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/ Series / Creati Hero: All-Father[Completed]
Creati Hero: All-Father[Completed]
Creati Hero: All-Father[Completed]
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3.8 (83 ratings)
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Mokami Yaoyorozu, born as Momo's twin brother with advanced Quirk that allows him to create even living things. With the ability to change the structure of everything, he tries to become a hero in his second life.

But one day he sees his father's dark deeds and realizes rich people all around the globe are part of something big and dark. To protect his family and innocent, he starts to get stronger while scheme through their ranks, so he can destroy them from within.

Join Mokami in his exciting life!

What to expect;

Strong Romance; MC is romantic type of a guy that abhors to use women. There will be many women around him but he will woo them with love.

Harem(Incest); There will be many women from the anime and some OCs. Momo and their mother will also be part of the harem.

Slow Pace; It is not going to be meeting and fucking in an instant. I like to take my time and build up the romance before getting into the action so if you are looking for quick fucks, this story is not for you.

Strong but not Overpowered MC; He is always stronger than average but not omnipotent. Expect him to fallback and lose things just to rise on his feet stronger. Although the main theme is not power, the novel has some.

Some dark truths about world that may trigger you. Abuse of minors and worse. Never done by MC, will never be done MC but as MC discovers more about the Dark Organization, the nastier it will get. If you are a snowflake, I don't recommend you to read.

For now the publish schedule is a chapter on weekdays and two chapters on weekends.

Bnha Boku no Hero Academia MHA My Hero Academia
Antihero Protagonist Based on an Anime Battle Academy Caring Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Fantasy World Heroes Imperial Harem Incest Nudity R-18 Secret Organizations Slow Romance Special Abilities
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Table of Contents
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    Status: ch49- suspect

    The story and the script are so captivating that you can't stop reading, I'm really enjoying this work a lot and I can't wait to read more. Honestly it's one of the most captivating I've read so far and it's only 49 cap so far

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: what to expect!

    Its kinda good though there are somethings that I find weird and not really sure about

    1. Why use a hero name All-Father. Such a weird name to be called about. Still dont get it why use creati hero instead of creation hero. I know momo says something like because he is her hero or something but still dont get it.

    2. Weird use of -chan. I know as kids its okay but he is like a little older now. Even if you're family just weird.

    3. At the early part of the chapters 18+ scene chapters are too much, not saying that its bad but had to skip them. Cause having it too much make it boring in the later chapter

    4. His interaction with the members of the harem is weird, Im okay with harem but there is something weird that I cant explain. Maybe its kinda forced or something

    Well in the its kinda good (?) For me. Just have problem with that

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: ch62- first rounds

    Honestly, a nice change to other MHA fanfics. I hope the MC becomes more op or finds out other ways to use and improve his powers, testing his limits.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ch159- no!

    I'm on chapter 159 and I really love the story.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: ch63- crush him!

    Story is good.

    Cons: MC sometimes dun use full power for some stupid reason. MC also quite passive. MC quite slow to bang some of the girls like his sister.

    Read More

    1 Likes · Like
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