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/ Series / The Demon Lord’s different rebirth: Transmigration and Fantasy
The Demon Lord’s different rebirth: Transmigration and Fantasy
The Demon Lord’s different rebirth: Transmigration and Fantasy
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3.8 (16 ratings)
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Something are destined to happened, but when someone outside of it stir things up it caused an unexpected strings of events.

The Hero and Demon Lord are forced to reborn ever so often, and continue to battle for eternity.

... What? Messing with the Demon Lord’s Rebirth? That sounds interesting! How exactly? One must wondered how doing so will changes the destined path...

Two soul combined into one.
Shunned and changes.
Transported without tension.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiLitRPG
Abusive Characters Accelerated Growth Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Demon Lord Depictions of Cruelty Discrimination Female Protagonist Game Elements Gore Heroes Humanoid Protagonist Male to Female Multiple Protagonists Multiple Transported Individuals Parallel Worlds Protagonist Strong from the Start R-15 Race Change Reincarnated into Another World Ruthless Protagonist Shoujo-Ai Subplot Strong to Stronger
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