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Bai Yu's eyes flicked back and forth between the two notebooks, his heart racing with excitement as he grinned. Both notebooks contained information about secondary professions: Formation Setter and Alchemist, respectively.

Among the many mainstream secondary professions in the cultivation world, Alchemist and Formation Setter were the most popular and also the most difficult to pursue due to their popularity. However, Bai Yu's first choice was neither of them. Unfortunately, one cannot have everything one desires.

His first choice for a secondary profession was the elusive and mysterious- Seer. Just the name alone was enough to explain why it was his top choice. Especially since he might have an affinity to be a seer with the constant premonitions he has, normally impossible for someone of his cultivation.

His heightened sensitivity to the workings of Heaven and Earth with Insight may have also played a role in those premonitions. But with no solid information to go by, he could not test his hypothesis. Though he had a vague idea of where to start searching the knowledge about seers, it would take a while before he made any actual progress. A pity.

Oh, how he wished he could simply bullshit his way into becoming a seer.

But alas, it was not meant to be.

But Bai Yu just lamented about it for an instant then he calmed down.

Let's take baby steps, there is no need to rush.

He then turned his attention to the two journals.

At first, he pondered which secondary profession to choose after seeing seer was out of the option, then he narrowed it down to the aforementioned Alchemist and Formation Setter. Each had its own merits, but he couldn't decide on just one. Then, he had a realization.

Why choose only one when you can choose all of them? Yeah, a certified big-brain moment.

Bai Yu's decision was further strengthened when he realized that each of the protagonists excelled in those two fields. He could simply buy their knowledge and become a master of all trades. A feat that would only be possible with his learning hax.

Of course, convincing both of them was no easy feat. Jiang Chen, in particular, seemed to want nothing to do with him. But Bai Yu knew that where there's a will, there's a way. And in this case, the way through the Four Flavoured Wine. As the saying goes, "If money can't buy something, then you're not using enough of it."

So, in the end, he succeeded in his endeavor of acquiring these journals. So, Bai Yu took the two journals and sat on the desk.

As he began to read, his mind came alive with a frenzied intensity. His Insight active, his brain was in a state of overclock, and he felt as if he could absorb information at an astonishing rate. He breezed through the pages, the words and diagrams swirling around him in a dizzying blur.

With each passing moment, he became familiar with the theory of this profession. His mind was organizing the information, making connections between seemingly disparate concepts, and learning the core principles of each profession.

But as he continued to read, the fatigue began to accumulate. The sudden rush of information was too much for his mind to handle. Coming out of the trance-like state, where knowledge was so clear, Bai Yu exhaled a long, deep sigh.

He reached for the jar of wine at his side. He took a small sip, the cool liquid instantly refreshing him and reinvigorating his body. His eyes brightened as he gazed at the two journals.

Worth it!

Spending one and a half jar of the four-flavored Monkey wine was truly a fair price to pay for these journals.

Both had come from the hands of Xianxia protagonists, each a master in their respective fields. The journal about formation masters came from a reincarnated sage, while the one about alchemy came from the greatest alchemist of the future.

Of course, the alchemist journal was a bit too detailed, containing vast logs of experience, so much so that he was sure that the knowledge contained within it had come from Xiao Tian's portable grandpa. So it was all the more reason to cherish it.

Bai Yu calm down and started to once again drown himself into the sea of knowledge.


[Elder Liu]

On the day of the lecture, Liu Zhang explained another of the free martial art taught in the sect - The Bone Forging Fists. This art was meant for body cultivation, as practicing it strengthened one's physique by focusing on strengthening the bones of the body.

However, on this particular day, Liu Zhang went above and beyond, providing detailed explanations of the martial art and even sharing his own experiences. The reason for this was the impending outer sect competition, which held significant importance to Liu Zhang since his reward was directly proportional to the ranking of his courtyard. As a result, he increased the number of lectures for the disciples and helped improve their cultivation realms.

After a few hours, Elder Liu finished his preaching and glanced at the disciples below him indifferently, then said, "There is only a month left before the Outer Gate Competition, and the quota for it will be determined shortly. If any of you are not satisfied with your ranking, please take this opportunity to challenge your seniors and showcase your strength."

As his voice trailed off, no one came forward immediately. However, Liu Zhang knew that there would be a few challengers soon, so he waited patiently.

As predicted, someone soon spoke up, "Disciple Bai Yu asks for Brother Yao Ping's advice!"

Liu Zhang raised his brow in surprise, as did many other disciples. However, he didn't show his emotions outwardly, but instead motioned to Yao Ping to come forward.

A dark-haired man rose from his seat and strode towards the arena, sizing up Bai Yu, who stood opposite him. The hulking man towered over Bai Yu, but it only served to pique Liu Zhang's interest.

Now, it's getting interesting.


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