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/ Series / What is this ‘Dimensional Chat’ ?
What is this ‘Dimensional Chat’ ?
What is this ‘Dimensional Chat’ ?
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My name is Satria Akbar.

I'm just an ordinary man in college with a part-time job, but when I see a kid who almost got crashed into by a truck, I save her, and the result? Yes, I am dying.

I think my life is finally over, but somehow I was reborn in an unknown world with a new identity as Shidou Matsumi, a normal teenager with a normal family.

[Welcome to Dimensional Chat]

[You have been chosen as admin in this group.]

[Enter your nickname]

Preparation is ready. [Now invite the group member.]

[Welcome, Pervert Sage]

[Welcome, Evil Spirit]

[Welcome Man with Gender Equality]

[Welcome, Ice Sadist]

[Welcome to Dimensional Chat]

What the hell is this 'Dimensional Chat"?


Member of Group Chat:
1. Satria
2. Jiraiya (Naruto)
3. Kurumi (Date a Live)
4. Esdeath (Akame ga Kill)
5. Kazuma (Konosuba)
6. Peter Parker (Marvel)
7. Emilia (Re-Zero)
8. Arthuria Pendragon (FGO)
9. Dick Grayson (DC)
10. Patronus (Naruto AU)
11. Fran (Reincarnated as Sword)
12. Ruby Rose (RWBY)

ActionComedyEcchiHaremIsekaiMartial ArtsRomanceSlice of Life
Based on an Anime Businessmen Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Charismatic Protagonist Chat Rooms Childish Protagonist Doting Love Interests Dragon Riders Dragons Early Romance Gore Interdimensional Travel Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    New AltairMaster
    Status: chapter 68. release the neet dragon

    Here is my hopefully constructive review for the author:

    - First and foremost, my biggest pet peeve, is when you speak in your native language which you notice is Indonesian, and you don't parenthesize your English translation, and by doing that you take away immersion in the story I strongly recommend fixing that.

    - Second the pace of the novel feels too fast for a good read, I'm not saying it's horrible, but it feels at least to me that I'm reading, as if everyone is talking too fast and changing scenes in less than 10s and that overwhelms the average reader as they are not used to having such a fast read, they read these novels is for enjoyment and to pass the time.

    - 3rd the personality of the MC is a bit too chaotic, in terms of changing from serious, funny, playful, and murderous mood very fast, which I understand can be one of its attractions, but you didn't define if he is like that before he died and it was because of his rebirth in this world, since at the beginning you make him look like a serious MC, wise but at the same time funny, who doesn't do so many crazy things, but as the story continues he becomes too crazy, and does many stupid things that as you put at the beginning he should know when and when not to act so stupid, like when he finished his fight with kokabiel acting stupid just to make him angry and at the end kiyohime scolds him for that, you put it as if he does not understand why he is scolded but clearly he should know what he does wrong, you need to work I'm not saying it's bad because it's fun to watch but, you need to at least explain why he is like that, at least for me because there are times in the reading that it was very frustrating to read how he acted, but it's not so bad, but it's something to improve,

    - 4rto would be to put a little more development to the romance, because they fall in love very fast, and it is em both the MC and the women, give them a little more development it feels very fake their love like that when they fall in love suddenly and already love each other for life, some are passable like valiana who is a dragon and likes a strong male, but the others are a little fast very fast,

    Having said that for now are all the problems that I have seen in the novel that you can improve, otherwise it is an excellent story, I recommend reading for enjoyment and to pass the time, it is seen that future enemies will be very strong and I liked the duality that you applied to naruto AU and the MC of light and dark in the chat, the banlance for the group, that half I could see and sorry if I'm wrong would be like in the Hindu mythology of Shiva and Vishnu, Thanks for bringing this novel and hope you never abandon it!!! Good luck on your journey

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 61. repentance

    finished the binge.

    I think the reason for the declined stats is that the earlier chapters and few of the later chapters are still unedited or not corrected.

    It's okay to use a different language sometimes but there really is the need for a translation next to it too. Since the MC is still using his past life's language. but as an author, if you want to write it in english, you have to make sure that either everything is in english or at the very least.... all have translations in english. most readers are expecting english, and since there's untranslated language, it greatly affects the reading experience. not everyone is patient in this kind of stuff.

    grammar did improve. so there's that.

    As for the story itself, I didn't have any problem on it. I love how the pictures/gifs/links are included in most chapters. Helping out with the less need for text descriptions of how the characters looks like or what they're wearing. some of the ost are not that on point tho (just my personal opinion), since it's not about just the reference on which show or scene it came from but usually music like that needs to be in line with the flow of the chapter.

    Already said this, I also liked the side stories. Tho I prefer reading about other chatgroup members since the main story is already mostly about the MC and those MC interacts with.

    Overall, I did enjoy my binge so thank you for the good read. Looking forward on how the story goes.                     not sure for others but I personally think most people outside the US are multilinguals. since other than the native tongue, most people in other countries learn english or another language. so there's really no need to break immersion of the readers by not having translations right after reading the non-english parts that doesn't have an explanation or sort of translation later in the conversation. just like in some stand up comedies, even if they didn't translate, at the very least they tell the audience what it was about. 

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 20

    I will be blunt, it is average. Grammar has been bad so far but I can see some minor improvements. The main problem will be writing style, which is awkward. 

    MC is weird, he says he is not emo and then gets tamed by Kiyohime. He is Shonen then?? Also just a single question, why reincarnate him in a harem world if no harem? No harem is fine when you can make it good, it is either quality or quality and you sucked in both.

    The interactions are weird, their personalities are a bit weird as well, especially how easily they accept Dimensional chat thingy.

    He gets rewarded with gamer system something that can make him a God but then sells for like 20 k coins? OK, them how will he get strong? Dxd is not a cheerfully world, it is a cruel sadistic one and everything seems childish to me.

    Maybe I was here for a serious work, and got a parody. Whatever not my taste, bye

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    5 Likes · Like

    Do you love Serious and Edgy MC? Then it's not for you. 

    MC is kind of Weird, Childish, and Funny. 

    At first, I considered not reading this because of the grammar problem in the early chapter but it's surprisingly improved and the story begins to become more interesting with each chapter I've read. 

    What is best about this fanfic is the action, The Author did a good job in writing on it. 

    The way Satria handles his problem is unique and different from other MCs I've ever read outside here. 

    I don't know how to describe him, He's just that weird. 

    Keep up the Good Work and perhaps fix an early chapter to invite more audience. 

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