Calm Before the Storm
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I dreamt I was swimming in a bottomless ocean. Inky blackness beneath me, the shimmering, glittering surface above. In the dream, I was swimming towards that surface, lungs burning for air, but no matter how I struggled, it never seemed to get any closer.

Which made sense when I woke up with a start on my bed and found out that Mochi had rolled over on top of me, her breast forming a perfect seal over my face.


That breast was soft enough that I could push it off enough to gasp for air, but it was considerably trickier to roll the snoozing pokegirl off of me. She was heavier than she looked, too soft to get a proper grip, and even when I finally managed to escape, she was still peacefully dozing off, and probably would continue to do so till the late afternoon.

“You’re lucky you’re such a good body pillow,” I said as I squeezed an overflowing handful of her chest in my palm.

Mochi gave a slight moan and squirmed, then continued to keep dreaming.

Looking at the other side of the bed, I saw that Yang was gone, so dressed in my boxers and a red t-shirt, I walked over towards the door to the balcony and looked down to the training area. Sure enough, there she was, up early, covered in sweat, and hard at work. What I didn’t expect was for Yuna to be down there with her.

Both were dressed in the same simple spandex shorts and sports bra, black for Yang, a sky blue for Yuna that matched her hair.

The two stood at opposite ends of the simple dirt arena, gave a bow, and then Yang erupted forward, unleashing a barrage of blazing strikes, the flames trailing behind her fists like the tail of a comet. Each one looked much more dangerous than you’d want for a friendly spar, but Yuna turned them aside one after the other, flowing from one defense to the next, either just barely dodging the attack, parrying it aside, or occasionally forming a split-second shield of ice that shattered on impact.

The longer Yang’s barrage went, the faster the attacks started to fly, until abruptly Yuna hand grabbed onto Yang for a shoulder throw, flipping her over with a loud impact and a cry of pain from Yang. She didn’t stay down long though, kicking out at Yuna as she spun back up to her feet.

“Hard at work?” I called down to the two from the balcony.

“You’re up!” I never got tired of seeing Yang’s tail wagging with excitement. “Want to join us?”

Yuna wiped the sweat off her forehead, flicked it away as little crystal flecks of ice. “If you think you can handle us.”

Yang and Faye still weren’t on the best of terms with each other, but I’d been surprised by how close Yang had gotten to Yuna in the meantime. And while she’d been rather meek and timid when we’d first met, I now chalked that up to shyness, with Yuna becoming more confident the more she relaxed around the group.

“Sure, I’ll give it a shot.”

For a brief time when I was fifteen, I’d been enthralled by parkour. Growing up in grassy suburbs, about the only thing to leap over were the fire hydrants and picket fences around the neighborhood. So when I followed the online tutorial for landing after a big fall, I’d climbed the ladder up to the roof, taken a big flying leap, and promptly broke my leg in three places. That was the end of my interest in parkour, and now, as I swung over the railing and dropped down to the ground, my stomach still did a flip. There was about as much impact as I’d expect from jumping down the last two steps of some stairs, but I still wasn’t completely used to it.

Lucky for me, I had plenty of sparring partners to help me get used to the new me.

“Whose first?” I asked.

“Me. That will give Yang a chance to rest.” Yuna stepped forward, and Yang seemed like she wanted to argue, but rolled her eyes and walked to the edge of the arena, sitting down on the dew-covered grass to watch.

I knew from past experience that if I charged headfirst at Yuna, it wasn’t going to work. She’d trip me or spin me or create an ice patch on the ground or… do something… and I’d end up either flat on my back or face down in the dirt. No, when fighting Yuna, the most important thing was keeping my balance. Knees bent to lower my center of gravity, a slow and cautious approach to take advantage of my longer reach.

Even that didn’t work perfectly, since she’d match my pace and make herself impossible to grab, swatting my arms away as her feet constantly kept her moving.

Fighting Yuna was a workout. Her reflexes were the sharpest out of anyone I’d sparred with. It wasn’t that she was particularly fast—in a flat out sprint, I’d win—but she seemed to see every move I made like it was in slow motion, and she efficiently used the least amount of effort to counter it. On the flipside, she didn’t have quite enough offensive power to deal with me either.

At least, that’s what I’d thought. Because when Yuna swiftly changed direction, I’d dug my feet into the dirt to follow after her, only to find that it was smooth ice instead. My feet slid out from under me, and then I felt a hard, cold blow to the head that sent me rolling, clutching at the back of my head where I’d been struck.

