The CEO Is My Lover: Arc 2 Chapter 27 (End of Arc 2)
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Jun completely broke after Sage’s death. After her spirit left her body Jun kept hugging the corpse frantically yelling for an ambulance. Finally a medical team arrived, reluctantly Jun handed over the body with crazy eyes as he kept asking them to fix her. 


Unfortunately, with just one look they could already tell she was long dead. Hearing the news, the last spark in Jun's eyes completely vanished as his whole world died.  


After that day, Juns eyes turned completely black as he turned to alcohol. Many nights he held a gun as he contemplated following after Sage but each time he remembered how she had saved him from such a fate and how she left the company in his care.


Remembering this he cried, cursing why he had to stay, why he had to live. 


All he had wanted was to Stay by Sage’s side, serving as her secretary for life, but now, now he was all alone...


After his drunken nights he would always go to sleep in Sage’s old room, only then could he smell her faint scent and not be plagued by nightmares. Even after her presence faded Jun continued to sleep in the room, trying to delude himself that her presence was still there. 


As the years passed his dark eyes turned more and more chaotic. Every day he would cook extravagant meals, only for them never to be eaten.


“Ah, today again I have not cooked a good enough meal!” Jun cursed as he angrily threw the food away, after Sage’s death he began to scour the world to find the best cooking techniques. He did this to further delude himself that if he made good food Sage would come back. In his crazy state he believed that she left him because his food was not good enough. 


After all, she had promised him that she would never leave him if he made good food...


Although it was crazy he continued to hold onto that promise. Believing that if he made food she liked, someday she would return. Otherwise, without her, how could he go on living?

Only after twelve years, on the anniversary of Sage’s death did Jun finally succumb to death. He was found in Sage’s old room sleeping in Sage’s old bed, his tired and weary face finally looked at peace. 


All those years without Sage he had always diligently looked after her company as it grew to staggering heights, staying the #1 company years after both their deaths.


Seeing the scene the employees could only weep. Their boss could have moved into an extravagant mansion, yet all those years he stayed in the small house that once belonged to his lost love. 


All those years he could have been with anyone, yet his cold heart could never accept anyone but Sage. 


All that time their boss barely ate anything to the point where his employees had to hassle him to eat, all because he didn’t want to eat without ‘her.’ 


He truly had been deeply in love to the point of craziness, yet now, his body could be relaxed as he was finally able to die and again meet her. 


Afterwards a grand funeral was held as his body was buried right next to the previous CEO. 


His death was spread all over the news as many wept for the poor man. 


12 years ago they had all witnessed his profound love for the dying woman. 


At first, after Sage’s death many who had not seen the live video had criticised Jun, saying he was probably acting in order to get Sage’s company yet, all their comments were immediately put to shame after watching the recorded video of that day. 


He who had tirelessly cried and cung to her body. No one could deny that the man was truly in love with his boss as his eyes no longer shone any light.


Now that the man had died many were again reminded of his tragic story. 


Even after twelve years he had not once gone out seeking another companion, he had been loyal to the bitter end. 


Moreover, he hardly spent any of the enormous fortune he earned. The only time he ever spent money was to buy a diamond coffin to place Sage’s body in, that way she would always be preserved and two, to buy fancy ingredients in order to cook extravagant dishes. 


All this further showed Jun’s broken love for his former boss and immediately put any other fake gossip to bed. 

This is the end of the second arc ヽ(ಠل͜ಠ)ノ  H-hope y-you enjoyed ಥ╭╮ಥ  Sorry for not releasing it sooner, I wasn't home all day. Since this is the last chapter just another reminder that I won't be posting for awhile, this isn't because I have given up on the story. It will return! Like I mentioned before, I will just catch up on Wattpad chapters and then resume posting. Sorry for the wait, but I hope you stick with me! And as always, I love seeing likes, comments, etc.