Plans for Konoha! Taking Sunagakure!!
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Broly and Esumi returned back to their village with their respective armies. Broly arrived first due to his war taking a shorter time. He sent a clone to take the Mizukage to his room and got Jabie to start putting the device on their captured enemies. He stood next to Jabie and started to discuss their next moves.

"We'll discuss what to do about Konoha when Esumi gets back. But for now, what happened since we left?" Broly asked.

"That Akatsuki member came looking for the Jinchūriki. He also had taken Sasuke Uchiha under his wing apparently. But besides that, nothing of importance happened."

"He hasn't come after us on my return back here."

"He must be going after Esumi or planning something to get the Jinchūriki from us. Esumi also captured the Eight-Tails from her battle with Kumo."

"If he can't take the Jinchūriki from Esumi, he must be planning something to gain them from us. But that doesn't matter for now. Whatever he is planning won't matter soon enough. I'm going to my room for now. Make sure no one comes near."

Broly left Jabie alone to put the mind devices on the Kiri and Iwa shinobi. He arrived inside his room to see two barely dressed women. Karin and Mei.

"Aomatsuna! You're back?!" Karin asked surprised. Whether she was happy to see him or genuinely surprised, no one could know. But she knew exactly what he wanted with that look in his eyes.

"You little bastard… I'll kill you for this…" Mei swore.

Broly shot a green chakra collar at Mei's throat and trapped her against the wall. He walked over to Karin and she unresistingly let him do as he pleased. Her face was flushed, but her body seemed used to the motions. And reveled in it. Karin wasn't aware but her body was revealing her hidden feelings more than her face and words were. Especially her bucking hips.

"Wait your turn." Broly told Mei, who proceeded to try and form some hand signs. But the collar was draining her chakra rapidly.

She was forced to watch with redden cheeks as Broly and Karin mated like wild animals in front of her. She started to feel terrified at the prospects that she was next and tried to escape with all means. But without chakra, she had no way of possible escaping. After a few hours of being forced to endure watching the two of them, Karin passed out and Mei knew it was her turn.. His endurance is inhumane… She was surprised that Karin lasted as long as she did with that unbelievable weapon of his..

Mei turned her eyes away as Broly did as he wanted.. The collar broke apart and she tried to punch Broly, but just like their battle before. It did little to harm Broly. He continued his advancement and eventually Mei gave up once she was fully nude. She prepared herself for the intense pain coming soon and closed her eyes.

Even more noises escaped from Broly's room and it was at this time Esumi returned with her spoils of war! Jabie met Esumi at the village entrance and asked why she decided to stop back here instead of heading towards the Hidden Sand Village.

"It would be a waste of time fatty. The police chief and the other two can handle Sunagakure without a problem. Especially since the Tsuchikage also went as backup. It's not as if the sand village has any famous strong fighters." Esumi said.

"I see your point.. Well tell the workers to return back to the "Gym" and I'll get some clones started on putting the device on them." Jabie said as he and Esumi walked to his lab.

They arrived in the lab and started to discuss about Konoha.

"We should just negotiate with Tsunade about surrendering to us." Esumi said.

"You know how stubborn people are from our village. They would rather die out together than suffer together." Jabie stated.

"Then how will we get them on our side? It can't be an equal relationship with Suna's goal."

"We could go about it in two ways. Starve them financially or force them with our strength. The first one will be much safer because we could do it without them ever knowing but, it take longer. If we do the second one, it would only take one to three days but the entire Konoha could be against us for a long time. And if we accidentally kill someone it'll be even more troublesome. The only important ones from Konoha is Auntie Akira and her child. Anko-san. And Naruto."

"Instead of doing that. Let's just talk to them." Esumi insisted.

Jabie looked at Esumi in confusion. "Why?"

"I still have some good memories from Konoha. It would be lame if we did something shitty to them just because they wouldn't agree with us."

"That's what we've been doing forever! Why would you stop now?" Jabie asked.

"Because! Konoha was our home! You have to learn to draw the line somewhere fatty. We were raised up in Konoha and by Konoha. Do you know how fucking awful it be if we took that for granted and just said fuck them?"

"Why would it be awful?! It would help progress the plans faster!"

"Why are you in such a rush?! We are already halfway there on taking over the 5 nations. Konoha isn't going anywhere anytime soon."

"I'm not in a rush. I'm just saying that it would be easier to have Konoha in our hands if we did one of my plans instead."

