a small group of petals to move but you can't use it for a long time and requires insight into the artistic conception of Petals. The loss of a small number of petals will not cause self-damage. Requires an enormous amount of Qi.]

[Petal Illusions: Create illusions using fluttering Petals. The power of Illusions is parallel to the comprehension of the artistic conception of Petals. Illusion can be strengthened using petals of Hallucinogenic plants as casting material.]

Petal magic is not only an attack-type magic, but it can also produce illusions and be used for evasion.

It was wonderful magic. So, I wanted to try it. Among the three magic, with my current cultivation base, the most effective magic to learn first will be Petal Tribulation.

Though there is a bit of favoritism, only [Petal Tribulation] was the safest and can be used immediately. [Incarante into Petal] needs too much Qi while the Illusion I make will be extremely weak with my lack of comprehension of the nature of Petals.

Of course, the deciding factor was that learning this magic will cover my drawback of not having any long-range attacks. Plus, Raining down razor-sharp petals is too drippy not to learn immediately.

So I got started.

Since I don't have many belongings, my room was mostly empty and quite spacious.

Hmm...Let's just try it here, what's the worse that could happen?


Activating insight, I moved my qi according to the knowledge I had obtained. My hand started to glow pink as I tried to imagine a petal.

I felt my qi draining as I felt something forming in my palm...Not.

Petal...petal...The first thing that came to my mind was the beautiful cherry blossom I had seen. The pink petals danced on the wind as they fluttered through the sky. I focused on that image I moved my qi.

My qi moved as pale pink cherry blossom leaves drifted from my open palm as if the wind was making them dance across the room.

"Eh?" I looked at the petals in my hand shocked.

I fully expected to not succeed for the first time since I had already raised a flag but...I glanced at the pink cherry petals that were soft to the touch.

Does that mean that I am a genius? Maybe not.

It's just that Insight was too useful for visualization and concentration, so I succeeded without a hitch.

Of course, my proficiency in this magic is still quite low, so it will be a while until the deadly cherry blossoms.

Just as I was going to practice some more, I heard the faint sound of a bell ringing.

That's right, Today Elder Liu is going to give a lecture.

I picked up my outer sect robe and the jade pendant and made a run for it.


I walked toward the large courtyard, meeting several disciples in the process. I greeted them with a warm smile which they returned. Helping others with the lecture, and being polite seems to do wonders to form a good reputation, so I was well-liked in the [First Courtyard]. Does it have to do with my beautiful face?... Probably not.

I walked toward my usual spot and greeted the Qin sisters who were already there.

"Good morning" I greeted Liuli and Qin Yue.

"..." Liuli just pouted at my greeting.

Why is she angry?

I poked Qin Yue asking in a hushed voice, "What happened? Why is Liuli angry?"

Qin Yue looked at her pouting sister and just shrugged, "She is mad that we didn't invite her to the outing yesterday. She is ignoring me too."

Well, that makes sense...

I glanced at Liuli and coincidentally met her eyes. She then hurriedly turned the other way, still pouting.

"Can you appease her?" I asked Qin Yue. After all, it was kind of our fault for not inviting her.

"I tried but she won't listen. Why don't you try Bai Yu? She seems to listen to you to an extent." I nodded at her words and poked Qin Liuli but she didn't face me.

So, I poked her once again but she still refuse to turn toward me. So, I brought out the big guns.

I called Yue and told her my plan who nodded with a strange glitter in her eyes.

"Liuli. We are sorry. Can you forgive us?" I asked but the answer I received was silence.

Seeing that she was still insistent on not talking to us, I nodded at Qin Yue who stretched her sinful hands toward Liuli's stomach and tickled her hard.

"Wait! Wait! What are you doing?" Liuli was shocked as Qin Yue tickled her.

"So, will you forgive us?" It sounded more like a threat than pleading but well who cares.

"Ugh!" Liuli finally couldn't stand the hellish technique as she finally surrendered.

"Okay. Okay. I forgive you. Can you stop?" Liuli said out of breath.

Qin Yue stopped tickling as Liuli took deep breaths.

"I forgive you this time. But next time, call me too!" Liuli said with her face blushing due to the intense tickling.

"Sure." Qin Yue and I nodded as the surrounding people also stop paying attention.


Elder Liu, today explained an auxiliary technique, the Exploratory pursuit technique. With insight active, I was able to understand this technique easily. Basically, this was a movement technique especially useful in the wild.

Though I already had a movement technique, it doesn't hurt to learn this technique as well since it's free.

Elder Liu usually teaches about cultivation or teach some auxiliary techniques. My Lightweight technique was also learned from the weekly lecture.

Soon, the lecture also came to an end and disciples began dispersing from the courtyard.

I was going to walk away as well when I heard a call.

"Disciple Bai Yu. Please Come here." It was Elder Liu.