Book 1: E4: Chapter 5: Early Destiny
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The Hero? The one said to destined to destroy the Demon Lord and their kind to save humanity. Someone like that is here? Where? No matter where I look I couldn't find anyone else beside us…

Oh. I see. That's why you're glaring at Elima and she's glaring daggers at you back. She must be the Hero. 

Let's appraise them and clear out any doubts.


Name: Elima Defole 

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Race: Human


Level: 130

Class: Mage + Hero

HP: 37,477/37,477

MP: 2,686/2,686

Strength: 937

Magic Prowess: 1,599

Dexterity: 1,279

Agility: 1,380

Luck: 1,400

Vitality: 1,033

Magic Resistance: 1,299


Title: [Hero] [Special Reincarnation]

Special Trait: [Hero’s Soul] [Human Charisma] [Party EXP Boost] [Last Hope]


Weapon Proficiency

Sword: C+

Polearm: B+

Bow: E

Brawl: D

Hidden weapon: D


Elemental Proficiency

Fire: C

Cold: D

Water: D

Lightning: D

Wind: C

Earth: D

Light: B+

Dark: E

Life: C

Death: E

Mind: E


Damn, she's actually stronger than me by a bit, I really should’ve utilize this skill more so I don't get surprised like this. What about the Demon Lord?


Name: Maova

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Race: Vampire (True Ancestor) + Demon Lord


Level: 175

Class: Ronin + Demon Lord

HP: 60,629/89,000

MP: 4,083/4,628

Strength: 1,729

Magic Prowess: 1,632

Dexterity: 1,519

Agility: 1,502

Luck: 1,666

Vitality: 1,413

Magic Resistance: 1,509


Title: [Demon Lord] [Special Reincarnation] [Merged Being] [The Alternate 4̵̨̛͉̱̔̈́̒̏͌͘4̶͖̰̘̜̥̘͓͓̮͇̀́̓6̵̰̤̈́͐̐̍̔̊̍̆̚͝9̴̞̳̻͇̓́̐6̷̨̡͈̪̣̬͉̹̠͕͑̆͒͐̈̆͝d̶̲̲͈̞͖̰̙̈́͆͌̄̆́͘6̷̛̬̬̞͔̣̂̀͐̿̄̂̔5̵̡̪̳͈̮͓̊͐͝6̷̲̙͙̲͍̼͙̦͊͆̀̆̎͒̕ͅe̷͔͐͆͆͛̓̚0̷̧̰̠̞̦̒̿͋͂͌̀̒ḑ̸̢̪̦̤̗͍͕̖̏͑͗̿͂͋̄́0̵̧̳͍͖͖͘͜ͅa̵̲̓̓]

Race Skill: [Vampirism] [Blood Art] [Regeneration] [Intimidation] [Demonic Authority] [Demonic Charisma] [Accelerated Growth] [Demon Lord’s Soul] [Longevity] [Mana Regeneration] [Wings Manifestation]

Special Trait: [Otherworldly Soul] 

Special Ability: [Causality Alteration] [Synchronization: 4̵̨̛͉̱̔̈́̒̏͌͘4̶͖̰̘̜̥̘͓͓̮͇̀́̓6̵̰̤̈́͐̐̍̔̊̍̆̚͝9̴̞̳̻͇̓́̐6̷̨̡͈̪̣̬͉̹̠͕͑̆͒͐̈̆͝d̶̲̲͈̞͖̰̙̈́͆͌̄̆́͘6̷̛̬̬̞͔̣̂̀͐̿̄̂̔5̵̡̪̳͈̮͓̊͐͝6̷̲̙͙̲͍̼͙̦͊͆̀̆̎͒̕ͅe̷͔͐͆͆͛̓̚0̷̧̰̠̞̦̒̿͋͂͌̀̒ḑ̸̢̪̦̤̗͍͕̖̏͑͗̿͂͋̄́0̵̧̳͍͖͖͘͜ͅa̵̲̓̓ (Locked)]


Weapon Proficiency

Sword: A+

Polearm: C+

Axe: D

Bow: D

Brawl: C

Hidden weapon: C+


Elemental Proficiency

Fire: C

Cold: C

Water: C

Lightning: C

Wind: C

Earth: C

Light: C

Dark: B

Life: C

Death: C

Mind: C+

Space: B

Time: C+


She's even stronger than her! What's with all of these crazy traits, what's with these messed up skills?


