Chapter 8: Waiting To Use The Bathroom
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I woke up in the middle of the night, Mika's arms wrapped around me and her face pressed against my chest... not the most comfortable position, but more uncomfortable was, well, I had perhaps drank too much orange soda after Stephanie fucked me.

I eventually wriggled free of her and she whimpered softly, so I put her body pillow next to her and she snuggled up against that, utterly relaxing again as she pressed her face up against the pillowy firmness. She was so fucking cute, and I gently stroked her hair, and she murmured something indistinct into the pillow.

I slowly crawled over on the mattress and opened the door, crawling down off the mattress onto the floor outside, and then closed the door behind me before I stood up and walked over to the bathroom. Just as I was about to sit down on the toilet, I realized I now needed permission to go to the bathroom... was I supposed to bother Stephanie and Regina in the middle of the night, though? That seemed hella rude.

I walked back out and leaned against the wall, then kneeled after a bit on the cold wooden floor, trying to ignore the pressure on my bladder... I wasn't sure how long I could hold back. I definitely wasn't going to piss myself, getting their nice floor covered in pee didn't seem like, better than bothering them or just defying the order, but... maybe one of them would come out soon and let me go.

It seemed like an eternity waiting there on the cold hard floor as the pressure built... it was tempting to move to a more comfortable cross-legged position, but I was pretty sure I couldn't hold back if I did.

Finally, I heard the door opening... their room, judging from the direction. Regina came out, face relaxed and blinking a little, only half-awake-- then practically jumped as she saw me, eyes widening and muscles tensing. She stared down at me for a moment, and then she laughed softly and ruffled my hair. "Such a good girl... you can go once I'm done."

There was no way she needed to go as much as I did, and I whimpered softly, but she ignored me and went in, closing the door.

Another eternity as I waited for her... well, it was probably less than five minutes, but knowing that I was so close to relief just made it harder somehow.

She stepped out and glanced down at me, then ruffled my hair again. "Wait for it... wait for it... okay, go on inside, girl."

"Oh, fuck, thank you." I stood up, and wanted to go in the bathroom... but now Regina was standing in my way with a sleepy relaxed look on her face... okay, honestly, it wasn't that different from her normal look now.

"Mmm... who are you thanking?"

"Thank you, Mistress! Please let me go, I don't want to..."

I glanced down at the floor, face flushed, and she ruffled my hair again, and stepped aside. "Okay, go ahead, Princess."

I rushed in, and was done very quickly... she didn't need to make me wait for her, I would've been quick... I was no longer in lowkey torture, and washed my hands and went out... where Regina was waiting for me.

"That feel good?"

I flushed, but nodded.

"Okay, kneel, Princess."

I knelt down in front of her, although I was distinctly aware of how uncomfortable it was after having been doing it for who knows how long before she came out.

She petted my head and I could feel my butt wiggle a little as I instinctively wanted to wag the tail I didn't have... was I part chimera? That seemed unlikely.

"Now, roll over on your back..." I complied after a moment. It was much more comfortable than kneeling, at least...

Regina stepped forwards, then put her foot on my neck, pressing down gently, which was still uncomfortable, and I whined softly, staring up at her.

She smiled down at me lazily. "The little needs of your Mistress are more important than your big needs, do you understand, Princess?"

"Yes, Mistress!" ...I was getting a little wet.

She put a little more pressure against my throat. "If I beat you up, and then start crying, what do you do?"

...what a weird hypothetical. "...Um, try to comfort you, Mistress?"

"That's right... my feelings are more important than your feelings, my wants are more important than your needs, and as long as you remember that, you can keep being a good girl... mmm, are you getting wet from this?"

"A... a little, Mistress."

She laughed softly, took her foot off my throat, sat down crosslegged next to me, and ran her fingers through my hair, scritched along my scalp... it felt amazing. "That's my good girl. Just enjoy being a masochistic little submissive bitch as much as you can, okay? It'll make everything much easier... there's not going to be anything fair about the rest of your life, so you might as well take pleasure where you can."

My lower lip trembled. What if my Mistress was far meaner than Regina? ...or, more likely, my Master.

"Mmm, here... let's sit on the couch a little while, yeah?"

She stood up and walked over into the living room, and I followed her, sitting on the couch right next to her.

She wrapped her arm around me and stroked my side a little as I rested my head on her shoulder.

