457. Familiar or Unfamiliar (I)
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After leisurely lunch, Mao Tongxiao did not return. The other Spirit Emperors also left. They all came to get a glimpse of her and enjoy a banquet together. Outside of that, there was nothing else here that could hold the interest of venerable cultivators in their realm.

The afternoon session of the Grand Annual Auction started with great energy and enthusiasm. The bids came in fast and the prices rose even faster. Many people had been holding back in the morning. The auction house also held back some of the best items. These two factors combined to increase the ferocity of competition.

Those members of the Seven Potentates of Jiannan seemed to be in a particularly bad mood. It probably had something to do with Mao Tongxiao’s actions but they were out to bully everyone and anyone. They tried to win every item and raised the price to ridiculous levels against people they disliked.

The entire faction brought out their combined wealth. Perhaps feeling a little insecure, they were declaring their strength to the world. Those without deep backgrounds that tried to fight back were quickly put in their place.

Chen Wentian naturally suffered as a result. He had wanted to buy another big-ticket item around the price of five kilograms of orange spiritual crystal but found himself frustrated at every turn. After getting outbid three times in a row, he simply started bidding on every single random item for the hell of it.

Yang Gehu and the other idiots of the Seven Potentates were suspicious of his actions but they bid anyway. It didn’t help that each item was rare and valuable. There was someone who desperately wanted it. Even if the Seven Potentates did not end up winning an item, it went to other unnamed powers and factions that were present.

By the end, Chen Wentian was only able to buy one more item, an insignificant dance choreography at the lesser realms. It was probably only worth a few million taels of gold but he had to pay ten times that amount just to maintain his act.

“Alright! That’s it!” Auction Master Hu Bao laughed in a way that only a businessman could, “The last item of the Grand Annual Auction has been sold. This brings this grand event to a close. A gracious thank you to each and every honored guest to participated today. I hope you all have obtained what you wish for, I hope it will aid your Sacred Daughters in their paths towards the immortal realms!”

There was a round of polite applause. Some of the attendees were satisfied with the results. Many weren’t. Lots of people blamed the Seven Potentates and secretly cursed their entire family line. But there was nothing they could do.

A fight using money was one of the most straightforward and fair fights. Whoever had the most money won and the Seven Potentates, as an alliance, had the most money by far. They also supported a lot of Sacred Daughters so all the items they overpaid for wouldn’t even go to waste.

Hu Bao swished his horsetail whisk and continued, “This auction has come to a close but the Golden Citadel is still open for business! There are many specialty stores that may hold items of interest. They may even hold some items that may be useful for your Sacred Daughters. Please don’t immediately. Feel free to look around. Hahaha!”

With that, he ascended from the center platform and disappeared into an upper room. The guest began to disperse, leaving through the various doors that led out of the circular auction hall. Chen Wentian got up leisurely with an ambivalent expression. He wasn’t really disappointed as the auction had largely gone the way he had expected. Even if it hadn’t, he had already prepared contingencies.

He strolled out of the auction hall and before he could go anywhere else, a rude voice stopped him in his tracks.

“Chen Wentian, wait!”

He turned around and was met with several spiritual auras. Among them was none other than Yang Gehu but the other two, he did not recognize.

“Immortal Bamboo Wave Yang Gehu… and two respected lords that I do not recognize, do you need anything?” Chen Wentian asked evenly.

“Immortal Cascading Serpent Zhu Zhi, the Beast Mountain Alliance!” The man to the left of Yang Gehu declared loudly.

He was a huge specimen of a human being. Yang Gehu was already taller than Chen Wentian but this Zhu Zhi was even taller. He had a rugged face with a strong jaw, messy hair, and a thick, well-built body.

“Immortal Soaring Star Wei Wuyan, the Starry Wei Clan!” The one to the right said with a smooth voice, waving a wooden fan about in front of his chest with the utmost style and refinement.

He was a stark contrast to the other one. His build was average, similar to Chen Wentian, but his features were soft and elegant, like a sheltered prince. His skin was smooth, his eyes were sharp. His hair was tied up in an intricate headpiece and not a single strand was out of place. He was undeniably handsome to the point that he could be described as beautiful. From a distance, he might have been mistaken for a woman.

Chen Wentian coughed awkwardly, “Well met, well met. Apologies for my lack of knowledge about the Seven Potentates but I am unfamiliar with you three. Do you have any business with me?”

A loud scoff came from Zhu Zhi. Wei Yuyan didn’t say anything but studied Chen Wentian with a curious, discerning eye.

“You may not know much about us but we all know about you.” Yang Gehu sneered, “We know you are the acolyte of one Long Yifei. We also know that you are not worthy of a woman like her. If this auction was any evidence, you won’t be able to support her all and will completely waste her talent!”

Chen Wentian remained calm and cocked his head to one side quizzically, “How much do you really know about me to say such things? Just from a single auction?” He smiled mysteriously and waved his hand, “Thank you for your concern on my behalf but how I provide for my woman is not the concern of outsiders!”

The large Zhu Zhi laughed harshly, “Who says we are outsiders? We said we know about you and Long Yifei, there is no room for you to doubt our words! What do you have to say for yourself, only being able to buy two measly items? And you're still standing here trying to act cocky. Do you even understand anything? Do you want to get humiliated at the Gift Giving Ceremony? Do you want Long Yifei to lose face in front of the whole Order?”

“Oh, really?” Chen Wentian said with sudden interest, his mind turning quickly. A few ideas quickly popped into his mind and they seemed like the most likely explanation, “Immortal Zhu, you wouldn’t happen to be related to Immortal Adoring Poet Zhu Yao’er?”


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