“[Light Arrow]!” She's attacking Maova already.


Maova budge a bit but the arrow doesn't seem to do much damage to her.

“Are you seriously picking a fight right now? Heroes are really reckless” Said Maova in a mocking tone.

“You're a danger to the human race! Demon Lord! I cannot let you live!” Elima declared. Maova’s face contorted in disgust.

“And you are a danger to all ‘demons’! I can't you leave here alive either!” Maova replied back.

Now this is quite a confrontation, the battle between Hero and Demon Lord. In the past I might be rooting for the Hero if this scene presented itself, now the only side I can cheer on is the Demon Lord’s. I’m basically a demon now, and I do owe her my life, not rooting for her would be me being ungrateful, even if she unnecessarily changed me, it cause more good than harm.

I can feel the air tensed up around then, like a wave of power emanating from both side. What about Zore I wonder? Oh he fainted, how unmanly. Then again it's understandable why he would, in such a serious and terrifying scene of two legendary figures fighting it out, maybe I should grab him and leave… Nah, I want to speak to her first, can't do that if I run away. And finally someone made a move.

“[Flame Blast]!” Elima yelled out. Summoning a ball of flame directing it at Maova.

“...” She didn't say anything and put up a wall of water, blocking the attack.

“What!?” Elima yelled out in disbelief.

“Come now, you don't need to yell out your magic like that” Said Maova condescendingly, so others are aware of chant-less magic.

“Grrr! [Wind Blade]! [Light Arrow]! [Earth Bullet]!” Array of spell formed near her wand and fly toward Maova, still calm and compose.

“[Blood Shield]” Suddenly a blood colored shield is formed and block all three spell easily, Maova’s eyes flashed red for a moment, Elima then recklessly charge in, the hell are you doing you fool?

*Smack* *Bash* *Kick*

Now you're being childish about it, are all heroes like this? No way. Why are you even using physical attack? Your magical prowess is way higher you dolt.

“This is getting pitiful isn't it?” Maova speak up.

“Can't argue there” I replied.

“Can't you help me out!? What are you doing talking to the Demon Lord!” Stop yelling already.

“As if I’m going against a Demon Lord, I already said that I won't do such a thing” Did she forget the conversation we just have?

“Don't you care about humanity!?” I’m not really part of it at this point.

“Not really, just living for myself now that I got that opportunity” As if I’m risking it now.

“You selfish bastard! After I’m done with her you’re next!” She glared at me and then hold her staff like a sword. Aren’t you way too overconfident?

“[Blade Of Light]!” Blade of light is formed from her staff and she smash into the shield once again.


The shield broke but the blade dispersed as well, the recoil made her unable to continue her assault for a bit but that’s all Maova needs.



The Demon Lord grab her by the neck and fly up, is she going to do what I think she's gonna do?



Yes she did, slamming the hero against the ground, that's quite a move. That slam just made a crater and Elima clearly heavily damaged, her clothes torn apart and the staff break. Let’s see how she’s holding up.


HP: 9,028/37,477


“Damn… you!” 

“Still persists huh? Whatever” She summoned a blade of some kind and hold it in her right hand, seems like she's going to deal the final blow with that.

“I won't give up!” Elima quickly sprung up and tackle Maova, surprisingly that pushed her away quite a bit, even though she was caught off-guard simple tackle shouldn’t be that effective.

“[Last Hope] is such an annoying skill” Maova complained, so that's what that was, from the sound of it it's likely a passive that buff the fighter when desperate.

“[Light Chain]!” Elima shouted and summoned chains of light to restrict Maova, she then rushed toward her and-

“[MAGIC BURST]!!!” She screamed with all her might, Maova have a shocked and concerned expression over her.

Crap, magic power started to came out from her and cause destruction everywhere it touches, I have to fly away!



I quickly fly away, the mountain started to get consume by the sphere of mana. This is very concerning, even if Maova is stronger that attack is extremely devastating, I can’t do anything to help! Hold on, that Zore guy is still there! Do you not care about your comrade? How unheroic. The sphere dispersed and I can still see both of their silhouettes. Almost the entire mountain is gone and they’re at the surface. That guy just flat out got vaporized, no corpse to be seen or anything.





HP: 20,261/89,000


HP: 5,028/37,477

MP: 0/2,686


Maova is heavily injured, her clothes are all almost gone… but it looked like it’s repairing itself, how does that work? I have to ask her later. On the Hero side she’s on the floor collapse and out of mana, seems like that attack use up all of her power.

