Chapter 39
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The first thing that came to view when I woke up was Rosa’s face.

Seems like she took the liberty to give me a lap pillow while I was asleep.

I immediately got up.

“I’m sorry.” (Misa)

“? What for?” (Rosa)

She gave a puzzled look.

“For troubling you even though you took the time to teach me.” (Misa)

“No need to mind. I’ve mentioned it before but we spirits in general have too much free time on our hand.” (Rosa)

“Ummm, forgive me if its rude to ask but how old are you Rosa?” (Misa)

“Hmmmm? I’m not quite sure myself. Spirits live for an indefinite amount of time so we never really keep track of how many years have passed.” (Rosa)

With how she said it, it may be safe to assume she’s at least in the thousands? Or maybe even tens of thousands?

I can’t imagine living for that long.

“So spirits can’t die?” (Misa)

“There is a concept of death and we can be killed. Still, all that does is return us back to mana before being reborn back in due time. In our eyes, we consider it similar to how humans go to sleep.” (Rosa)

“I see.....” (Misa)

“Anyway, we’re getting offtrack. Didn’t we come here to learn about plants?” (Rosa)

“Ahhh yes. I’m sorry.” (Misa)

Though there are still a lot of things I want to ask her, the reason we came here in the first place was so she can teach me about plants after all.

As long as I’m still in Anaria, there’ll be plenty more chances to talk with Rosa.

Lecture began soon after.

“The most important thing that you need to learn as someone who’s contracted to me is the variety of plants and their characteristics, though to be honest you’re at a disadvantage.” (Rosa)

“Ehhhh? Why so?” (Misa)

“Because you’re not originally from this world. Plants that’re commonly known to the people of Anaria would completely be foreign for you. For example, this flower.” (Rosa)

Rosa picked up a a flower with 5 bright red petals.

“This is a flower that most people in Anaria knows. Its bright red petals are quite viable, when you boil it the petal will dissolve into the water. Let that water cool down overnight and it’ll be able to cure burn wounds, it’ll also help keep your body cool in a hot environtment. Royalties like to bathe in water that has this petal dissolved in them.” (Rosa)

“I see.....” (Misa)

Truly an unexpected usage of such a beautiful looking flower.

I imagine people would be quite desperate to get it when summer comes.

“As a self-defense mechanism of the flower though, it’ll explode when the said petal is plucked.” (Rosa)


“As I said, it’ll explode.” (Rosa)

Reaffirming that I didn’t mishear what she said I immediately took a defensive posture but it didn’t look like it’ll blow up.

“.....Are you lying to me?” (Misa)

“No I’m not. As I’ve mentioned, as long as you don’t purposely tell the plants to hurt you, none of them will use their self-defense mechanism. That is the benefit of being contracted to me. Of course, since I’m a plant spirit myself, I can also tell it to not do it.” (Rosa)

Rosa threw the flower in the air and true enough, an explosion occured.

It was not a big explosion by any means but if you’re holding it in your hand when it does explode, I would imagine it has the power to blow up your arm.

“That is an example of a flower commonly known by the people in Anaria. It is quite valuable after all so they’ll get their hands on it whenever they see one. Apart from that it’ll also never wilt so they are sometimes used as decorations too.” (Rosa)

I can’t imagine using something that could explode like that as decorations.....

“Ehhhh? But if it explodes when the petals are plucked then how do people use it?” (Misa)

“They would normally sell it to the alchemist guild or pay a process fee to use it for themselves. The normal way to extract the petals from the flower is to suck the mana inside the flower dry, that way it would turn to just a regular flower with highly beneficial petals.” (Rosa)

“I see.” (Misa)

“This is just one example. Though I did say you’re at a disadvantage, that just means that you’ll have to learn more. The merit you get in exchange though, it’ll let you cope with most situations accordingly by creating the right plants.” (Rosa)

True enough, if there’s even a ridiculous flower like this that explodes when its petal is plucked, then I can hardly imagine the limit of the plants in this world.

Rosa’s lecture continued.

I learnt about various different plants, each one of them having their own unique traits.

Some are deceptively pretty but really dangerous, some look dangerous but are actually harmless, there are all kinds of plants that’s completely unique to this world.

Each time she finished introducing a plant, I would try and make the said plant with my magic.