“Oh. Maybe I should have held back,” Yuna said. Looking at her, I could see the watermelon sized chunk of ice that had encased her lower leg crack and fall off.

“Gah…” I looked at my fingers, saw that there wasn’t any blood. I wonder what would happen if she’d used a spike instead of a blunt ball. “Maybe.”

“My turn!” Yang was swapping in before I’d even gotten back onto my feet.

Now Yang was a good matchup. Unlike with Yuna, I didn’t have to worry about any elemental attacks, and she lacked the lightning reflexes to counter every move I made. And her own movements were easy to follow. I was tougher than her, stronger too.

And yet!

I reached out to grab Yang and snatched her wrist. Or more like, she held out her wrist for me to grab and I took the bait, and when she fell onto her back, I fell with her, rolling around and wrestling. I thought I was winning, right up until she had her legs wrapped around my arm.

“Come on! Toughness is your specialty, right?” Yang teased as she planted her feet down, lifted up her hips, then yanked on my arm so hard it felt like it was going to be ripped out of its socket.

“Uncle! Jeez, uncle! I’m tapping!”

I sat in the arena, rubbing at my sore shoulder, “Where’d you even learn that?”

“Arm bars are a super basic part of MMA, Ben. If you’d come to the Gyms more, you’d pick this stuff up easily.” Yang leaned down beside me. “I didn’t go too far, did I?”

I windmilled my elbow a bit, wincing slightly. “No. I think I’m fine. It’s not too bad, and I can get a potion later if it’s still hurting.”

“Good.” Yuna stood next to Yang, leaned down with her. Unlike Yang, her breasts were big enough that the sports bra couldn’t stop her breasts from leaning too, pulled down my gravity. “Then how about one more round? Two on one?”

Whatever concern Yang had for my well-being was drowned out by excitement at the thought of fighting against me alongside Yuna. And in spite of her cool demeanor, Yuna’s eagerness for a final round was radiating off of her like a boiling pot of water.

“One more round,” I agreed.

I pulled myself up to my feet, walked over to the edge of the ring, forming a triangle as Yuna and Yang both got into position away from me.

“This time, we’re not stopping unless you make us stop,” Yang warned.

Yuna added, “Don’t think it’ll go as easily as last time either. You’re going to regret challenging us.”

They were the ones who challenged me, but I couldn’t blame her for getting into character. “Right, right. Let’s go.”

Yang dashed forwards at a full sprint, Yuna right behind her. It looked like they’d planned this ahead of time, some kind of coordination attack. I winced just imagining what they’d come up with, but before they could make it halfway across the arena, I sent out a single-word command to both of them.


Immediately, their bodies locked into place and I felt a massive spike in arousal from both girls. Yuna’s lips parted and she started panting with excitement, perverted fantasies flying through her mind, while Yang was making an effort to break through the command. Not because she thought she could, mind you. No, she was the kind of pervert that loved the feeling of defeat mixed in with her mind control, being overwhelmed by it.

And that right there was probably why the two had become as thick as thieves in the short time since Yuna and Faye had joined the harem: the two were absolutely obsessed with mind control.

Well, it’s not like I wasn’t just as bad from the other direction.

I circled the two living statues, taking some time to admire their bodies. Yang’s deep tan and toned muscles, Yuna’s soft curves and pale skin. They’d been at the morning training for a while before I’d interrupted, and there was a shiny sheen of sweat beading on their skin.

“If you aren’t going to stop me, I’m going to go ahead and lift this sports bra up.” I told Yuna as I stepped behind her. Her mouth frozen, she let out a muffled whimper. Yuna was naturally shy and slow to warm up to people. Perhaps that was why she had such a strong exhibitionist kink.

I gripped the blue sports bra at the sides and started tugging it upwards, dragging her breasts with it. The fabric was stretchy and it was squeezing on her chest tight, so the tension increased more and more like a stretched rubber band, her breasts pulled out like two pale torpedoes, before finally dropping free into the cool morning air. Yuna’s panting only got heavier from there as I gave them both a nice squeeze. They felt cool in my hands, and through our empathetic link, I could feel just how warm and toasty my hands felt on her skin.

“{Yang, come here.}” I said, making her slowly turn around and step right in front of Yuna. “{Pull your bra up too.}

For Yang, it was all about the control. It didn’t matter what orders I gave her. Just that feeling of having her will overwritten was enough to soak her panties.