"And I'm saying that's completely fucked up fatass. Konoha should have a special meaning to you somewhere in those fat guts of yours. Because without Konoha, we wouldn't even be where we are in life right now. I would be experimented on by Orochimaru or dead right now. You would be some lonely orphan with no friends doing god knows what. And who knows where Suna would be right now. Can you imagine how terrible Suna would be if Akira didn't raise him the way she did? Do you think Konoha wouldn't have tried to control him and use him to their advantages?"

Jabie took a breath of air.

"Fine. I see your point. All three of us will visit Konoha and have a nice little "talk." Okay?" Jabie agreed reluctantly.

"Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow Jabie. Even you can have some sense every now and then.."

Esumi passed by Suna's room and heard very distinctive noises coming from inside. She grinned mischievously before knocking loudly and yelling.


Mei was awoken from her barely conscious state and saw Broly's confused expression.

"Protection?" He muttered before shaking his head and continuing.

Mei cursed whoever was behind that door as she was forced to go through this experience once more.


A hollow kind of skeleton looking fellow was walking alongside two other figures. One was a little girl with a serious face and the other one was of similar size to the mummy looking man. The desert wind blowing gently across their police uniforms.

"When is the Tsuchikage supposed to be coming Dan?" The short girl asked the hollowed man.

"He comes when he comes. Juri." Dan responded in a monotone voice.

"Do you guys believe the boss was serious when he said that we could take over the Sand village with just our strength?" The most average looking of the three asked.

"The boss wouldn't lie to us Hoki. It wouldn't be helpful to him." Juri responded.

"He is coming." Dan suddenly said.

The Tsuchikage came flying towards them before gently landing in the sand. He was transformed into a brown haired shinobi that had the Hidden Demon Village headband around his head. He said nothing and the group reached the Hidden Sand Village in time for the meeting with the Sand Council. The four of them sat before a council of 12 shinobi. The Hidden Demon Village sat in silence. Seemingly not even bothering to look at the council, and eventually forcing them to speak first.

"Who is the speaker for the Hidden Demon Village?" An old man asked.

"I am." Dan said sunken in his chair. Looking very relaxed and at home.

"What will it take for you to release the only child of the late Kazekage?"

"Sunagakure will be under the rule of Akumagakure. Forever."

This caused outrage within the council room and some of the fighters amongst the council seemed ready to tear Dan and his groups head off. The old man, who Dan presumed was the leader calmed them down.

"Could there be another choice besides the one you listed?" He asked nicely.

"No." Dan simply replied.

"I wish it wouldn't have had to come to this…" The old man said as an elderly woman walked in and all the councilors stood up.

"You. Don't get involved. Juri, Hoki, we'll handle this. I want this done quickly." Dan said in a bored voice.

The elderly woman summoned two puppets, one male and one female, and sent them after Dan. Dan watched as the woman puppet wielded a serrated katana blade and the male one using a whip covered in kunai. Dan caught the incoming whip attack with his bare hands and suffered no injuries. It was as if the kunai couldn't break past his skin but this did nothing to slow the woman. The katana puppet sliced at Dan's throat as he held the whip in his right hand. Dan leaned his head back and let the sword attack fly over his head. He sighed as he continued to sit down in the chair and sip his tea.

Two fighters came after Juri. One man known as Baki and the other known as Tōjūrō. Juri threw her stone chair at Baki and leapt at Tōjūrō. Tōjūrō smiled arrogantly and tried to smash Juri with an overhead punch. Juri scoffed and easily caught his arm. After catching his arm, she swung him into the ground hard enough for him to bounce slightly in the air. After he bounced from the slam attack, Juri tried to grab him once more but Baki shot a nearly invisible wind ninjutsu that could have easily sliced through her. Juri hopped away and prepared for round two against the two fighters.

Hoki was easily tearing through the rest of the councilors in his transformed state. His body became much buffer and he looked as if he's done nothing but lift weights his entire life. His muscular physique was buffed greatly. He managed to kill or heavily disfigure 8 councilors before being stopped by the elderly man who seemed to be the leader. Hoki punched towards Ebizo, the elderly man, and watched as the old man easily dodge his attack and kick him in the jaw. Revealing that he was much sprier than his age suggested. Hoki's arm stretched and snaked towards Ebizo. Ebizo was surprised but still dodged Hoki's arm without an issue. He dashed in and attacked Hoki multiple times before hopping away and realizing his attacks did no damage to his opponent.

"This office is too small for this." Dan stated as his hand started to glow orange. After dodging Chiyo, the elderly puppeteer woman, flying kunai attacks, he punched the floor of the building.

