What to expect!
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What to expect;

Strong Romance, Harem, Incest, Slow Pace, Strong MC, Smart MC, Reincarnated MC, Dark. Read details for further information.

Strong Romance; MC is romantic type of a guy that abhors to use women. There will be many women around him but he will woo them with love.

Harem(Incest); There will be many women from the anime and some OCs. Momo and their mother will also be part of the harem.

Slow Pace; It is not going to be meeting and fucking in an instant. I like to take my time and build up the romance before getting into the action so if you are looking for quick fucks, this story is not for you.

Strong but not Overpowered MC; He is always stronger than average but not omnipotent. Expect him to fallback and lost things just to rise on his feet stronger.  Although the main theme is not power, the novel has some.

Some dark truths about world that may trigger you. Abuse of minors and worse. Never done by MC, will never be done MC but as MC discovers more about the Dark Organization, the nastier it will get. If you are a snowflake, I don't recommend you to read.

For now the publish schedule is a chapter on weekdays and two chapters on weekends.