There were times where it wouldn’t activate, when that happened Rosa would explain further the characteristics of the plant in question.

If I don’t have enough knowledge of the plants I want to summon then I won’t be able to summon them.

Also, there’s a glaring difference between quick growth and plant creation.

Quick growth costed the same mana regardless of the plants because what it does is essentially the same, make them grow faster.

On the other hand, summoning them out of thin air like this, the cost will be based on what plants I summon.

Some plants need more mana to materialize while some require less.

The lecture stopped when I almost ran out of mana.

“That’s it for now, pushing yourself won’t do any good. You’re almost out of mana after all.” (Rosa)

“Will we even finish in 2 days?” (Misa)

“Impossible. There is simply no way for you to learn about all of the existing plants in Anaria even if you have a full month.” (Rosa)

“Ehhhhh?” (Misa)

No, considering that the plants in Anaria aren’t bound by the common sense of earth, I can’t imagine the limit of the plants here.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are plants that can fly in the sky.

Moreover, I’ve mostly only learnt about flowers today.

Plants don’t only consist of flowers, there are trees and other kinds of plants out there.

“I’m only teaching plants with special and unique characteristics that’ll help you in various situations. Whether it be attacking an enemy, defending from an attack, or even healing an injury, there are plants for all kinds of situations. Of course there are also plants with little use, I’ve refrained myself from teaching you those but I do plan on teaching them to you in the future.” (Rosa)

“I see, I’ll do my best to remember them all.” (Misa)

Though I might need to start taking notes, there’s no way I could remember so much after all, there are bound to be plants that I forgot about.

“Since we have the free time now while waiting for your mana to recover, do you want to take a bath? Though there’s no way for your body to build up any smell or even sweat with the flowers around, I would assume you would still want to take a bath.” (Rosa)

“Ahhh, so that’s why I feel strangely fresh all this time. Also yes, if possible I would still like to take a bath.” (Misa)

Rather than refreshing my body, it’ll refresh my mind instead from all the studying we’ve done.

“There’s a spring near here, I’ll lead you there.” (Rosa)

She guided me through the endless field of flowers.

Honestly, I can’t tell the direction at all.

The only landmark I can use is the giant tree in the distance.

“Come to think of it, what is that tree in the distance, Rosa?” (Misa)

“Its the tree of life. Its what keeping all the flowers here, or rather, its what keep this world alive.” (Rosa)

“I see.....” (Misa)

So its size is not just for show, its purpose is equally as big.

“Come to think of it, is this place in Anaria?” (Misa)

“Not quite. Its not exactly a completely different world like your world but in a way its not connected to Anaria either. This is the spirit world, something that only high rank spirits can make through thousands of years of effort.” (Rosa)

“So this place is something that Rosa made?” (Misa)

“Indeed.” (Rosa)

I’ve always thought that Rosa is amazing but not to this extent.

To create a world like this, I can’t imagine how she did that.

“Does all high rank spirits have a spirit world like this?” (Misa)

“It depends on the said spirit. Some spirits like staying in Anaria while others make their own home like me. Spirit world differs depending on the spirit that created it. Since I am a plant spirit, this is the kind of world I ended up making. As an example, Igret’s spirit world a rocky world is filled with pillars of flame with magma flowing around everywhere.” (Rosa)

......I can only picture it as hell.

I guess I’m lucky to have made a contract with Rosa.....?

Well, making a contract with a spirit is already pretty lucky in the first place, not to mention it was more so Rosa who made a contract with me.

“Thank you.” (Misa)

“? What for?” (Rosa)

“For coming to my rescue and making a contract with me back then. If you hadn’t then I......might’ve honestly broken down right then and there.” (Misa)

“Do not mind it. In exchange I have the pleasure of experiencing the unknown after all. In all my time I’ve been alive, I would’ve never imagine a world like yours to exist. There is no need to feel indebted. As I have said before, I am yours and you are mine. Our life are connected till death do us apart. I look forward to what our future would bring.” (Rosa)

“Yes, please take care of me from now on too!” (Misa)



Didn't think I would actually finish another chapter before Sunday but here it is. On another note, so far I've finished 4 exams and they've gone well I think except 1 that I already knew the score of. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter, we've learned about a lot of stuffs related to Rosa and spirits in general from this chapter.