“{Now the shorts. Roll them down.}” I did the same for Yuna as Yang tugged the spandex shorts down to her knees. Both girls had slimy lines of pussy drool revealed

{Closer now. Closer.}” Yang stepped forward, guided by my mental nudging until she was standing right next to Yuna. Close enough they could brush their nipples against each other.

“Ready to stop?” I asked.

“You… tease…” Yang growled out, her body shivering.

“Please, sir…” The way Yuna said it was so simple, but I could feel the dripping heat in the words, and I could feel just how turned on it made Yang to watch me control her alongside another girl.

“Not yet. First, {kiss}.”

Their eyes widened, but they obeyed without hesitation. Yuna more eagerly than Yang, taking the lead as she aggressively leaned forward and locked lips.

<I’m not…!> The thought flashed through Yang’s head, half-formed, and as she melted into the kiss, shifted to, <well… maybe a little…>


Their knees hit the dirt in unison. Same with the thought of <finally!!!> going through their heads. Pokegirls were hornier than a teenage boy as the default, but these two bordered on insatiable. I didn’t even have to say anything; when I stepped beside them, Yang pulled down my boxers without asking and dove in, Yuna going at it right beside her. Rather than split the work between the shaft and balls, they both began to flute my cock, their tongues sliding along the length, the two making out around the shaft.

“I shouldn’t be the only one who feels good.

{Yang, touch Yuna. Yuna, touch Yang.}

Yang moaned as Yuna's fingers dove into her folds, and it took her a few seconds to return the favor. When she did, Yuna let out a quiet squeak. She wasn’t as sensitive as Yang, but that didn't mean she liked it any less. Her tongue went to work, rolling and lapping against my cock, and I let out a groan as the three of us started building towards an explosive climax.

"Morning, Ben! Working hard as usual, eh?" One of the girls who lived in the dorms, named Kali, waved from the stairs. Her white hair fluttered in the wind, and her ears and tail were both wagging happily. She wore a tight black leotard and thigh-high boots, a gym bag slung over her shoulder.

"Mornin', Kali. Doing my best. You?" I gave her a wave.

"I'm doing great! I was just on my way to the Ice gym for training. Did Yuna want to come along too?" She called out to Yuna, who was still on her knees, my cock buried in her mouth.


"She says yes, so you can go on ahead and she'll catch up," I translated.

Kali let out a light laugh, "Don't go too hard on her then."

"It's two on one. Shouldn’t I be the one you're worried about?"

"True, true!" Kali walked off, and I looked back down at the two pokegirls who were still working overtime on my cock.

Yuna was outperforming Yang by a country mile, but I think that reflected more on me than Yang; whatever Yuna was doing with her fingers, it was making it impossible for Yang to concentrate. So while Yuna was bobbing up and down along my shaft, tongue pressing flat against it, fingers busy between Yang's legs, Yang struggled to keep up. Her technique was sloppy, and she'd lost the rhythm.

Yang was letting out muffled whines around my cock, her hips rocking against Yuna's hand.

"Go easy on her, Yuna. If you make her cum before me, you're the one getting punished," I warned.

Yuna didn't respond, but I felt a spike of arousal from her, a flash of a fantasy of being bound and whipped going through her mind. Yang moaned, humiliated she couldn't keep up, and put even more effort into making me cum. She was starting to lose it, her movements becoming less focused and more erratic.

"Close... keep that up..."

The two redoubled their efforts, fingers digging into each other, mouths locked around my cock. I clenched my teeth, fingers digging into Yuna's hair as I came, hips bucking forward to push my cock deep into her throat.

"Mmph!" She gagged slightly, but kept her lips sealed around my shaft, taking everything I had to give.

Yang let out a moan as Yuna's fingers worked overtime between her legs, and I felt the heat building up from both of them, a pressure about to burst.

{Share my cum between you both in a sloppy kiss, then cum.}

The two leaned together and kissed, exchanging a mix of my seed and their drool. Their legs were shaking and their bodies trembled as they shared a deep kiss, my cum splashed between their mouths. They shuddered as the orgasm rolled through them, the pleasure shared between them.

When they broke apart, their lips were covered in saliva and cum, and they stared at each other, panting.

"Good work. Good girls." I ran my fingers through Yuna's hair, then did the same with Yang.

Yang leaned her head against my thigh, a goofy smile on her lips. "That was..."