“To think she’s employing the same tactic as last time, seriously that combo is so overpowered, against anyone else it’s a guaranteed death sentence, if she haven’t waste her magic at the start that might have done me in” Maova speaks up frustrated. Last time? Perhaps she’s talking about the last Demon Lord and Hero. From one of the things I learn is that the Hero retain some of their memories from past life, it wouldn’t be surprising the same could be said for the Demon Lord. Aside from that, right now the Hero sure is miserable.

*[Mine-uchi]* {Non-lethal attack by attacking someone with the back of a katana}

“Gah!” Elima screamed in pain, this is just getting very hard to watch.


HP: 102/37,477


“Well then, Rosia, finish her off”

“What? Do it yourself, why do I have to do it?”

“Do you want to level up faster or not? Kill her if you want to” Right, for whatever reason the stronger opponent you kill the faster you level up, I’m not really how that work. Might as well ask her now.

“How does that even work?”

“It’s complicated but in simplest term the stronger enemy you killed you will gain more power, the power left their body and enter you or something along those line, with her being higher level than you I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it, and I’ll not kill her even if you don’t want to” Basically she’s leaving the Hero in a very miserable state and having me be the one to put her out of her misery, that’s the stage that is set right now, might as well humor her.

“... Fine” I accept her offer and do a quick slash aiming at her neck, quickly decapitate her. I could see her face full of despair flying off her shoulder and onto the ground, blood flowing out.

… There’s definitely some sort of power flowing into me, I could feel it more clearly than before, maybe because she’s the strongest thing I’ve killed, but that’s just speculation. It’s a bit concerning how I can kill someone like her without much hesitation, I’m really furthering away from humans aren’t I.

I felt a slight bit of guilt letting her suffer from that, not like it mattered now. Huh? Did Maova’s eyes just glow red again? She walk up to the corpse and drink her blood, I would be grossed out if it wasn’t the fact that I am a man-eating monster. I was a bit puzzled as to why she drink the blood then I remembered that she’s a vampire… Isn’t it that vampire are weak in sunlight and to light magic? … Why am I even thinking about that? Just ask her!

“Soooo” Maova speaking out with blood on her lips looking at me.

“What?” I speak out in confusion.

“You’re not eating this?” Right, I can eat humans now, of course she’s going to ask me that.

“Sure, after you’re done” She shrugged and continued drinking. It’s a waste not eating her anyway… Not sure why but that sounds wrong for some reason, for other reason aside from the fact that I’m literally eating the corpse of the [Hero]... I wait for a bit then she pick up the body and give it to me.

“Done, might as well camp up here and chat for a bit after you’re done eating her- ptff” What is she snickering about?

“Sorry, just some funny thought, anyway, you good with hanging out for a while?” Something tells me I shouldn’t press her on it, but I’ll take the offer.

“Yeah, I want to ask you some question”

“Cool, anyway start eating it until it’s rotting” Casually pointing at the corpse.

“Yeah yeah” I start biting into Elima’s flesh, tearing it off and eating it, my jaws are pretty absurd to be able to tear off human flesh so easily, still a bit disturbed as to how tasty this is, even more than the bandits I sometimes eat in the forest.




I didn’t do really a good job of eating her entire body, but whatever, eating human is troublesome no matter who they are, I burn all that was left of her body, not before taking any left over clothing she have of course, otherwise people might realize it’s her corpse. It’s starting to get dark here, and Maova finish preparing the campfire already.

“So? What do you want to ask first?” The Demon Lord spoke up first. There’s three things that have been nagging on my mind a bit.

“First, is that dragon dead?”

“The one I crash into? If that’s what you’re referring to then yes”

“How? It’s stats are really high, even higher than the Hero’s”

“I use [Blood Art], [Sacrifice], and [Dark Matter Reinforcement] to boost my strength, rough me up quite a bit with its cost” So that’s why she’s damaged and slightly exhausted when we found her. 

“Now to the second question, how come your clothes repair itself, how do I get something like that?”

“Well, it’s actually because someone enchanted it so it will self-repair, unfortunately I can’t contact her right now, she appeared occasionally but not for long and it’s at random, gonna be hard getting you to her”

“I see... that is unfortunate, now how will we deal with Elima and Zore being dead? Both of them are quite promising adventurers from the sound of it, I’ll definitely be questioned”

“True enough, maybe I could tag along to testify as well, I did go to a few guilds a few times, I became gold rank already by the way” 

“Stop your bragging, but yeah maybe that’s the best choice…” Well, what else could I asked her… Oh right.

