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Welldark University, one of the many schools in the universe specialized in the training of those that know the Dimensional Truth. Those that can, to put it simply, step through the veil where it is weak and travel to other worlds, no matter how far away or no matter in which parallel universe.

A freshman at Welldark, Karitas aims to enjoy his university life to the fullest. Although he certainly is looking forwards to studying topics he is passionate about, what he cares most for is the building of his Anomalia - a soulbonded unit of several people that know the Dimensional Truth. It just so happens that this world-travelling ability tends to awaken in the women of the cosmos a lot more commonly then men. Harem-building hijinks ensue.

This story is written in the First-Person POV. The series is written in volumes which release in their entirety on my Patreon/SubscribeStar and come to the public one chapter per month.

AdultAdventureFantasyHaremMatureRomanceSchool LifeSmut
Alchemy BDSM College/University Handsome Male Lead Harem-seeking Protagonist Interdimensional Travel Magic Modern Fantasy Modern Knowledge Monster Girls
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Table of Contents
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    Status: book 1 chapter 7 – night shift

    An extremely well-written story about a whimsical philosopher-poet-cum-casanova building a harem in a higher dimension. 

    Karitas is fun to read about. His life, love, and the trials in between. 

    The chapters are long but never dull or boring.

    The grammar is near perfect, the plot is s*xy and enticing, while the heroines are both of those things, while also having flaws. 

    I hope to see more Karitas/Esther/Anomalia antics and character development in the future.

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    Status: book 1 chapter 5 – pride and money

    It is actually really good. Chapter length is long like 10, 000 words each chapter. One chap per month honestly feels like you forget what has happened in the last chapter by the time you read the next one. Other than the really slow pace it's really good for characters and worldbuilding. One thing I reckon is the setting will almost always be set while Karitas is in university so you know how that can be.

    I would recommend though its really interesting to read even about the slightly mundane aspects of Karitas' life

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    Status: book 2 chapter 7 – a proper massage [...

    Simply amazing, I was familiar with the author branch of the gamer but I had no idea he wrote an original novel (im familiar with drip-fed but never made the connection), when I saw someone mention this one I had to give it a try and man im glad I did. Not sure how this isnt more popular but I hope it gets there.

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    Status: book 2 prologue – a typical morning...

    One of the best written Harem stories here although it has more slice of life vibe to it. Realistic approach to dating and progress towards a heroine makes it a very rare novel on this site. Only con here is it will take too long to finish with one chapter per month (divided in parts) but its free and the author is a professional so iam not complaining.

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    Status: author’s note – welldark book 1

    Fantastic book, to be honest it's one of the best creations on this site and as a webnovel in general. Each chapter is fairly long (about 10k each) so don't let the number of chapters dissuade you.
    As for the book content you can already figure out stuff out if you look at the tags, it is quite romance heavy and not as action packed as I thought it would be compared to the author's other creation (Drip-fed), but if you like Slice of Life stuff this would be a great read to you.
    The Harem building aspect is not there yet but the author laid down some heavy groundwork in terms of worldbuilding, and the book itself focuses mostly on the MC romancing one character, Which is nice compared to other novels which the MC gets women left and right without really interacting with them too much.
    Everything about the writing is pretty much top notch whether it's the lore, characters, dialogue, storytelling, descriptions and the small amount of action is also excellent.

    Thank you for the awesome work Funatic.

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    Status: book 2 prologue – a typical morning...

    TLDR - JUST READ IT! You will not be disappointed.

    So pleased to be able to start reading Book 2 of Karitas's ascent to greatness. Welldark, the mage academy is a well thought out environment, the overall world building and justification of the MC's situation is logical and consistent in itself, so I've not had any "what the f....?" moments, everything that happens seems true to life for the situation (sorry for being a bit vague, but I'm trying hard not to put spoilers in here).

    The author has a way with words, crafting a story line-by-line that grips you and leaves you only disappointed that you've (once again) reached the end of the chapter and now have to wait until the next one is posted.

    The MC and all the other characters are fully-fleshed out, with little quirks and mannerisms that mean they seem 'real' and it is like you 'know' them, and the interaction and dialogue between all of them is really good and flows naturally so very believable.  The plot/story itself is well paced, never seeming too slow or rushed.

    The s*x is written well enough to be high-quality erotica, both stimulating but also adding to the emotional connection between the characters, never forced into the story or gratuitous, the author has a rare skill in this area. 

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    Status: author’s note – welldark book 1

    At the end of book one it is a really well written romantic story with a very well done Charakter developement. It introduced a world where polygamy is not unusual and while giving short introductions of different aspects of this world the focus was on 2 Main characters, few side characters and especially their relations. 

    The story isn't has very few with random one-chapter encounters or at least they are introduced in a way or a position that makes it seem like they will returnn in future books which something I really value since this is the internet and stories with 10 bilion Characters per chapter that never come back aren't unusual. 

    Yeah - - - I fell like I should write more but I hope this is enough to get an impression of the book? 

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    Status: author’s note – welldark book 1

    The First book of a series with a lot of books I hope.

    You follow Caritas with his start at a Magic University where the majority is female because of the magic system this world has.

    Harems are the norm and he is open about wanting one.

    This first book focuses on the foundations, his classes, friends and his conquering or seducing of his Queen.

    It is a slice of life, philosophy, seduction and a school every reader would like to visit in one book.

    The Grammer is a superb result of multiple proofreaders and one round of edits.

    Characters and their growth are on the level I started to expect from the author and are the main reasons why I´m reading his works.
    You will not find stagnant unchanging characters in his works and the quality of his work speaks for itself.

    Storywise I already spoilered the main point of this first book and I do not want to spoiler more but you should stop reading this and start reading the story and see for yourself.

    It is fun no pun here and is very enjoyable to read.

    Style-wise we follow Caritas in his classes and work it is told from his perspective and his thoughts.
    If you know the works of this Author you already know some things like Acylsia which will be always part of his work.

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