Yuna pulled herself off my cock, and it took her a few tries to get back up to her feet, only to stay on her knees. Her face was flushed red, "Thank you for... all of that."

"Of course. But, uh, you might want to go get a shower and change your clothes before you go to the gym with Kali."

Yuna looked down at herself, realized she was still half-naked, some of the cum and drool pooled between her breasts, "I think I'll shower at the Gym then, Master."

"Have it your way." My stomach grumbled, and I thought about grabbing some food. "Yang, want to head back up to the dorm and get some breakfast?"

Yang shook her head as she pulled her spandex shorts back up, "Sorry, Master, I already ate, and I need to finish up my morning routine." She pushed herself up to her feet. "Maybe when I'm done?"

"Sure. See you then."

"See you!" Yang said, before giving me a quick hug and scampering off, pulling her sports bra back down over her perky tits.

I headed back to my dorm room, found Mochi still in bed, though she'd moved to sprawl out across the mattress like a starfish. As much as I'd like breakfast, I decided on a hot shower first. When I got near the door, I could hear the shower running already. Steam poured into the bedroom when I opened the door, and I could see the outlines of two other roommates/harem members in the fogged up glass of the shower door: My sister, Lina, and the other new maid slave, Faye.

Like Yang and Yuna, these two had bonded quite strongly over the past few weeks. Though in their case, I wasn't sure if they hated each other or not. You'd think that the wet smacking sounds they were making under the running water would show how affectionate they were to each other, but things were never that simple. Lina didn't trust Faye and was against her having leave to spend her time outside of the pokeball. Faye... well, I never really knew what Faye was thinking, but she always gave as good as she got.

So naturally they were spending the morning making out in the shower.

"Fuck! Stop being such a tease and get on your knees. Show me what that long tongue of yours is good for," Lina growled.

"You first. I can give you some more pointers a succubus like you should have learned ages ago," Faye shot back.

I slid open the door, saw the two of them embracing each other, fingers plunged into the other's pussy as hot water ran down their naked flesh, "Mornin'."

Lina jumped at the sight of me, then scowled, "Don't you ever knock?"

Faye was a bit less shocked, just rolling her eyes and leaning in to kiss my sister, "Don't mind her, Master. She's just jealous you interrupted her before she could cum."

Lina briefly returned the kiss, squeezing Faye's chest with her other hand, "If you weren't so stubborn..."

I cut her off, "Well, I'm sure that can wait, right?"

"Of course, Master," Faye said with a sultry smile, slowly sinking down to her knees. "Lina's the one who always has to hurry things along, after all."

Lina rolled her eyes, then followed Faye's lead in going to her knees, "You're lucky your cum is so tasty, Ben."

I stepped under the water and gave a shake of my head, "Much as I love a double blowjob, already had one from Yang and Yuna this morning. So how about you two just help me scrub down and then I'll let you get back to your business?"

"Your obedient harem slaves beg your forgiveness for being so presumptuous, Master," Faye said sweetly, smoothly rising back up to her feet and pouring liquid soap onto her chest, lathering it up into some foamy white bubbles. "Of course we'd love to clean our Master. Right, Lina?"

Lina grit her teeth, then forced a smile as she took the bottle from Faye and did the same for her much more voluptuous chest, "Right. Anything for you, brother."

I stood between them and let the girls get to work with the soap, the two working in tandem as they lathered up my skin, their soft breasts pressing up against me, hands sliding up and down my body. When they dropped back down to their knees, they started at my feet, slowly sliding up my calves and thighs. Lina's fingers reached up between my legs, wrapped around my cock as Faye pressed her face into my balls.

"We need to thoroughly clean this, don't we?" Lina asked, giving me a slow tug.

"Oh yes, you know how Master is," Faye's tongue slid up the length of my cock, "He only just finished fucking his girlfriend and my sister, and he's already this hard again?"

"If you're going to be like that, you two can both put your hands against the wall."

"Whatever Master wants," Faye purred, standing up and turning around. She slowly arched her back and swayed her hips as she leaned forward, her big ass sticking out.

"Fine." Lina huffed as she stood beside Faye, a mirror image of the other girl.

"Now spread your legs and stick your ass out more. And keep your hands on the wall."

I started with Lina, if only because I was worried I'd hurt her feelings if I didn't. Her thin, whiplike tail was sliding up and down my side, and she let out a moan when I grabbed that tail at the base, making the moan twice as loud when I pushed inside of her. She was already wet from the shower and her own arousal, and her body greedily sucked me in.

