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This story can be rather intense.

It's basically the opposite of a power fantasy, with the heroine doing her best in an extremely unfair situation and suffering from her lack of power.

It also involves her struggling and/or coming to terms with her own sexuality, kinks, morality, and her new place in the world as a pet.

I don't know how this story ends, or who, if anyone, the MC will end up with.

If this sounds like it is not for you, I would suggest you not read this story.

Kinks it includes(but is not limited to):

Rape, coerced sex, extremely dubious consent, polyamory, girls with dicks, hypnotism, slave training, prostitution, sex and kink between potentially any genders.

The sex portrayed in this book may often resemble BDSM, but is seldom a willing exchange of power between equal participants.

Other Darkness it includes(but is not limited to either):

Slavery, fantastic racism, people inured to and/or traumatized by the evils of the world they live in, abusive characters, and moral ambiguity.

(If there are things that you think I should add to this disclaimer, please let me know!)