The building started to shake and rumble. The floor cracked and started to split apart. The cracks on the floor reached the walls and all of a sudden the entire building started cracking and breaking apart. The sand councilors escaped the building quickly while Dan stayed in his chair with Juri sitting on top of the chair and Hoki letting the building fall all around him. Soon the building was in pieces and the sand councilors watched over the debris.

"Where did the old man go?" Juri asked as the dust cleared from the rubble.

"Up." Dan responded as he and Juri received no injuries in the slightest from the building crashing down on them. A giant piece of the debris was thrown and Hoki stood up dusting his police vest off.

The Tsuchikage was flying high above the sand village. The sand councilors didn't seem to notice him though and focused all their attention on the three who survived a building falling on them. Suddenly though Dan, Hoki, and Juri heard a voice inside their head.

"If negotiations fail, take out any resistances and end the Tsuchikage when possible." Jabie ordered.

"No more fooling around." Dan said.

"Hai." Juri replied.

"No problem." Hoki responded.

"Gate of Wonder. Open!" The three of them said together.

The three of them took on a green aura that was their sweat being immediately evaporated at an intense pace. The Sand councilors took on a look a shock and immediately tried to pull out their strongest techniques. But the three police officers were too fast. Chiyo's puppets were broken into thousands of pieces and she was punched through the stomach. Baki's head was knocked off his shoulders and Tōjūrō's body was twisted into unnatural angles. The elderly man's torso was stomped into the ground and some of his intestines were seen coming out of his mouth. The three regrouped together and looked at the Tsuchikage who was just watching over them from high above.

They pulled their arms back and with an immense punch shot forward three dragons that merged into one gigantic dragon. Ōnoki shot forward a dust release jutsu and that did nothing against the dragon made out of wind pressure. It seems the atomic destruction doesn't work against air, since wind can't be turned into dust. Ōnoki was swallowed by the dragon jutsu and taken far in the sky. Dan, Hoki, and Juri dodged the particle jutsu and stopped using the Eight Gates. The dragon high in the sky soon exploded and caused massive winds to bear down upon Sunagakure. It even picked up the sand and caused a terrible sand storm. It was said that this sandstorm lasted for 2 weeks after the mysterious assassination of the sand councilors.

Dan, Juri, and Hoki left a shadow clone in the sand village and started to walk back home. They reported their progress to their bosses and were in due for a reward once they got back. The three shown no signs of the side effects of using the 7th gate when leaving.

"Medical ninjutsu is amazing." Hoki stated while moving his body around and not feeling any lasting pain.

"The boss has always been incredible. This is nothing to him." Juri said.

"It's because the Eight Gates jutsu drawback is purely physical. The damages done can just be healed." Dan explained.

"Yeah normally my muscles would be torn apart right now." Hoki stated.

"He stated he was close to figuring out how to prevent the body from cooking from the inside out with the final gate. It must be trickier than the rest." Juri said.

Suddenly three Konoha ninja appeared in front of the trio.

"Uh oh…" Juri said.

"Let's go. Asuma. Kurenai." The famous copy ninja ordered as they dashed towards the three Hidden Demon police officers.

"Don't kill them." Dan ordered as he and his aides got ready for battle.


"Are we ready to go talk with Konoha?" Esumi asked in a joyful manner.

"I still think we should do this differently…" Jabie whined.

"Let's go." Broly said as he created a platform for them to stand on and started to fly away.

As they left the village, a mysterious masked man smiled with his Akatsuki garb on full show. But little did he know, Broly, Jabie, and Esumi didn't leave the village completely helpless without them. The Jinchūriki and the tailed beast were being protected by the slaves and the police force deep underground in one of Jabie's secret labs. Khael, Sho, and Fu were also taken along to Konoha.

The 6 of them traveled together towards Konoha in a leisurely manner.

"You've been showing a lot more emotion these days Khael." Sho noted.

"I don't think so." Khael responded with a slight smile.

"Don't you think she looks cuter?" Fu asked, causing Khael's face to redden.

"Yep. Yep. The cutest." Sho said.

Fu kicked him in the ribs.

"Coming from you that sounds so fake." Fu said.

"You asked!" Sho yelled wronged.

"Make your voice sound sincerer."

"I was born like this. It's too late for any changes." Sho reminded.

The two continued to bicker with Khael having some input every now and then while Broly, Jabie, and Esumi discussed what they were going to do with Kumogakure, Sunagakure, and the damiyos.