“When you fought the hero there was sun out, why weren’t you damaged?” She then give me a disapproving look, what did I say wrong?

“I can see now why mom get so angry when I ask her that...” She cover her face with her hands and replied sounding a bit mad. She take her hand off and looking at me frowning a bit, pointing at me.

“Listen here you little shit” Now that’s just very rude.

“First off, I’m older than you, you 5 years old. Second, you look younger than me” I snarked.

“Not for long, and mentally I’m much older” She grinned and still pointing. She continued then frown again.

“The vampire people are talking about are nothing but a mockery of us, weak to sunlight and holy stuff? Pah! That’s fucking absurd! Who even came up with that bullshit? I’ll tell ya, it’s the church scheming by bringing up our existence, watered us down by saying we’re weak to all that is holy, which by that they mean we’re weak to them and you should relied on them and all that, using our existence to boost their popularity, creating the problem and solution, and made us get underestimated by humans, I’m telling you this now, we true vampire, or another way of saying it, true ancestor, are NOT weak to sun and stuff, what kind of pathetic creatures do you think we fucking are? Most living being aren’t weak to sun or moon, if we were like that then we’re really pathetic compared to most, also, like most ‘demon’ as humans put it we have more food source than just blood, we can eat like regular people damn it! Also, what kind of terrifying creatures are weak to a fucking GARLIC of all things!? And SILVER? First off is that it’s not made out of light you dipshit, second is that we aren’t weak to it at all! Being weak to one type of metal is so fucking contrived, also our bite aren’t always contagious you cunts, and it’s not like we’re doing it intentionally, it’s fucking chance based! If anything it’s your fault for being born if you born with a potential of being a vampire! Also! Also! Who in the actual flying fuck would sleep in a damn COFFIN!? It’s troublesome and stupid and whoever think of that is out of their mind, who would sleep in such a confined space! It’s unnatural to like such a thing! Also why would anyone think we’re undead!? We are a living creatures damn it! Don’t put us in the same realm as those stupid zombies! What’s with the mirror business anyway! Mirror reflect light! Not soul! Some magical ones do but that’s not the point! Why are they assuming all of these fucking things!? We have souls we are living creatures what is so hard to understand!? Also the moon business in some folklore? While it’ll be nice to have like a boost in our power with the moon out or something along those line, that’s not one of our abilities! Did you people mistaken us for a freaking moon rabbit or some shit? I know both race have red eyes, with vampire having it only in some circumstances or just have them from birth, but one have a fucking rabbit ears and the others doesn’t how could you possibly confused the two you morons!? And-”

Wow, that’s quite a rant, her face is beet red and real freaking mad. Now she’s ranting in an unknown language, I should wait for a while for her to cool down, that question turned out to be more sensitive than I expected.




After she take some of her time to cool off we start chatting again. This time she’s the one asking the question.

“So… What will you do after this mess is over?”

“Right, I was thinking of going to the royal capital and looking for books to study magic, and maybe say hi to my only family member that doesn’t treat me like garbage, maybe killing others as well”

“Well it’s going to be hard doing that, from what I know most noble household have strong mage and knight serving them, while chances are you’ll be stronger than them it’s still risky fighting more than one person at a time, and doing so will get you driven out of the capital” She’s not wrong on that.

“Yeah… By the way do you have the map of this world? It’ll be convenient to have one” Since I’ll be traveling around, having a map would be convenient, she seemed to travel around the world so it only make sense she have one.

“I do actually, it’s especially made by the present court-mage of my castle, she made a few in case I travel with anyone, admittedly I didn’t realize I have more than one at first” She chuckled a bit then summoned a map to her hand, it seemed she have [Item Space] as well. She handed me down a map, with a dot of light on the paper.

“That dot represents where we’re at, quite convenient isn’t it?” 

“Certainly” This is going to be very helpful.

“By the way where’s the dragon’s corpse?”

“...” Her face just screamed ‘Oh I forgot’ right now.

“Wait a bit” She then quickly fly off.

Then quickly came back.

“Now let’s plan for our excuse”




Right now the two of us are back at the adventurer’s guild. The story that we reported is that the wyvern were defeated, but an unexpected event happened that can’t really be explained and caused magic in that area to go haywire and cause a giant explosion, engulfing both of them, and I only survived because Maova came to rescue me in time, I was lucky to survive.

