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Their Pet Next Door
Their Pet Next Door
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After “winning” a lottery to become a pet, Phoebe is worried she’ll be a bad pet and treated poorly… the training relies on hypnosis, and she’s always been bad at being hypnotized. Luckily for her, her neighbors have experience with this sort of thing.

Unluckily for her, she only has 90 days before she has to report to the training center.

Slice of life, more focus on character development than kinks at first, but um, there may be a lot of kinks, even relatively out there ones, so fair warning. Any foreground romance is going to be between girls, at least one of whom will have a cock, but there may be kink/sex with characters of other genders.

Foreground was made This image was created with Picrew’s “わるいかおメーカー“!!
Background picture by Lina Kivaka

AdultDramaGirls LoveMaturePsychologicalRomanceSlice of LifeSmutTragedy
Abusive Characters Animal Characteristics BDSM Bisexual Protagonist Bullying Drugs Exhibitionism Female Protagonist Friendship Honest Protagonist Hypnotism Modern Day Pansexual Protagonist Polygamy Poor Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist Prostitutes Rape Roommates Sadistic Characters Sexual Abuse Slaves Transgender Voyeurism Weak Protagonist
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    Status: chapter 8: waiting to use the...

    Their Pet Next Door, an audacious and provocative erotic serial, that thrusts its readers into a world parallel to ours but tainted by a disturbing twist - a society where one's humanity and rights can be stripped away, relegating individuals to the role of totally submissive pets. Phoebe (the female MC) now has only 90 days to report/surrender for her state sanctioned Pet Training that will either bend or break her into this new role. There’s just one problem, that training is based on hypnosis and Phoebe is most resistant to it.

    In order to not be a failure she turns to her friends next door. No one (and especially not their friend Phoebe) deserves to end up like their own training failure pet Mika did. At Phoebe’s request they agree to train her to be a pet. And now we are into the meat of the story.

    At its core, the series delves into the tragic tale of Phoebe, a woman faced with the harrowing choices that lead her to state-sanctioned Pet Training. It is an exploration of power dynamics, consent, and the darker shades of human desires.

    What sets this series apart is its focus on rich character discovery/development. Phoebe's transformation from a vulnerable and sobbing protagonist into a pet girl struggling with her new identity/lot in life is at times both enthralling and heart-wrenching. The remaining three characters have their own drives, personalities, world outlooks and strategies. Take her two friends. One is methodical and detached from the world and common perspectives. Another has a bias for action and human pet girl s*xual conquest using her dog girl animalistic strength, instincts and girl cock. This juxtaposition makes for great chapters that explore (among other things) multiple sides of training, pet status, BDSM and human motivation.

    Their Pet Next Door is among the best character driven stories on this site but also might not be your thing. This adult drama goes beyond mere titillation and ventures into darker territories, topics like s*xual abuse, rape, bullying, drugs and slavery. The MC is forced to confront s*xuality, kinks, morality and is powerless and to some extent naively discovering/working through things as best she can. Yes there are consensual s*x acts and smut. But there’s also Phoebe’s persistent march to dehumanization and eventual separation from the solace and support in her friends next door. But it’s so well done, as a reader I’m going to stay on this bumpy emotional ride and recommend you do too!

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    Status: chapter 6: close encounters of the...

    Very fun and interesting story so far I really enjoyed the "problematic" characters dynamic

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