"Was that too much for you? Do you want me to treat you as Phoebe for a little while?"

Was it? It was intense, but it wasn't like I broke down... I didn't think I was on the verge of a breakdown, either.

I shook my head slightly, nuzzling against her shoulder. "No, I... need to get used to my new place. That's the whole reason I'm here, right? Thank you for teaching me." After a moment, I remembered, and added, "Mistress."

"Okay, good girl..." Regina sighed softly. "You know I'm going to have to humiliate and torture you, right?" She scratched my side softly, and I relaxed against her.

"...I know." I was getting even wetter.

"...are you getting off on that, Princess?"

"Um... a little bit, yeah."

She laughed, shaking her head a little.

"It's... not like I'm just some kinda... look, it's because it's you, okay? You've always been hot, so you doing whatever you want to me, is kinda...."

She sighed. "Mmm... don't get too attached, cutie. I'm going to have to let you go sooner or later. Okay hey... stop crying... I maybe went too hard there."

I sniffled against her shoulder. "I know, but it still hurts to say it."

"Mmm... we're going to need to get you some training with some other people... maybe some guys, too."

I swallowed. "Um... a guy offered to, well, sleep with me when I was out and told him I was going to become a pet." I left out the getting paid part, it seemed embarrassing. "Gave me his cell phone number."

"Mmm... did he seem nice?"

I thought about it for a moment. "I'm not sure, but I got the impression that he wanted to push me around, rather than like, I dunno, kill me or something." I was getting a little wet thinking about it now... what if Mistress comforted me while he fucked me from behind, like she had with Stephanie.

"Okay, just mention you have dinner plans with us, or something. Like, we're gonna have tacos, you know? Let him know you aren't alone, and people know where you are and expect you... takes off a lot of chance of anything really bad happening."

"Okay!" I smiled. "Is that really what we're having for dinner tomorrow?" I liked tacos.

"No, that was just a cover story." My face fell a bit at this revelation, but Regina continued along, "but maybe we'll have tacos? I'll have to ask Stephanie, though, whatever we want to eat is important, not what you want to eat... if we had tacos and made you have raisin bran, there'd be nothing wrong with that."

Oof. True though, I guess. "I'm pretty sure that violates the Geneva conventions," I replied seriously.

She laughed. "Pretty sure the whole pet thing does in general, but it seems like that ship has flown. You gonna be okay?"

I nodded a little, and she smacked the side of my butt gently. "Okay, go back to bed with Mika... I need more sleep." She covered a yawn.

I stood up, and paused. "Um…"

She looked up at me a bit blearily. "...Yeah?"

"Thank you for comforting me, Regina. Or... Mistress? Either way, I really appreciate it."

"Mmm, no problem." She reached up and stroked my side softly. "I'll slowly strip away every bit of ego you have until you're just a good, loyal dog, since that's what you're trying to become." She covered a yawn, and stood up. "Goodnight, Princess."

"...goodnight, Mistress."

Fuck, she was just so... casually dominant.

I was sure she had vague plans to do terrible things to me, from what she had said... so why was I getting so wet and submissive about it?

I went back to bed, and crawled over Mika, who was happily cuddled up with her body pillow.

I was tempted to pull the body pillow away away from her, but... well, I didn't want to risk her waking up, mostly. I stared at her, lit only by the faint greenish glow of the glow-in-the-dark sticker stars on the room's ceiling... or maybe that was paint? I hadn't even noticed it before it was night time….

So here she was, clinging to a nice thing she had bought with her allowance that allowed her to relax and get some sleep, while I was left with nothing... not unlike the difference in our situation, but that wasn't very useful to think about.

I sighed and laid on my back, looking up at the ceilings... normally if I couldn't fall asleep, I'd just go on my phone, but that was banned from me for now. I didn't even get Mika's comforts while training, my last few months with my friends was going to be me suffering, and, apparently, feeling sorry for myself.

...not constructive.

I decided to instead focus how good it had felt today when Stephanie had fucked me while I was half in Regina's lap, but this, of course, only made me horny, and this didn't make it easier to sleep either.

I felt like if Stephanie or Regina was here, I'd be able to easily fall asleep, the hierarchical nature of our relationship making it easier to relax, so I decided to just imagine them next to me.

It would probably just get me more attached, but I really needed sleep if I was going to function through this training.