"That's it... fuck me..." Lina let out a little sigh as she tried to push her hips back into me, but my grip on her tail kept her from moving. "Ah!"

Faye watched the two of us with hungry eyes, chewing on her bottom lip.

"Don't you dare think about touching yourself, Faye," I warned as I thrust into Lina.

"Master..." Faye pouted, but obediently kept her hands flat on the wall, wiggling her ass impatiently. "Please fuck this horny slave too, pretty please?"

My cock twitched. I don't know if the pleading was genuine or an amazing performance on her part, but it was effective. Too effective. I kept thrusting into Lina, her tail twisting around my arm, her body writhing and squirming beneath me as I built up to my climax.

"G-gonna cum... I'm cumming..." Lina gasped out, her entire body tightening up as she came, and I felt her pussy clench down on my cock, and the flood of hot lust washed over me. It was enough to push me over the edge, and I came right along with her, pulling out at the last second and unloading my cum onto her lower back, a thick load that ran down her pale skin, into the crack of her ass, and dripped down onto the shower floor, swirling away with the running water.

"How cruel," Faye pouted, going to her knees in front of Lina, "You got to cum, and now I need to clean it up. I hope you're happy."

She leaned in, tongue running up the length of Lina's back, slowly lapping up every drop of cum that she found before it could wash away under the water.

"You're the one who told me you had a cuckquean fetish," I pointed out.

"Maybe so, but you could have at least edged me, right?" Faye purred as she finished cleaning off Lina.

Lina let out a relaxed sigh, "We were already both at the edge when he walked in on us." She paused. "Weren't you?"

Faye gave Lina a lingering kiss right on her extra sensitive labia. "This is why you need practice, dear."

That got a blush from Lina, and I had a feeling that Faye had taken the round in their weird little game. The two weren't done with the shower, so after I finished, I dried off and grabbed some clothes out of the closet, a black t-shirt and jeans. Time for breakfast.

In the main room, I saw that Terri and Helen were together in the kitchenette, both dressed in only an apron, both gathered around the stove top.

"Okay, now give the eggs a nice flip. Master Ben likes his eggs with a jellied yolk, not too gooey, not too firm," Helen explained.

"Right! Just uh..." Terri gave the spatula a shake, "Like... this? Gah! No no no... the yolk broke. Helen, I can't... I can't do it...!"

"No need to be a drama queen, dear. There are worse things in this world than an unevenly cooked fried egg," Helen consoled, having little patience for Terri's theatrics.

"But what should I do with this one now?" Terri whined.

"Just let it finish cooking. I happen to like my yolks firm. And don't forget to flip the other one."

"Oh! Right! Yes, ma'am. Just... slide it under, flip it and..." Terri's tail started wagging furiously behind her. "I did it!"

"Good girl, good girl," Helen rewarded Terri with some affectionate headpats that only made her tail wag even faster.

It was such a sweet, tender moment, I almost didn't want to ruin it by going over there and shoving my cock inside of one of them. Not that it'd stop me. Sure, there was still the matter of helping Helen reunite with her family, helping Yuna and Faye not reunite, but I still had weeks to procrastinate on both, and school life had started to get easy. Most of all, the drama within my little harem seemed to have calmed down, with everyone finally settling into their role.

Stomach rumbling, I thought I’d go and eat an egg, maybe fuck one or both of my doggirls. But before they even noticed me, there was a knock on the door.

"Who could that be?" Helen wondered out loud.

"I'll get it," I said, making both of them jump, finally noticing I was in the room.

"Yes, Sir. And breakfast will be ready in just a few minutes," Helen said, "Terri has been helping me in the kitchen!"

"I noticed," I said, taking in Terri's blushing face as I went to answer the knocking door.

Swinging it open, there was a familiar girl on the other side. Vaguely familiar. Brown hair, glasses, petite. Dressed in a labcoat far too big for her. What was her name again? Maria? Mary?

And carrying the largest egg I'd ever seen. The thing looked like it came from a dinosaur. Maybe a dragon.

"Ben! Hey! Look! I laid an egg!"

I looked at the egg. No no no. That was far too big to have come out of her. "...congratulations?"

"Oh. Right! It's your egg!"


“I laid your egg!”

“My egg?”

“Yeah! From the sex we had that one time. Remember?”


I could tell it was going to be a long day.

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