“That is unfortunately what happened” I finished my explanation to the receptionist.

“I-I’m sorry, perhaps I should stop you three in the first-”

“Stop regretting and get over it, it wasn’t your fault anyway” Maova cut her off.

“It’s unfortunate but we can’t found their corpses anywhere, so we can’t make a proper burial” I added.

“Certainly…” The guild was in a really bad mood because of that, but my and Maova’s front of ‘innocence’ and ‘sincerity’ with a touch of mind magic made people not blaming us, well it was mainly her, I’m not good at emoting. Elima was really popular in the guild, as expected of the Hero.

“I suppose I’ll be taking all of the reward them” Said in less than uplifting tone to avoid coming off as insensitive.

“Yes” Said in very sad tone and handed me my reward.

“I might not know them much but I can see why you’re all attached to them both, I’ll left you all alone to mourn…” I said that and leave the guild along with Maova.

“Honestly that was somewhat gut wrenching even for me” Said Maova, not exactly in the most sincere of tone.

“Can’t really tell if you’re being sincere or not, but I don’t feel anything” I said dully, me living in isolation and all the terrible things that have happened in the past make my emotions dulled quite a lot even compared to the past, I have clearly noticed that after that whole interaction.

“Even I have conscience you know” Said the Demon Lord.

“Hard to tell, honestly” I replied, snarking at her with a mocking tone, I didn’t expected to do that, considering all I have said have very little emotion behind it, what’s different?

“Well, let’s get outta here before we talk some more” She said with a small smile, I nodded and both of us get out of the village, going to the house she prepared for me...




We arrived at the house she prepared for me, it has been unattended for 2 weeks, so not in the best condition, we both sat down and we started to talk.

“Well then, what’s your story saving me and changing me?” I asked what have been on my mind since the start. She paused for a bit, contemplating what she’s going to say and…

*Sigh* “It was on a whim” A whim? Seriously? I look at her doubtfully.

“It’s true, at least the latter part, I wandered into the forest to start my adventurer, and I heard your plea for help, when I rescued you and think of what else I could do, my mind went to a very special stone, it’s an item let you change and modify the person consuming it, you will whatever you want that person to be like after the change and make them consume the item, um, while I was thinking of how to change you I freaked out and hit you, my apologies once again” Seemed consistent with what I remembered…

“But why were you going out there and not managing the demons?”

“Let me finish” She said coldly. 

“I then traveled here, with village nearby in case you need anything from human settlement, and with me and the court-mage that I have talked about before, who following me to give me an item she forgot to give me” She scratch her cheek a bit mentioning that.

“She build you your house and she was carrying the [Appraisal] device that I gave you, we finalize what we want to change and made you consumed the stone while unconscious, we leave leaving a few things with you, including that letter, that’s my story” So that’s what happened.

“I see. Then why did you came out here?”

“Two reasons, first is that I need to get stronger, while those inside the castle were really powerful it was just a spar at the end of the day, not real battle, so I have to go out there and fight, secondly, I need to see the state of both humans and demons, it’ll surely be helpful in me managing my kingdom, right now my mother and the court-mage are dealing with it for me, telling me to stay out here for at least 2 years” That’s a long time to be away from home. Now what do I wanted to ask her next?... it’s clear what I wanted to say.

“I see… Another question…” 

“What is it?”

“... Will I see you again?” I said nervously.



She seemed a bit stunned when I said that, as someone who save me, I want to be of use, I have the urge, I have the desire to see her, it made me feel at peace being with her. She smiled at me.

“We’ll see each other again soon, I guarantee it” Saying that put my heart at ease. I unconsciously smiled back.

“I hope so too” I said back. We both started at each other for a while...



I then broke the silence.

“Perhaps when I deal with my personal problems, I’ll come to meet you as soon as possible”

“That’ll be nice”

“Then… Let’s get going, I’ll stay safe for you, so can you promise to do the same?”

“... Of course, I would’ve done so even without me asking” Both of us stand up and she reaches my back with her arm and pulling me in and looking at me, it’s a bit awkward with her being slightly shorter than me, I started to do the same…



Then we both let go, I’m not exactly sure what I’m feeling.


“See you soon” She said as she opens the door ready to leave.


“Same here” I said…


Then she left…